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A Review of AzonRocket


I swiped an email from Tony Shepherd today because he says what I’ve I believe in. His prose is to the point and the guy is a genuine good guy.

I even left his affiliate links in place! Of course if you want… you can help me out and buy from mine :) Tony is talking about AzonRocket and does a little review of Azon Rocket.

At the very bottom of is an email I got from Leo, he does a review of AzonRocket in regards to the best way to purchase, I mean the cheapest way to purchase this plugin.

Tony talks about the costs of starting your own business, or getting in to some sort of business opportunity not that many years ago.

I’ve run my own businesses for years. Some of the businesses costs 100′s of thousands of dollars to get going. Today for the cost of a 9 dollar WSO at the WarriorForum you can get enough information to get you started with an online business…. do it right and follow through and you can even start making money online!

In Tony’s email, he draws the story down to a simple and inexpensive wordpress plugin for creating Amazon reviews ….a masterful job in relating his past experiences spending 1000′s down to a simple opportunity for anyone to buy a simple Amazon wordpress plugin for less than 10 bucks you can use to get started making Amazon Affiliate Cash.

Below is Tony’s Email:

Hi Guys,

Years back I paid £200 (around $300) and sent off
for an ‘opportunity’ here in the UK

A few days later a package arrived for me in the

Inside the large envelope were 12 nicely bound
‘volumes’ of about 50 pages – monthly lessons on
how to set up an import expert business…

…and one single green sheet of instructions.

The business opp itself had nothing to do with
impex of course as I learned when I read the
instruction sheet.

The ‘method’ was to send direct mailshots to opp
seekers offering the same import export course for
£200 and supposedly make tons of cash

Yeah right…

But there was more:

Once the orders ‘flooded in’ I had to order the
volumes at a cost of £100 per pack from the same
source we’d bought them from and mail them out to
the customers.

So I kept £100 of the £200 price and my source also
kept £100

Well, full of enthusiasm I tried it.

I spent around £400 buying a list of 200 direct
mail buyers, and on getting 200 salesletters
printed along with envelopes.

(Yep ALL from the same people)

Add to that the cost of mailing out 200 direct
mailshots (which in terms of coverage is useless)
and I spent around £650 on this ‘opportunity’

I waited for the results.

After a month I’d had precisely ZERO sales.

Not one. Not a single solitary sale EVER appeared.

But I learned a HUGE lesson.

And it was this:

ONLY ‘try stuff’ if you can keep your costs down.

It’s served me well.

I try LOADS of new opportunities these days.

Bloody LOADS

And I’ve made a nice amount of money from those
that work – WAYYY more than enough to cover my
losses, buy me a car or two and fund a couple of
other businesses too….

But only because I only try opps that cost very
little to get involved with

I’ll rarely invest in $10k projects because I’ll
head into that investment $10k down, and have that
amount to make before I even break even.

Hence why I keep waffling on about how GREAT the
case studies and blueprints that you find on JVZOO

While other marketers moan about the price of WSO’s
being driven down I rejoice in the fact that I can
try out a new method for $9

If it doesn’t work I’m down the price of a deli
brie and grape rustic bread roll.

If it DOES work I scale up and maybe end up buying
a new boat.

Can you see why this is an amazing time to live and
get involved with online business?

In the past I needed £650 (around $1,000) to ‘try
out’ a new system or method.

Now I need $9

Huddle up guys and listen…TRY stuff out.

Throw some financial mud at the wall because I
promise you this…

Some will stick ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday

Tony Shepherd



This is the latest thing I’m chucking at my

This is a nifty bit of software that builds Amazon
review sites in just a couple of clicks

Get more details by clicking below:

Now I’ve made quite good dosh (and a partner of
mine has made SERIOUS money) from Amazon review

…so my ears pricked up.

Now building these sites from scratch is long and
arduous and for me something that does it in just a
few clicks is worth investigating

Yes SEO experts will tell you that sites need to be
optimised, blah de blah de blah

But I see it this way – this software will cost me
$9 – $17 (at time of writing – it IS going up) so
it’s definitely worth trying out

There’s a green bullet point chart on the sales
page that
tells you exactly what it does and what the
features are and it looks impressive

My opinion is that it really IS worth checking out
for the money

The salespage is hypey as a hypeybird that fell out
of the hypeytree and hit every branch on the way

But I look past that…

…and I just consider two things:

1. What’s the potential?

2. What’s the outlay?

For me this particular WSO is a no-brainer

It might not work, but then again…

It just might, and for $9 for a single site license
and $17 for multi – if I find a system that I
could potentially scale up and makes tens of
thousands from…

…well obviously I’m gonna try it out

Sometimes, just sometimes…

That money mud STICKS

Get full details by clicking the link below:


Furthermore, my new friend Leo has some thoughts on the
best way to purchase AzonRocket. Follow his advice and you
can save some cash if you want the Developer’s Version.

Here’s Leo’s email:

Hi there,

By now you probably are seeing emails from marketers promoting AzonRocket plugin.

To me this is a very useful plugin if you want to create amazon review sites faster! However on the salespage you will be offered two license: Single Site License & Multisite License.

After that you’ll be offered an Upsell/OTO which includes all of below for $47:
- Developer License to the plugin
- 18-Videos Training Course
- Azon Rocket WordPress theme

Therefore if you are interested on AzonRocket then I suggest you to choose the Single Site license first NOT the Multisite:

But if you’re not interested on Developer License, training course or the theme, Multisite License is only $17 and is much lower than other competitor plugin such as WP Robot for example.

Best wishes,
:-) :-)



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