Saving Galaxy S5 Images

uploading images from samasung s5 galaxyI’m looking for some help managing images from both an iphone and galaxy 5. I hope someone has a better idea on how to accomplish what I need.

To begin with I am developing a couple authority sites for local buisnesses that would benefit from images of projects that are being done by their respective businesses. In short, I need to get images and video from their camera phone to my desktop.

Both businesses are close by so I could easily have them download the images, photos, and video to a thumb drive or disk and drop it by my office. That’s a hassle for them, I never get the material when I need it and it’s a hassle for me.
I want to take advantage of current technology and cloud storage. I need the process from local business owner taking the picture to that image then automatically showing up on my desktop.

I’ve had some luck, however it requires the business owner to identify which pictures get uploaded to a Dropbox account which I can then edit. As you can imagine, I would not want all the pics from their camera downloading to my account so I need to identify which folder or pictures and video would get dropped into a dropbox type account.

So far the owner will take pictures and some video and I’ve set up their camera to send them to my dropbox account, which is made public. I can then download to my computer or leave on dropbox. They can still access the images in the Dropbox account because they have access to it it also.

Is anyone doing anything like this? If yes, could you take time to make a comment and let me know how your process works. I’m looking for everything to be automatic.

In other words, the business owner takes a picture and it automatically gets loaded to a Dropbox type account and I can access and edit as needed.

Then I need the most affordable service for storing the images only. As mentioned I am currently using Dropbox (free account) but I know there are other services available. The free dropbox account has quickly filled and I have to delete the photos to make more room. I’d rather leave them up for a while in case I had some questions for the local business owners. Also, there does not appear to be a way to mass delete or download images from dropbox….. I have to download them one image at a time and that just doesn’t work!

I hope I made what I’m looking for clear…. If not please drop me an email or leave a comment so I can further clarify.

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