How to Get More Than One Email Address for One Gmail Account

We’ve become very spoiled these days when it comes to software, writing code, email, website building …..and graphics along with so much more. At the end of the 1990’s everything seemed so much simpler and complicated at the same time. Web pages were coded by hand and you did not dare use large graphics because your site would be slower than molasses in January!

gmail setupI might have mentioned it before but the subject came up again and I wanted to quickly make note of some of the flexibility of a gmail account.

Gmail is free.

Gmail is so powerful with a ton of different and advanced features.

Previously I thought using a gmail account made you look unprofessional. However, my mind has changed since almost all of your gmail email will get delivered ….both to and from. Whereas a private domain email address often gets caught up in spam or will even get deleted before it makes it into the desired persons email account. Many reasons for this, shared hosting, poor hosting …your domain being blacklisted among just a few reasons.

So I use gmail a lot.

I recommend local businesses to set up a gmail account and have their domain email addresses forwarded to their gmail account….makes all their email accessible from anyplace you can access the web.

One nicer feature of gmail is that you can create multiple email addresses from you main email account, and you can do so on the fly…. no hassle, no complicated coding, you don’t have enter a bunch of info, just a few tweaks.

There are many reasons for multiple email accounts. When you sign up for different offers or other online forms you can sign up with an email address that gets filtered, you grab your requested download and you can watch to see what else goes to that address ….or you can just tell gmail not to accept anything to that address.

Multiple Email Accounts From One Gmail Account

Anyway, here’s a couple of ways to make a new email address from your existing gmail address:

You can add a period in your gmail username…. let’s say your gmail address is you could do something like or …..all the same and will end up in your main gmail account.

Or….I like this feature :)

You can add a “+” after your username along with any sequence of letters or numbers. So staying with the above address could be or ….again all delivered into the same inbox. However, you might choose to filer out or set it directly into a folder.

This feature really comes in handy when you need an extra email address. For some reason different email companies and the forms they use will not allow these altered email addresses to be used. You just need to give a try to find out!


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