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Public Domain Christmas Songs Question

Robert asks…

do you have to buy rights to make a christmas cd and sell it?

if i use a song like oh holy night and have it on my christmas cd and sell it around do i have to buy the rights to use these kinds of songs??

scottparat answers:

Check your song titles first but you should find a lot of them are ‘public domain’ and so you don’t have to pay a penny. There are quite a few that are still owned by composers so you need to check and see if they’re public domain or you’ll get sued ;)

William asks…

free christmas sheet music for flute?

i need a website that has the full length sheet music of christmas music for flute the some songs that i need are…
have yourself a merry little christmas
sleigh ride
oh holy night
and just good christmas songs for FLUTE!

scottparat answers:

Most Christmas music is protected by the copyright laws for over a 100 years

in order to be free, it has to be “public domain”
and a “generic” version
any newer version will carry it’s own copyrights, even if the song is public domain

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