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Anonymous Surfing Question

William asks…

What is the best, easiest to use, Anonymous Web Surfing Program for Windows?

I tried Vidalia but it is impossible to get to work on my system. I’m looking for free but a pay is ok if I can afford it so please feel free to recommend.

I want EVERYTHING I do to go through a proxy.

It is no ones business what I do… Legal… Illegal… Porn… Or shopping for Hello Kitty!

Please no lectures… Please provide links if possible!


scottparat answers:


Here are some brand new proxy sites list which will solve your problem. They will hide your personal information & let you browse those pages you wanted. These are absolutely free too. These sites are Brand new free Proxy sites for Myspace, FaceBook , Youtube, Bebo Friendster & others.


Nancy asks…

What is a good program to use for anonymous Internet surfing?

A lot has happened in these past five years and although I don’t really feel any safer now than I did in 2001, I DO feel like Americans have more to fear from their government than from any terrorist. However, I don’t think that RIGHT NOW I have any real concerns about using the web, but who the hell knows what the laws will be in the future…?

scottparat answers:

Umm … First step… Anonymous proxy.

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