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Website Graphics Tools Question

George asks…

Where is somewhere that i can make my own website for free?

My friend who owns his own car lot wants me to make him a website.
Nothing fancy really.
Is there anywhere that i can do that thats free?

scottparat answers:

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any software to your computer.
It ‘s easy to use and you can create custom Flash animations scrolling Time as if you were working with video editing.
There are thousands of vector graphics (buttons, wallpapers,etc…) and dozens of fonts to use for your text and you can even upload files from your PC.
I Think this is a service that goes beyond templates, or any sites that offer you only pre-set themes and graphic effects that can be changed up to 2 colors and on its text content.
It’s highly customizable and is a Flash CMS that continuously developing , with which you create your own multimedia content through an intuitive graphic user interface without knowing a line of programming.
If you have problems ,don’t worry , you’ll never be alone, you can signup at the forum where you can ask for any explanation here

Finally, I send you a link to YouTube where you can see how this tool work

Bye and good luck.

Donald asks…

How to build Hindi Website so that Anyone need not to download the Hindi Font to View?

I am developing a website with the font Kruti deo but somewhere it is not opening properly where there is no Kruti deo Hindi font, so I need help to solve my problem to view my Hindi site without installing Hindi fonts

scottparat answers:

In order to have people see the Hindi website, they have to have the font set that will display the characters. Your web page has to be coded properly to set the character set to be used, the language direction to be used, the language designation itself and the preferred font family in order of preference.

For a viewer to display the Hindi webpage, their browser has to take all that information and TRY to parse the page for them. If they do not have the font family or the browser is not using the correct character encoding, they will probably get symbols and question marks.

If the Viewer knows that have Hindi fonts installed, they may not have set up the Language Packs for their computer.

The EASIEST way, but nor a Search Engine friendly way, is to use text images made in the Hindi font using a good graphics editor and its text tools. There is an alternative called sIFR fonts:

Installing Windows XP Language Packs:

(depending on the version of XP you have, you may need to insert your WINDOWS XP SETUP CD) then go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs >> Windows Components scroll down in the list and put a checkmark next to “language packs”. If you cant find that, then go here instead Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Languages then made sure both boxes under Supplemental Language Support are checked. Click NEXT and then let it do its thing. You will probably then have to reboot.

Enabling International Support in Windows XP/Server 2003 Family:
How to Configure Regional and Language Support for User Accounts:


Install a display language:
Windows Vista Ultimate language pack release information:
Installing Language Interface Packs:


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Website Graphics Tools Question

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