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Website Graphics Creator Question

Sharon asks…

Is it legal to put advertising on a fanfiction website?

I’d thought that it was not, but I just noticed that has ads. However, most other similar sites do not. What is the law regarding ads on this kind of site? Why can display them?

btw: fan fiction is “stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator” (Wikipedia). Like, if I write a story placed in the Harry Potter world using J.K. Rowling’s characters, that’s fan fiction.

scottparat answers:

There are no laws about what sites can have advertising and what sites cannot. It’s completely up to the owner of the site to decide. It does slow the site down a little since it’s more graphics that need to load, but most sites use the advertising as a source of revenue so they can keep the site going.

Web sites do require maintenance. New content (other than what the users post) need to be developed. The site needs to be hosted on a server. The domain needs to be renewed every year or two. And they need email boxes to communicate with the users of the site. All this costs money. A lot of people don’t want to just put it out there for free, and eat the cost. Many of them can’t afford to. So they use advertising to generate the money needed to support the site.

Ken asks…

How do I download Custom Content for The Sims 2?

I can’t find anything on the Sims 2 website.

Where abouts is the custom content?

scottparat answers:

Here is a bunch of sites where you can find custom content. Some are paysites, but stick to the free stuff.


And here is the tutorial I read to learn how to download custom content:

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