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Mark asks…

Important Factors which Help in Identifying the Best MBA College in Delhi?

A degree in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is good only if it is from the best management institute that teaches the managerial brilliance and administrative cult to the students. However, with hundreds of MBA institutes coming up these days, it is not easy to identify the preeminent one. In Delhi itself, many MBA institutes have mushroomed in recent times. Some are online hubs while others are chic brick-n-mortar institutes. But, are they all worth the money you give for a good and coveted MBA degree? Here are some basic factors to help you in identifying the best MBA College in Delhi.

Reputation and Brand Image
You should choose the best MBA College in Delhi that has earned a name for itself. In other words, the management institute should have an image of its own, a reputation, and a powerful brand.

For instance, if you are looking for trade and related management, you would automatically think of Institute of Foreign Trade. If you are looking for honing your managerial skills in planning, you would naturally look forward to IIPM. Why is it so? – Primarily because, these institutes have build up a strong image for themselves. Their expertise in a particular sector has been highlighted so well in the market that youngsters don’t look anywhere but stick on to its name.

Core Education
To find out the best MBA College in Delhi, just check the teachers who impart managerial education in the college. Many management teachers have years of experience in the corporate sector. Some are erudite who have done years of research in management and corporate principles.

The mode of teaching and its standard are also equally important. A best MBA college in Delhi would ideally invite guest lecturers for a certain period of time. During this time, students can think of their queries and get them clarified by the same lecturer. One-session meeting often becomes a burden for the students.

Many institutes promote laborious learning of management. Some include only the superficial management rules. None of this work well in future as the students find these methods overwhelming to accept. Best MBA College in Delhi would seek students with certain amount of knowledge and acumen. Based on this standard, education should be carefully imparted to the students.

Campus Jobs
Getting a plum job that offers good pay and a satisfying work experience is a big factor that determines the best MBA College in Delhi. Placement jobs invited by the institutes must be equally reputed and branded company. Often, campus placement job is the first and last job of a student who has passed out from one of the best MBA Colleges in Delhi.

In few years time, many alma maters become future holder of a prestigious company.

Apart from wonderful teachers, a best MBA college in Delhi should also have up-to-date infrastructure and environment to help the students imbibe managerial tips and tricks. In this IT age, no institute can be successful without computers and the Internet. Books, CDs, and workshops too, matter a lot while selecting the best MBA College in Delhi.

To get something as wonderful as a coveted MBA degree, one has to naturally give out a lot of money for it. The truth is that the couple of years of teaching in a management institute come with a high fee structure as well. However, keep in mind that there are many institutes who are there in the market to fleece you with your investment but give you nothing much in return.

Don’t forget to ask students who have already studied in the MBA institute about the credentials of the faculty and learning that is imparted by it. Best MBA College in Delhi would clearly state how well its students have been fairing in the corporate world to help you make a clear decision right away.

scottparat answers:

Is this really a question??

Sharon asks…

New Internet Company?

I just started a new company that is going to be internet based. It’s an LLC and I plan on including many websites within the one business. My first website is almost complete. My question to you is: What is the best book out there that teaches you how to make money online with your business/site? I’ve read Scott Fox’s Internet Riches which touches on a lot of things but I’m looking for a book with greater detail on how to get paid from advertising, affiliate marketing, dropshipping strategies, etc. Do you know of any up-to-date book like this? Any help is much appreciated.

scottparat answers:

I second Janice’s answer. Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible site for providing information on the inquiries you have. It is updated regularly, very very thorough in information, and to top it all off, it is among other things, a community. Which means you can get feedback and helping hands from other users of the site who have experienced success. You are given access to e-books, tutorials, walkthroughs, videos, and much more. If you want to check it out, the link is right here:

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