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Search Engine Marketing Tips That Can Aid Your Online of Offline Business

Search Engine Marketing Tips That Can Aid Your Internet Business

Search engine marketing should results in getting as much web site traffic as possible to visit your website via the major search engines such as Google or through PPC campaigns using programs such as Google Adwords.  If you’re new to search engine marketing you need to keep this concept straight….. traffic comes from either the organic search or Google or the pay per click side of Google. Consequently proper SEO education and search engine marketing tips are very important for any internet business because traffic equals money. Exciting things have happened concerning search engine marketing in the last 5 years,  internet users and surfers (consumers) are consistently searching for a variety of different products as well as services. Unfortunately, if your website is not indexed and listed within the internet search engines you are losing business and your internet business is doomed to failure! Here’s a search engine marketing tip, 90% of online business owners believe in the website marketing model of, “Build it and they will come!” when in reality, without properly optimizing your web site and web pages for the search engines your pages will only get website visitors by mistake!

When Considering Different Search Engine Marketing Strategies Remember That Google, Yahoo and MSN are Your Business Partners

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You will want to register your website with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo or maybe even MSN.  This can sometimes entail a lot of work and if this becomes too time consuming for you, there is always the option of hiring a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert to aid with this project.  Here’s a search engine marketing tip, SEO experts typically work for a significant fee but considering their experience, time and expertise, which this this type of work requires, it is worth every penny to hire a qualified SEO professional.

Investigate Pay per click Advertising

Often times search engine marketing utilizes pay per click advertising as a method to get traffic to your website.  SEO aims at the organic search traffic to improves the flow of traffic to your website via the various search engines.  Pay per click advertising can get specific targeted traffic to your business website once your internet campaign is active, but each click can cost a lot of money.  Pay per click advertising is paid when someone clicks on your internet ads which direct the user to your website.  This will aid with your budget while driving visitors to your internet website.  Pay-per-click advertising is a wonderful marketing strategy which results in almost instant traffic to your website and offer, which is a very good strategy for driving traffic to any business website.

Even for Newbie Search Engine Marketers

If you are new to search engine marketing, do understand that you do not need to have additional budgeting allotted for such.  You can relocate your offline marketing budget while testing it on search engine marketing.  This is one of the most important search engine marketing tips, begin with a small budget while viewing the effectiveness before you jump in with both feet and start allocating large amounts of cash. Everyone is different when it comes to learning, absorbing and applying information, but there is no substitute for investing in learning materials, whether they be books, courses, audios or events. Here’s the search engine marketing tip of the day…. invest in yourself because the entire field of search engine marketing can be very rewarding, not only monetarily but personally. In any case, ensure that you feel confident with basic search engine marketing strategies before pursuing a more expensive means of performing search engine marketing.

Research And Search Engine Marketing Tips

Understanding search engine marketing is very important for any internet business, whether offline or online.  When search engine marketing is performed correctly, this will build up the reputation of your products, give you instant product or service awareness and most importantly will result in a steady increase of sales for your business.

Education and Research The Most Important Search Engine Marketing Tip

You can begin your search on search engine marketing on the internet.  There is loads of information readily available to research.  If you are still unsure after researching the internet then you might be a great candidate for hiring a search engine-marketing professional; to aid you with the marketing needs of your internet business.

If you are considering outsourcing or contracting your search engine optimization and marketing strategy work, you still need to understand what seo, search engines, indexing, etc are and how they work. This is important, if you don’t understand the basics of seo then anyone can pull the wool over your eyes, sell you anything and deliver nothing. So, do some research, read some books, find out where the seo freaks hang out and ask questions. Only then will you be able to ask intelligent questions. In any case, make sure that you hold adequate interviews for professional SEO’s, just don’t go with the first one you talk to and ask them what type of search engine optimization strategies they would recommend.  Finally, ask for resumes as well as references and take the time to contact the references and ask they how there experience was with Mr. SEO…ask them if they would use the service again!

These are just some random search engine marketing tips and hopefully will help keep you on the right track when you start your own search engine marketing campaign and plan.

Layers has a new name in Dreamweaver 9 or CS3

I know this is a blog for Microsoft Office, but I do use other software and I get annoyed when the software vendor makes changes to a software and doesn?t tell the users the changes. Enter Adobe and Dreamweaver 9 or CS3.

Dreamweaver 8 and older versions had what was called Layers, but now since the buy out of Macromedia?s Dreamweaver by Adobe some things have changed. For creating websites I used to use Adobe?s GoLive 7 or CS1, but then Microsoft?s new operating system Windows Vista was released and wanted to upgrade as Adobe wouldn?t support GoLive CS1, because GoLive 8 or CS2 was released. GoLive CS1 would keep quitting on me onWindows Vista Ultimate. So I watched and waited to see when Adobe would make GoLive

Dreamweaver CS4

CS2 Windows Vista compatible, and soon learned they bought out Macromedia?s website making software Dreamweaver and as a result is dumping GoLive.

I did have Dreamweaver 8 and had heard many great things about it. So I started using that on Windows Vista Ultimate and it had compatibility issues. At the time since Dreamweaver 8 was Adobe?s latest version I was able to get some support, but realized I would wait until there next release of Dreamweaver to run cleaner on Windows Vista. In the meantime I trained myself from Dreamweaver 8 training manuals and learned all about Dreamweaver?s Layer panel.

Dreamweaver?s Layer panel allows website builders to stack or layer tables one on top of the other. Perhaps for cool effects a webmaster would have a picture and layer or stack a second picture over part of the first, but more importantly this layer box can be dragged and ?positioned? to any part of the web-page when building it. The key word here is ?position.? In other words, in Dreamweaver CS3 the Layer panel is now call AP Elements panel (Absolute Positioning). Interestingly Microsoft?s Office uses the same naming convention for positioning pictures or ClipArt, Absolute Positioning.

So to insert a ?layer? that?s now referred to in Dreamweaver?s CS3 as ?AP Div,? do the following: Insert>Layout Objects>AP Div, and then to work with the added ?AP Element? look in the AP Elements panel or pull it up from: Windows>AP Elements

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Dreamweaver 8 and older versions had what was called Layers, but now since the buy out of Macromedia?s Dreamweaver by Adobe some things have changed.

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5 Free Dreamweaver Extensions You Must Have!

Hi everyone, I love when I come across a tool that helps me decrease the time it takes to develop websites. Let?s face it, as developers we?re faced with several obstacles developing for the web, from browsers wars to png fixes. So, I wanted to share these 5 Dreamweaver extensions that you can use to aid in front-end web development. They can cut development time significantly. Enjoy!

1.) jQuery API extension

If you are a jQuery user you really need jQuery API extension for Dreamweaver. It reduces tons of typing and provides code coloring, snippets, and code hints that list every jQuery and jQuery UI function for you.

2.) Adobe AIR Extension


Dreamweaver CS4

Adobe AIR extension for Dreamweaver will allow you to package and preview AIR application files directly within Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, so you can leverage your existing web development skills to build rich Internet applications on the desktop.

3.) Tools for Google

Dreamweaver Tools for Google enhances your websites with advanced Google innovations and no coding. You can set up a site-specific Google Search, show the way with a Google Map, roll in any of the six new cell phone tools for Google Mobile, or sell your goods for less with Google Checkout.

4.) Adobe Kuler Extension

Adobe Kuler is a popular web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. This extension allows you to easily access Adobe Kuler color palettes directly from Dreamweaver.

5.) Drupal API extension for Dreamweaver

Drupal API extension reduces tons of typing and gets rid of the plain text look when editing Drupal files in Dreamweaver. If you are into Drupal and use, or want to use, Dreamweaver then you really need this extension.

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Truth About An Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Since the advent of the dot com boom many people have dreamed of setting up a website that would cure all their financial woes.  “The Internet” was going to be the goose that laid the golden egg! These same folks also believe they can become successful without putting in hard work. Well, I hope you’re not one of those people because there really is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme on the internet. In fact, if you don’t already know it, there is a term for those who study marketing on the internet and it’s called “Internet Marketing” and in the beginning internet marketers were considered to be carpetbaggers and scalawags…..but now, internet marketing has come to be a legitimate discipline of marketing that involves selling products or services on the internet. And it just so happens that internet marketing can boost the sales of just about any brick and mortar business while at the same time many internet marketers have their entire business in the virtual world……that is, they consist of websites only. Regardless of which business model an internet marketer follows, they share a common asset. That common asset is that they do business through a website. One simple fact determines the success of any website based business ……that is, the website needs website traffic or visitors. In order to get that needed website traffic you must implement an effective search engine optimization strategy!

Truth About An Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy

So, as more and more website owners study and learn the ways of internet marketing, they began to appreciate the results one can get from a search engine optimization technique. When website owners first start to investigate search engine optimization, they are easily convinced that a good search engine optimization technique applied to their website can quickly be the cureall for their financial woes along with being a quick way to instant riches. There is no substitute for work and getting your website properly optimized isn’t something that will happen overnight.   Successful websites are not always successful in the beginning and the process of starting an internet website can prove to very difficult and time consuming.

Google Search Engine Marketing:

click on image to learn more on SEO

click on image to learn more on SEO

Everyone with the exception of a rank newbie understands that Google is the top dog of all search engines. What most people don’t understand, is how important it is that Google recognize your website and actually evaluate it. So, it stands to reason that Google is a search engine your website must get listed or ranked with.  Most new internet marketers have a hard time understanding exactly how large the internet is and how many websites are actually on the word wide web. It’s hard to say exactly how many web pages Google keeps track of, but it’s someplace between 50 and 75 Billion webpages and increasing every hour!  The question of the day is, “Why should Google deliver your website to somebody searching for the keyword phrases on your web pages?   The answer, honestly, Google will not direct anyone to your website unless you have employed a well thought out, comprehensive and effective search engine optimization strategy.

Your website is completed now what?

The day has come, your website is finished and uploaded to the web! You can hardly contain yourself because now the sales are going to come pouring into account. Unfortunately that’s probably more wishful thinking than any kind of reality. More than likely when your website is completed, it will join a huge population of other websites that sit unnoticed to the rest of the world and basically just sit on your server like a dormant bear during the winter.  There are, of course, ways to list your business but a word of warning, this sometimes can prove complex and is very easy to make a mess of especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are also a handful of ways to get traffic to your web pages by investing your hard earned cash. In my opinion, paying for traffic might be an acceptable alternative in the very beginning, however, a long term strategy involving a search engine optimization technique will create web pages that will attract free traffic….. is the best and cheapest long term option.

Search Engine Optimization:

Developing an effective search engine optimization strategy is one of the best ways to get long term free website traffic delivered to your web pages. After getting your website up and running, you should explore a process known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and develop your own effective search engine optimization strategy for your site that will deliver relevant website traffic on a long term basis.   Remember though, SEO is not a single, one-step process.  SEO is something, which must be performed and maintained often in order to retain your search engine rankings.

Your goal should be to bring customers to your website:

I stated the obvious above, “you need web site traffic!” Any business has to be marketed, the saying, “Build it and they will come.” only applies to the movies and has no real world value when considering your internet business or any brick and mortar business. Marketing and Selling might be considered necessary evils by some, but if you don’t do something to attract customers to your business, products and/or services it stands to reason you’ll never sell a thing!  Millions upon millions of people search daily for products and services on the internet, as a website owner it should be a priority to do whatever it takes to get your website in the search results when your keywords are typed into the search engines. Consequently understanding keyword research is a primary component of any search engine optimization strategy.

Waiting and The Google Sandbox

Google sticks new websites into what is called “The Sandbox” for undisclosed periods of time. Most business website owners complain of this long waiting period while they wait to appear on the Google Search engine.  The truth is that more than likely you are going to wait quite a while before internet traffic will find your business within the Google Search engine.  Here’s a fact, if you hire a search engine optimization expert to optimize your website, you’ll find yourself in the search results much quicker than if you attempt to do it yourself. Although, of course, learning how to build effective search engine optimized web pages is not beyond the reach of anyone willing the put the effort in studying and purchasing some seo resources. I’m a big fan of natural search engine traffic but you should keep in mind that SEO is not the cure all for your marketing strategies and frankly, you would make a mistake if you solely depend on it for your marketing strategy.

Alternatives to Search Engine Marketing

Internet Marketing is as complex as the most intricate spider’s web. If you’re reading this and still think that internet marketing is some kind of scam or some temporary fad you really need to do some research on the current state of affairs for the marketing revenues from tv advertising, radio advertising, magazine advertising, yellow page advertising or any traditional method of marketing and promotion. The fact is, all these traditional mediums are dying on the vine! Most will admittedly blame the internet for their loss of revenues. The reason is because the internet is just so much more effective! A new generation of consumers search on the internet before purchasing just about anything. If they want a pizza in their town they might search for pizza deals. In fact if you pay attention to radio or television ads, you’ll almost always see a website address. Radio advertisers direct you to go to XYZ website and use the promo code XXX for a discount. This is simply an affiliate link or method of tracking advertising dollars. The way we market and sell is changing and if you recognize this and accept it, you can place yourself in a position to capitalize on this change.

We’re in a new age of selling and buying. Internet marketing is positioned to make the losers winners and the traditional winners losers. Here’s a few ideas that will compliment any search engine marketing, you should consider alternatives such as email marketing, article marketing, bloging, newletters and AdWords and others.  These are traditional methods within the internet advertising arena’s and are some of the basics for traffic generation because they are cost effective as well as efficient from a perspective of time.

If you can’t answer yes to this question, “Is search engine marketing truly crucial for your marketing needs?” then you really need to do more research and study on the subject of search engine marketing and get a firm understanding of what is involved in an effective search engine optimization plan for your website. There should be NO question in your mind and you would do well to begin implementing this strategy today!

Keep in mind naysayers abound, and some marketing experts will inform you that your business should not rely on Google or the other search engines for success. In part, they are correct because diversification in all aspects of business is a wise approach and as a businessman you shouldn’t depend entirely on any single search engine optimization technique, but search engines and proper SEO should definitely be a part of any well rounded marketing campaign for your website and your business!

Dreamweaver too complicated?, Go Live and Frontpage too steep a learning curve?

XSitePro is a new website design package that we have reviewed to create entire web sites, not just individual pages, and optimize them
I think that some web design packages have too steep a learning curve. That?s why I want to tell you about a product that I?ve just reviewed called XSitePro. Here is a brief summary, and you can see the full review by using the link indicated at the end of this article.

I was looking for something more versatile than a lot of the lower end website building software such as Web Easy Pro, and Web Plus, yet with a good deal of the functionality of the higher end products such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. As I needed to start quickly I didn?t want the steep learning curve that these higher end products demanded.

Quite by accident I came across XSitePro. At first I was nearly dissuaded from taking it further, because I was presented with a one-page sales website which the software authors put out.

Personally, having spent a great deal of time, recently, researching web products, the one page sales letters deter me from going any further, as I have subscribed to several, and always been disappointed. I also dislike parting with money before I ?touch and feel? a product, and particularly like to download a fifteen or thirty day demo, which was just not available.

Erring on the side of caution I posted a request on the Warrior forum, and asked for advice as to which website development software I should opt for. More replies were positive about XSitePro than any other, so I subscribed and downloaded the software, putting faith in the promise of a 365 day refund.

Dreamweaver CS4

I was certainly not disappointed and initially completed the tutorial, where I constructed a ten page website in around 11/2 hours. You can view the website completed in the tutorial by going to the web page indicated at the end of this article.

XSitePro is feature rich and I have picked out my 12 favorits.

XSitePro optimizes each page to rank well with the search engines and gives suggestions as to what tasks you need to carry out, to bring this about.

The ?Help? functionality is very good with on-screen pages supported by ?Index? and ?Search? facilities. There is ?Context Sensitive Help? throughout providing immediate help relating to the function you are currently performing. ?Online Help? accesses a ?Knowledgebase? of frequently asked questions with the ability to ?Submit a Ticket? if the answer is not found.

Using a ?Template? principle it is possible to make amendment to all pages by making alterations to the template. Therefore if you want to change text, site colours, logos etc. on all pages, this is easily achieved.

The Multi-Page Creation Wizard provides a quick and easy way of creating the infrastructure of a new site, or adding whole new branches to the infrastructure of an existing site.

You can simplify your web creation tasks using the valuable To Do Report automatically produced by XSitePro. The software produces a checklist of suggested actions still needed for each page so you never forget to carry out essential tasks.

Two mouse clicks will introduce Google Adsense ads to your web pages bringing about another income stream.

Powerful functionality immediately available which includes pop-ups, pop-ins, link pages, automatic sitemap, page import, scripts, redirect pages and much more.

The software comes with 163 website templates included, making website creation even faster and easier.

Built-in Article and Product pages which are of considerable benefit to internet marketers.

No knowledge of HTML needed, making it also a beginners tool. If you can use Microsoft Word, or similar then XSitePro is for you.

Print out an incredibly detailed report that tells you exactly what you need to do to each of your pages, which means you can make sure that all your pages are exactly right before you publish them to the Internet.

Easily add a links page to your site that looks great and is easy to update, which means you can benefit from a reciprocal linking campaign (i.e. exchanging links with other sites).

In summary we found it to be easy to learn, intuitive and we were able to produce results fast.

? Paul Lewis 2006. All rights reserved. Reprints welcomed with article and resource box unedited. See the completed web pages created in the XSitePro web page tutorial. You can see detailed functionality, screen movies, tutorial samples, free e-books and much more by visiting the XSitePro full review. Paul is also CEO of Demovision, a company specializing in talking heads. You can see examples if you go to the “Contact Us” page at the above site. You will need Internet Explorer to view.

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Success For Your Business With An Effective Search Engine Optimization Plan

One source states that a billion web pages are added to the internet per day!  That makes the internet a very competitive place to conduct business.  How does one stand out from the billions of web pages. How can I, as a business owner, get my pages on page 1 of Google, in front of all those eyeballs! It sounds like an impossible task….that is unless you know a few seo secrets. Let’s start  by developing an effective search engine optimization plan for your business……this simple act will give you  a greater chance in finding your business website at the top of the search engines…..I’m talking about having your web pages on page one of Google. That means traffic my friend and traffic to a business site means money!

How important is An Effective Search Engine Optimization Plan?

To be effective, any website must be a work in progress….especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  You will forever be testing and tweaking….adding pages or blog posts….always trying to find the right combination of keywords, content and other factors. However, this is true, “An Effective Search Engine Optimization Plan” will allow internet users to view your business website ahead of the obvious competition.  Understanding search engines and the basics of search engines is imperative because they are very much a part of making your business website successful. Although it isn’t necessary for you to understand the intricacies of how search engine marketing works, it is important that you

Click on Image to See SEO Book

Click on Image to See SEO Book

know that it really does work and you need to know what makes an an effective search engine optimization plan since most owners contract this service to a search engine optimization specialist. Trust me on this, knowing the basics will help you from getting ripped off by some internet marketing scammer claiming they are an offline local business expert! Some that go by “offline local business expert” are very good at what they do, however, some are very new and can’t possibly know what a seasoned search engine optimization specialist knows. So, as life generally goes…things become complicated and you are now put into a position to find out who can deliver the goods!!!

Understanding Google and It’s Effect on SEO

Today Google is the top search engine around and getting listed on Google WILL bring traffic!  Google has numerous factors which they consider to determine how websites are ranked.  Since Google is top dog of the search engines, every website owner looking to develop traffic  with an effective search engine optimization plan, must just face the facts and understand they need to deal with Google.  Google looks at a variety of conditions on your website, things that are on your website are know as onsite search engine optimization and factors that effect your ratings from Google that come from outside your website are known as Offline Ranking Factors. You need to be familiar with the factors, which Google utilizes in ranking your business website, if you cast this fact aside; you are going to have serious problems promoting your business upon the internet. However if you’re hiring a search engine optimization specialist, it is in your best interest to understand what these factors are so you can discuss your search engine optimization strategy in an educated way. This will help to keep you from getting ripped off and give you a better idea how and when you pages might get ranked in the search engines.

A few of these factors are the number of back links to your site from other sites. A strategy for developing these backlinks is included in any effective search engine optimization plan and if it’s not, you need to ask your seo specialist why? Understanding backlinks and how to get them is a strategy unto itself….but the fact is, you need them.  A backlink is simply a link from my website to your website, preferably using your actual keyword as the link….otherwise known as “anchor text”. You also will find that proper use of keywords will play a role in the ranking of your site. Proper optimization and number of pages on your site, are also a factor in determining your overall ranking within the search engines.

Will pictures or videos help with my website rankings?

Adding relevant pictures and images can help your site. Especially when they are tagged with the proper keywords. There’s a little controversy when it comes to whether or not you should add images to your website. I’m a graphics guy and think that images make a big positive difference. Your images should be high quality, relevant images. You can even make your images banners for some related affiliate product or service. The subject is too complicated to discuss here, however, think of a newspaper without images……would you like to read such a paper? Ask yourself this, do the images in a newspaper, magazine or book cause you to read on? …..I don’t know about you, but I like to see relevant illustrations or images in a book or newspaper….that being said, images in a webpage give an added advantage because anyone who has been online for more than a couple of months has learned to click on the images! ….. Make good use of that fact! Back to the facts, try and use your keywords for image names along with those keywords being used in the “alt” tag of the image. As far as videos go, the general consensus is that a good relevant video will help your site get ranked much higher in the search engines. Once again proper keyword tagging and a keyword title will be key to getting your site ranked. These are tips you should be using if you submit your video to a site like Youtube, there’s a description box that allows you to place a link back to your site along with properly using your keywords in the description…..and the tagging feature of Youtube lets you plug a handful of your keywords. This is where good SEO and search engine optimization technique comes into play.

When should I begin thinking about an effective search engine optimization plan?

If you want your website to be an effective sales machine for your business, search engine optimization should be in your thoughts before you do one thing with your business site. You should begin thinking about SEO before and during your website being developed. Developing search engine optimization strategies can certainly be done after the site is up and launched, however, it’s to the website owner’s benefit to plan the seo strategies from the start and of course additional and updated SEO optimization can be done after your site is fully developed and launched.  Your website developer should be able to speak to you about good SEO strategies, if your website developer can’t or will not discuss this with you; you need to find one that will. Often times website designers are clueless when it comes to understanding search engine optimization, in fact, it’s very rare to find a designer that knows SEO. Be very wary of the website designer that says he understands SEO or says he’s an SEO expert…..make them prove that point and talk to his references to find out if the website’s they’ve done are on page 1 of Google…..this is a tough field, relatively new and very important to the success of your website….so, do you due diligence. That’s why it’s really important for you, the website owner, to learn a little about an effective search engine optimization plan. Because you will probably find yourself in the position of having a website designer you want to hire, but they really can’t do any seo work. That’s OK! You can still use your designer, but it’s imperative to find a search engine optimization specialist that will work with both you and the website designer. Just always remember this…

“Without proper SEO to your site you will have a major problem getting ranked within the search engines. That means you won’t be on the first page of Google. And finally, not being on page 1 of Google means you’ll be left starving for website traffic!”

Keywords and your website

Understanding the proper use of keywords and finding them can take a lifetime of learning….why, because the rules change. Keywords are important because they will determine what kind of traffic will come to your website.  Keywords also must be picked based on what will be possible to get your website ranked for. In other words, keywords can be very general and very specific. Consider “oak floors” or “oak floors Mchenry”. The first keyword is very general and will get results from around the world, but the second keyword is for oak floors in Mchenry, which is a town in Illinois. It’s easy to get on the first page of google for  “oak floors Mchenry” and very difficult to get on page one of google for “oak floors”! I hope that’s clear because it applies to every business owner with a website….try targeting local markets first! Ok….You need to use keywords that will get your page ranked and bring you traffic and that most often refers to keywords known as longtail keywords. The best way to find these special keywords is with a tool for doing keyword research such as Keyword Research Pro. There’s not enough time or space to explain this further, but Keyword Research Pro is one of the easiest, simplest and best keyword tools I’ve come across and it comes with a full set of keyword research video tutorials by Fabian Lim, renowned search engine optimization specialist. Once again, trust me on this, if you want to learn about keyword research, you can get the basics of it by getting this keyword research tool and probably start developing your own effective search engine optimization plan. At the very least you’ll be able to keep your search engine optimization specialist honest by researching the keywords he suggests using. So, to reiterate, the next thing, which you must do in utilizing search engine marketing, is to find keywords, which will be suitable to place within the text content of your website, which you are promoting.  Whatever you decide to do, understand that you must not merely flood your website content with keywords, Google along with many search engines frown upon this and nobody will ever find your website.  Developing the written content for your new website is critical and your keywords must be delicately and properly interwoven into your pages, then and only they will you find yourself with really great and relevant web content.

What if I am not confident with performing SEO?

As I mentioned, search engine optimization can be learned but as you begin your efforts at building websites it would be a good idea to hire a search engine optimization specialist. A good SEO consultant can aid you in utilizing particular formula’s, which govern how many keywords should be placed in your website content.  SEO consultants can also aid you with understanding the rules and regulations involved in developing and forming an effective search engine optimization plan.

What’s My Next Step If I Want a Properly SEO’d Page

Click Image to See Book

Click on Image to See SEO Book

I’ve been speaking mainly to business owners and business websites, but the rules involved in putting together an effective search engine optimization plan show no distinction between a business website and a website for your local city. Certain keywords and seo strategies will work better for a local business and some work better for a worldwide business. I hope by now you’ve come to understand how important it is to hire someone with good seo experience, a professional search engine optimization specialist.  I’ve owned many businesses in my life and found out early that it pays to delegate the responsibilities to people inside and outside of your organization. Most business owners simply do not have the time to learn how to be a search engine optimization specialist, nor have they the desire. It’s not impossible to learn seo, just time consuming. I can promise you one thing and that is if you find the right seo group and develop an effective SEO plan, your website will bring the desired effect, whether that be leads or sales. I’ve worked with more companies that have reduced or eliminated all advertising costs except for the continued development of their business website.  Try and make this idea stick…..”You will need to give your business website an edge within the major search engines.”  And please avoid making the mistake that so many website owners make……Some website owners make the huge mistake of constructing very extravagant and very expensive websites, with all the little trinkets, only to find that their website performs badly within the major search engines.  They wanted a pretty, flashy website with gizmos…..these owners built an edifice to themselves, however, their mistake is that there is no seo….and no seo means no traffic….no traffic means no sales!

Finally, by now I hope you agree that you need to find a good SEO consultant that can aid you in developing an effective search engine optimization plan, while helping you with learning effective SEO techniques.  I would recommend hiring a search engine optimization specialist who specializes in SEO consulting which of course will require payment for their services. Just remember, the wisdom, expertise, and knowledge brought into play by these professionals will not only save you, but make you money, in the long term. Consider the developement of an effective search engine optimization plan and investment in the future, because once your site is properly seo optimized you will bear the fruits of those efforts for years to come!

Why Dreamweaver Has Become So Popular

When we run Dreamweaver training courses, we are always amazed at the number of different types of Dreamweaver user who attend our courses. There is simply no longer a typical Dreamweaver user. We get people working from all types of organisation in all types of role. Private individuals, accounts specialists, marketing specialists, academics, workers in the health services…

One thing is for certain, on our courses, we are now getting far more people learning Dreamweaver who are not and do not intend to become specialists in web development. They are, more typically, people who need to develop web content and who perceive Dreamweaver as the best program to use for the task in hand. Coming to this conclusion is almost inevitable since Dreamweaver is widely perceived as the software tool of choice for both the casual and professional web developer.

Dreamweaver has obtained its position as undisputed number due to the fact that first Macromedia and now Adobe have paid careful attention to the needs of web developers of all types and to the technologies used to build web sites. They have managed to create a product which satisfies the needs of both amateur and professional web developers and which embraces emerging standards in the web

Dreamweaver CS4

sites are constructed. As web developers and web development has evolved, Dreamweaver has evolved with it. That’s why Dreamweaver is still around while all of its original competitors have disappeared.

In the early days of web development, there were two types of web development tool: those used by coders (the specialists who understood the technologies underlying web pages) and the visual software tools which functioned in a manner similar to word processing and page layout programs and were used by non-specialists and inexperienced web developers. The visual programs (which included Dreamweaver) had a very poor reputation among web professionals who found that the code produced by these programs was clumsy, verbose and inefficient.

About ten years ago (recognising the need to satisfy both types of user), Macromedia, the owners of Dreamweaver started making efforts to attract serious web developers to Dreamweaver. They addressed the code issue by including tools which would clean up inefficiencies in automatically-generated code and purchasing and bundling a coding utility called with Dreamweaver. They also enhanced their code environment with sophisticated features like line-numbering, colour-coding and code-hints and added other code-friendly features to supplement the visual development environment such as the tag selector which displays the HTML tags representing the objects on the page.

In June 2000, Macromedia added another string to their bow by releasing a special edition of Dreamweaver called Dreamweaver UltraDev. This version of Dreamweaver contained all the features of the basic programs but added special utilities for creating dynamic content. Users could create server-side content using ASP, ColdFusion or JavaServer pages. The program automatically generated code for connecting to a database, retrieving and displaying data and linking elements on a web page to a data source. Two years later, they dropped UltraDev and added all of its functionality into the standard version of Dreamweaver, further enhancing its appeal to serious web developers.

Recognising that many web developers are members of a team, Macromedia also added features to Dreamweaver allowing teams of people to collaborate on the same site while avoiding the risk of two people making conflicting changes to the same page. Dreamweaver’s collaborative features were called “File Check in/Check out”. The program also introduced a feature known as “Design Notes”. This allowed one developer to attach a note to a particular web page which could then be browsed by other members of his or her team.

As new technologies have emerged, the makers of Dreamweaver have also responded by taking them on board and modifying the way the program generates code. Thus, in the latest release of the program, Dreamweaver CS3, it is assumed that the user will be building websites using cascading style sheets (rather than HTML tables as was previously the case) and Dreamweaver offers a series of thirty or so different CSS page layouts that can be used to build efficient pages and adapted and personalised at will.

The latest Dreamweaver also includes some groovy new features which embrace the Ajax technology using the Adobe’s Spry Framework for Ajax, a library of automatically generated JavaScript code which allows the creation of interactive web page on which page content can be updated in response to user actions without the page having to be reloaded.

Each new release of Dreamweaver brings exciting as well as practical new features which always seem to slot nicely into the familiar easy-to-use interface. This coupled with the fact that Dreamweaver always allows experienced professionals full access and control over every aspect of the web pages and web applications they are developing should ensure that the program continues to be the automatic choice for any individual or organisation needing a decent software tool for web development of any kind.

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Learn CSS for Award Winning Website Design

I started to learn website design somewhere around 2003. I was determined to learn how to put up a website if it meant buying every book on website design there was! I really wanted to be an award winning website designer. I kept hearing the word Dreamweaver and had no idea what that meant!

At that time there weren’t a whole lot of online tutorials for building a website and webpages, so I went off the the local Barnes and Noble to find a book on website design. I must have purchased 10 books on website design.

My next decision was to purchase Dreamweaver. Frontpage was available at the time but I thought it would be wise in investing in software that I thought was the best and would be around for a while. I had never created a webpage before and when I first opened up Dreamweaver I almost ended my  not yet begun career of designing and building websites! Everything was so foreign to me, and learning html seemed so difficult. Yet all my research let me to believing that Dreamweaver would be the tool of choice for creating award winning website designs. I should add that I was forced to purchased Xsitepro for a long time web development and maintenance project. I really had no desire to learn how to use Xsitepro or to purchase it. However, once  I invested to the time to learn Xsitepro….. I became very found of the program. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to start building websites and developing and maintaining their own websites……yes, I would encourage the purchase of Xsitepro over Dreamweaver for the newbie. However, if you want to learn html and css coding then Dreamweaver would be second to none!

A lot has happened since those early years of website design. I’ve whipped up a lot of websites but haven’t come anywhere near mastering the complete power of Dreamweaver. However, by using Adobe Photoshop to create templates and then importing the pieces into Dreamweaver I think I’ve been able to create some websites that are getting pretty close to being award winning!

Nonetheless, I continue the journey of website design by exploring new techniques and methods of website development. Worpdress has come on the scene in the last couple of years and is rapidly becoming one of the easiest and most flexible methods of developing on online presence. Many top designers are using wordpress to develop award winning website design. I found a great online guide that covers how to edit wordpress theme and how to create WordPress Themes called How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer….. don’t waste any time, get it if you have an interest creating wordpress themes!

If you do anything with web development then you know that CSS or cascading style sheets is rapidly becoming the standard method of putting pages on the web. Dreamweaver has great css functionality and wordpress is basically a object of css programing or coding. If you plan on doing any wordpess hacking you better know and understand css code!

I’ve been on a journey of Worpress hacking for the last year and have learned the basics of css. I can’t tell you how many css tutorials I’ve started and never completed :) My goal is to start creating wordpress themes from photoshop files and I just don’t know and understand css well enough to start creating award winning website designs!

Anyway, as I sit here tonight thinking about all the css frustrated website designers I thought I’d offer a few rays of hope!. For the first time in my life I went through a complete css tutorial, start to finish and didn’t skip any steps :) It wasn’t really a basic css tutorial, but I figured I better start someplace close to the beginning so I could properly understand the basics of building websites or blog themes with css. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, and I’ve made it a goal to be able to write a css site blindfolded by the end of this year….and hopefully have a better understanding of hacking away at wordpress blogs by that time also.

If you want to brush up on your css or just start learning it so you can began a career of building award winning website design …..then, check out the css tutorial I just finished. Nothing to promote here, just a decent tutorial on using css to create a simple webpage with a navigation tree across the top and in the footer. The author breaks up the tutorial as follows:

1.  Introduction
2. The Design
3. Default HTML Template
4. Setting the canvas
5. The major elements
6. Floats
7. Additional Structure
8. Some basic text styles
9. The Header
10. Footer
11. The Navigation (arg!)
12. Getting it right in IE

Let me give you some encouragement if you’re trying to learn web design. Trust me on this, you can do it! Just don’t quit. Remember that people learn differently. You might come to understand a concept by reading it once. Another person might have to read it 100 times….but they will get it. That same concept might not be understood by the next guy unless they actually do it….for some people they can do it once and understand…..again, others might have to (in this cas) write the basic code of an html page 50 times before they see the pattern. The important idea is, if you don’t quit, you’ll never fail. Your success might come in degrees rather than in one moment!

Good Luck….let me know if you give it a shot! Since I’m somewhat of a book hound so I picked a few of my favorite CSS Books that you might find helpful.

Carry Out Effective Website Designing with Dreamweaver Tools

Dreamweaver is one of the most widely used and effective website designing tool that scores over HTML coding. This software helps the user by creating many codes, useful for those who don’t know about code business and also for those having knowledge about HTML coding can add more value to it.

The user can simultaneously see the code view as well as the design view, the website design service provider can keep both the views (the code view & design view) on similar window for keeping the tabs. It gives the facility to view your website after saving them in the same format in the web browser as it would look on the internet. Good feature is that you can view the final internet view of the website without getting online on the computer.

The tools of Dreamweaver has the capability to rectify mistakes in the syntax occurred during editing of any code. Features of Dreamweaver are endless and much

Dreamweaver CS4

higher than those found in HTML coding.

The layout tool of Dreamweaver software is one of its exclusive feature. It gives the idea to the user as to where the menus, navigation keys, images, etc are to be placed on the web page. Good and skilled website designers now-a-days do possess the knowledge of this software and how to use it for better web designing purpose.

Many times the web developers might not consider using the Dreamweaver in website designing. It generates code view of CSS/XHTML that creates code in best format and also chances of it getting bloated when not done in a proper manner.

Although coding done through XHTML/CSS also gives very good end result and is as effective as codes written manually.

For those beginning the web development procedure Dreamweaver can be extremely useful, as the developers also find the layout view attractive. Basic tasks can be accomplished by hooking the drag and drop widgets to the database. To attain best results out of Dreamweaver,follow the codes written in it. Here the local and international copies are taken care by FTP client of Dreamweaver which is a positive aspect. This software is much easier to use in comparison to other designing tools.

The features of Macromedia Dreamweaver has its own uniqueness that cannot be compared with any designing tool. It has its own distinctive class that can build the design system effectively.

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A student?s life made easier with academic software Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver

As a student, your main concern is to learn new things that will help you throughout your career. Since any career is related in one way or another with computers, most students try to get familiarized with all the available software. In this article I?ll try to evaluate the benefits of the academic software Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver.

Let?s take them one at a time. First of all, Microsoft is the leading company in the software business and the first name that pops up in a computer software discussion. Except for Microsoft Windows, the next big package of software available from this company is Office. The academic software Microsoft Office has many applications included in it that can be used by most.

Microsoft Office was first introduced in 1989 for Mac and in 1990 for Windows. The term was initially used to describe a set of applications because the first version contained Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Later a pro version was released that included Access and Schedule Plus.

Over the years, the applications in

Dreamweaver CS4

the academic software Microsoft Office have become more complex and allow users to perform tasks faster. Each application is developed for a specific use and the ones included in this software package are used by people around the world.

One of the components of the academic software Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word is a word processor and for a long time, it was considered to be the main program in Office. The main use for this application was editing documents. Current versions are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Excel, another component of Microsoft Office, is a spreadsheet program. This consists of a rectangular grid that can be used to store information and perform various calculations. This program is commonly used for financial information.

Another important part of the academic software Microsoft Office is Outlook. Its uses include managing personal information and communicating through e-mail. It served as a replacement for other applications like Schedule Plus, Microsoft Mail and Windows Messaging. The main features of this program include an e-mail client, task manager, address book and calendar.

PowerPoint is another application included in the Office package and it consists of a presentation program. With it you can create various slideshows containing different texts, movies, graphics and other objects, and the user can navigate through them or print them on transparencies.

While Microsoft Office encompasses all these useful programs, there is also an application that helps a user with web development. This is the academic software Dreamweaver and it can also be found available for Windows and Mac platforms.

The academic software Dreamweaver is very helpful because it can be used by practically anyone. If you want to design a website, but you have limited knowledge about the codes, the academic software Dreamweaver comes in handy because the codes are hidden, making it easy and fun to use.

For a student to learn about any of the software applications presented afore the costs were quite high. However, these companies are now offering substantial discounts from the retail price for anyone involved in an education program. If you are interested in purchasing the academic software Dreamweaver and Microsoft Office at unbelievably low prices, all you need to do is visit

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