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Spinning Tops With Lights Question

William asks…

Would like some opinions from parents of toddlers?

i I have posted here before regarding my son’s development, but I would like to be more thorough to get honest opinions from other moms, please forgive me for being repetative

The Dr said my 12 month old is speech delayed, so we are working on getting him talking

Here are some of his behaviours:

Always smiles when smiled to
imitates us sneezing, making mooo sounds
Gives kisses when we ask J
Babbles, gagaga and bababa and dadadad in different tones
Enjoys clapping his hands with me
Always smiles when smiled to, generally a very happy baby who laughs when I read him a funny book
He is cruising, crawling
He wraps his arms tight around me when he feels unsure, like when we are over the bath)
Loves being bounced
Shakes his head “no” when we do
Seems to understand “no” but doesn’t always follow it!!!!
Sleeps and eats soooo well, like a dream!

Worrisome behavious
Rarely reponds to his name, but if you clap your hands he turns right around to clap hands with you
DOesn’t point, doesn’t wave
Enjoys playing independently, he gets really involved with playing, pushes his cars (as his dad taught him) and then turns his car over to check out the wheels – not a huge deal, I just read that liking spinning wheels is an autism sign
Sometimes he’ll spin a toy – also not a big deal, I remember having a spinning top as a child and loving it – but its said this could be part of autism
Does not seem to understand “where is mommy? Where is daddy?” or where is anything
No words, and doesn’t appear close to words
Crawls under the table and turns off the light switch on a power bar (we find this hilarious, but I’ve read autistic children love light switches, although he is not repetitive about this)
He seems to have plateaued a bit in development for just over a month. Although I can see his cruising getting stronger and his crawling getting faster, his communication seems to have stalled)

Since the Drs appointment, I’m terribly worried and would love to know if this is anything other moms experienced.

The one thing the Doctor did ask was “How many languages are spoken in your home” Well, its three. And I’ve learned that this sometimes causes communication delays (not nesseraily, but sometimes) She suggested we stick to one language for the time being….
But language wouldn’t prevent him from not knowing “where is mommy? Where is daddy?”

Obviously we are now talking to him around the clock, pointing at things etc

I am so confused, I would love to hear other parents whose children did not progress in textbook milestones and if their children are ok

scottparat answers:

As a health care professional and an advocate of stronger testing, I have to be honest and say that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with anything that you have described.

Short of some language issues, he may be slightly delayed.

I have followed all your posts in the past months and I have say that you are over reacting, you do need to focus on the language (NOT communications, he is communicating fine).

Some children just develop language slower than others, it’s not unusual for males to be delayed in language for up to 5 years. The boys in my family are always delayed, they all turned out to be perfectly normal overly chatty men.

Sandra asks…

Is it possible for your eyes to act as a microscope without a microscope?

I was in my 3rd period class today and decided to put my head down in my arms on my desk. While my head was on my right arm (eyes parallel to my arm) I opened my eyes and I started to see things! At first I thought it was my imagination showing me a very dark green figure that resembled a spinning top (My eyes were touching my skin so it was already pitch black. The reason why I was about to keep them open without hurting was because I wear contacts), then the dark green top started to get bigger and bigger! A lot of random things appeared after that disappeared, but then something happened that really stuck to me. What I saw next surprised me because it resembled a leaf that was being looked at under a microscope except it was not green. ***REMEMBER*** It is pitch black and I have NOT moved this hole time. I saw a LIGHT!!! What the heck does this mean?! I think that I’m either crazy or I was just seeing things. I know for a fact that I was not asleep when all of this was going on, also, because I only have my head down for a couple of seconds when all of this had happened.
I know it sounds crazy, but is it possible for eyes with contacts to act as microscopes even though you aren’t using a microscope???
Yes I am serious, please do not judge me by calling me crazy. I would like a mature answer. Thank you

scottparat answers:


You produced pressure on your eyeball and when you lifted your head the pressure lowered and your eyes sensors – the retna – reacted with light and dark patterns….

Completely nornal…

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