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Anonymous News Question

Daniel asks…

UK news about Jon Venables? Why is he still allowed to retain his right to remain anonymous?

Has the murderer of little Jamie Bulger murdered someone else now – I wonder? The mindless nonce has been re-arrested, and Jack Straw (SO-CALLED Justice Secretary) reckons it’s in the PUBLIC INTEREST that he still remains anonymous.

Do you think that 27 year old Venables has now waived that right to anonymity as he has broken the terms of his release in 2001.

Maybe so Sceptic, but after ‘serving’ just 8 years in a ‘children’s home’ for murder, he was deemed by psychiatrists as no longer a threat to society.

I don’t care about his rights, I only care about our rights. Alan Johnson says we should be informed, and Jack Straw says not. Weird govt that.

scottparat answers:

Publishing his details amounts to passing a death sentence – a sanction we don’t use in the UK.

I would happily see his details public, if I believed for one second that the public could be trusted with that knowledge. But someone would feel it his ‘civic duty’ to administer the law for himself, creating another murderer and murder victim

And if that were in prison, who would this moral guardian be? Another murderer? A rapist, a thief?

His details have to remain secret because if made public, someone will kill him, and we don’t use the death penalty in UK.

Nancy asks…

Why is the government after WikiLeaks if many news organizations do the same thing?

Have you ever seen the phrase in a news article “the person commenting on the topic of “x” is kept anonymous because he is not authorized by “x” to speak about it to the press”? That’s the news media doing the same exact thing that WikiLeaks is doing! Leaking confidential information! So why is WikiLeaks being so heavily scrutinized by the government if many news organizations do the same exact thing?

scottparat answers:

Follow Wikileaks Twitter here and learn about our corrupt governments who want to have the power to shut down the internet whenever they want too and stop us from learning the truth –

Ron Paul: ‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’

“What we need is more WikiLeaks about the Federal Reserve,” he said. “Can you imagine what it’d be like if we had every conversation in the last 10 years with our Federal Reserve people, the Federal Reserve chairman, with all the central bankers of the world and every agreement or quid-pro-quo they have? It would be massive. People would be so outraged.”

Paul, a longtime critic of the US Federal Reserve, is the incoming chairman of a House subcommittee on monetary policy. His most recent book, titled “End the Fed,” takes aim at central banks the world over, blaming fiat money systems and fractional reserve banking for the world’s increasingly volatile economies.

“In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth,” Paul insisted. “In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it.

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson speaks about how the government is corrupt and how the illuminati have infiltrated the government and secret services to this day –

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