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Website Graphics Backgrounds Question

Michael asks…

How can I create my own quick and easy website?

I want to create a website, where there are pages of text, then I want to be able to put links below that text, as many as I want, and also add a background and animated graphics here and there. Is there any way I can do this?
Hey thanks guys! Basically what I’m trying to do is; I’m a writer, and I wanna post my work on a site where only my friends can view it (for now). I write stories, and the one I’m doing now, you choose your own path through the story, like you get through a bunch of text and then select either page 56 or page 87, and I want the website to be able to let me put links at the bottom of the text, so that you go right to the next section that you select. Plus, if I can, I’ve wanted to put some sort of small animated graphics along with the text. Is this possible on Freewebs or any other site?

scottparat answers:
Design your own website, and it’s really easy.

Laura asks…

How to get backgrounds of santa banta wallpapers ?

How to download backgrounds of santa banta wallpapers ?

Do you know any website to download that kind of backgrounds.
Or any other site that provide background graphics.
I know how to save image. Actually i want background graphics used on those santabanta images.

scottparat answers:

Click on any actor,actress….etc image.then big image will display,right click on that image and save it.

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