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Anonymous News Question

Helen asks…

Is an anonymous, psychic tip probable cause to acquire a search warrant of your home and property?–texas-judge-says-anonymous-tip-about-bodies-buried-at-farmhouse-came-from-psychic

Why are Texas police snooping and sniffing around people’s back doors?

scottparat answers:

The can and should investigate but they normally cannot get a search warrant merely based on a psychic. In this case, they did not. If no-one is home, they can look around the outside and into windows if the drapes are not drawn. They did find evidence of blood and a foul odor which is sufficient to request a search warrant which would allow a more intense search of the grounds and inside the home. BTW, it is probably not a anonymous tip, they probably know who the person giving the tip is. Z

Donna asks…

So, now that you’re a little less anonymous online, what are you going to do (see inside)?

An Indiana Judge ordered a news website to turn over the identities of anonymous posters on their comments section.

I’ve long been an advocate of technologies which strengthen anonymity, and are controlled by the user (things like proxies and Tor) – in other words, being proactive.

So from my POV, I’m laughing a bit.

What’s your take?

scottparat answers:

That is frightening.

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