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Website Graphics Tutorial Question

William asks…

How to combine two pictures to make a website background?

I have two pictures and am looking for a free program (if possible bc i’m cheap lol) to either make them fade together or something. I want this picture to be the background of my website. Any suggestions on how to go about this?

scottparat answers:

FREE software: (Animation included) (Animation included)
Game Maker Lite – (Puts Logos/popup in)
trueSpace: (3D authoring package)

FREE software (No Animation): (Very user friendly) (Very good for vectored graphics)

FREE online photo editors: (Animation Tools) (Animation: GIF format only)

Most of those sites have their own online tutorials you can use.


Mark asks…

How are graphics implemented into a video game, how are they made?

I understand how making the game is possible by programming and writing codes, but what I don’t understand is how are the graphics made, like if u want graphics as good as the ones on angry birds what would that require? Are the graphics made with codes as well? or drawings on paper? Im reading about illustrator and gimp but still dont understand how the process works. a little help please? And im im just starting iphone game development should i learn objective C and use xcode?

scottparat answers:

The images and animations are stored as image and video files. For example, each bird in angry birds has several images associated to it (one for each of its different situations, like flying, blowing up and so on). The background image on the screen is also an image file, as are all the objects you can bump into. These images are then manipulated with code in order to make them interact with the user.

Programming a computer game from scratch is incredibly difficult and time consuming, however there are toolkits that can help you. One you might want to look at if you’re just getting started, and which has some good tutorials on creating 2D and 3D games is UNITY3D, and you can find their website if you google it.

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