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Blogger Themes Tumblr Question

Nancy asks…

How to go about starting a blog?

Okay so I am totally ignorant when it comes to interwebs and whatnot. My questions are:
Does it cost money? (If it doesn’t you are probably laughing at me for asking this)
Which website is best?
And any other information I need to start a blog. Thanks in advance :)

scottparat answers:

Many blogging websites out there are free. I’ve tried blogger, livejournal, and tumblr for my blog, but I’ve settled on tumblr. It’s free, and has no advertisements, unlike livejournal. It also has some very classy layouts you can choose from to make your blog look nice. It’s very easy to post both media like photos and video as well as text on tumblr.
As far as actually beginning a blog goes, you may want to think of some sort of theme you may want to write about in your blog.
Hope this helps you! Happy blogging!

George asks…

Where is a good place I can blog and get some responses from people?

not, i mean places where my post becomes visible, and people comment them, so its nto a waste of my time.

scottparat answers:

Tumblr is your friendly, free, and terrifically easy tool for creating tumblelogs.
Tumblelogs are the refreshingly simple new way to share anything you find, love, hate, or create.


Create a blog in 3 easy steps:
Create an account
Name your blog
Choose a template is an easy and powerful way to start blogging.


Plurk is a social journal for your life that lets you publish and share your thoughts. Share your life easily with friends, family and fans.


Vox is a new personal blogging service. It’s all about ease of use, privacy control, playing well with other web services, and staying connected to the people you care about.
Control exactly who gets to see each of your posts and photos.
See all the posts from your friends and family on one page.
Bring in content from other web services you already use (Amazon, YouTube, more).


No signup. No email and privacy exposure
No ad submission and no efforts
No animation and annoying ads
Multilanguage support
Cheat-proof and fair sharing
WordPress platform and alike friendly
Targeted readers reach
Welcome bonus for everyone
Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9)

Wibiya features:
Create a blog community using Facebook Connect
Gain traffic from Facebook through your members news feed
Engage readers and raise pageviews with applications such as post navigator and blog search
Track your traffic growth through simple analytics tools
Share your tweets with your readers in real time

Scribnia is a community where users discover new bloggers and columnists:
For Readers: Rate authors using Context Ratings™, and share with your friends the authors you love and hate Discover new authors using Scribnia’s recommendation engine, which analyzes your unique tastes.
For Bloggers: Install the scribnia widget to enable readers to rate you and drive new readers to your blog Connect with readers by seeing what they like and dislike about your posts.


It should should be easy to create an individual Design with the templatr. With a little experimentation you will be able to reach the desired result much more quickly than with endless written explanations.


PimpThisBlog is a place where you promote and publicize your content.
It’s simple and effective… just let us know that you have new content and we’ll “pimp it” for you. Your content will be shared, syndicated and spread on Twitter, Google and FriendFeed, to name a few, in no time at all. Just sit back and watch your website traffic grow!.


A new site providing the freshest wordpress themes.


Measure Map helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world.


Palmood has an easy and fast way to blog your mood and share it with your friends, family, and the rest of the world.


Redanyway provides a social way to follow a blog. It provides a friends’ and followers’ widget which you can sport on your personal blog/site. This enables your friends or readers to directly add your blog to follow or add you to their friends list right from your blog.


BTemplates is a gallery that is pretended to gather all the templates created for Blogger in a single site, classifying them according to thematic or design features. A search to users faster and greater distribution to the authors and designers.


Shout’Em is platform on which you can easily start co-branded microbloging social networking service.


Pocketmanila lets you create your own custom three-tone online journal that’s perfect for keeping diaries, blogging, e-scrapbooking, or anything that you can do with a real notebook. You can mix and match over 100 different colors to come up with a totally unique design.


BuddyPress is essentially a set of WordPress MU specific plugins. Each plugin adds a distinct feature (or component) to BuddyPress and only handles functionality for that specific component (for example, private messaging).


Soup is a tumblelog, a super-easy blog that can do more than just text: post links, quotes, videos, audio, files, reviews and events.
Make your personal remix of the web: When you see something cool online, just click a button to add it to your Soup.


Kontain is a free website, for you to blog and share your photos, videos and audio with friends, family, even beautiful strangers.
Kontain’s primary goals are:
The easiest site to upload, share and browse media
The most aesthetically beautiful media destination
To offer a wide range of innovative features and tools

Shout’Em is platform on which you can easily start co-branded microbloging social networking service. Something simple as Twitter or with more features like Pownce. It is up to you :)

Latest news, article, video on social networking, social media, social community and social software from worldwide.


SNAPP Free is a quick, easy, and FREE way to launch your own branded social network.
SNAPP Free is ideal for hobbyists, startups or anyone passionate about something.
SNAPP Free is a free service, has easy-to-use site templates and even has 50% Google AdSense revenue sharing!
Launch Your Site in 3 Steps:
Setup your community
Choose your template
Invite friends & launch!


Create your eBooks, Photo albums, Comics, Magazines, Fanzines, CV, Brochures, Books… When you’re done, publish and share your ebook full of photos, video, audio with friends, family, and the world.


See everything that’s going on with your friends in all the sites you use, easily figure out where you’re missing connections with your friends, interact with multiple sites at once, and more!
Socialthing! Makes it easy to see all the things your friends are doing. It’s a news feed for every site that you use in one place.
It’s a place to see “what’s up” in your digital life, and figure out where to go to from there…

Scribnia is a community where users discover new bloggers and columnists:
For Readers: Rate authors using Context Ratings™, and share with your friends the authors you love and hate Discover new authors using Scribnia’s recommendation engine, which analyzes your unique tastes.
For Bloggers: Install the scribnia widget to enable readers to rate you and drive new readers to your blog Connect with readers by seeing what they like and dislike about your posts.


Create your private diary with text, photos, videos and web links.
Make a shared diary to do all this with friends too.
Create your diary, it’s free!


Pringo Networks offers a complete social networking and media sharing platform allowing your company to effectively build an integrated online community around your existing user base. Pringo Networks provides the power and flexibility of state-of-the-art social network solution on your site. With features surpassing the leading popular networks, Pringo technology can offer you and your audience the same functionality as MySpace, YouTube,, and then some!


Create your own Social Network with Neeetz.
Connect with colleagues, friends, family members and others of like interest.
Create Blogs and Forums. Share photos, videos and music.
Craft life updates and create communities of like interests.
Join Neeetz to Create, Share and Socialize.

Http:// is a free social microblogging service and chat community. You can start your own microblog, connect with friends, meet interesting new people, share photos and find new business contacts.


Babelyou is an online network functioning, in many languages, which enables people to make coommunicate worldwide.


Search and Discover Communities with Twing’s Discussion Forums Search Engine

At Groops you connect with likeminded people in local interest groups. The goal is to meet for shared activities.


Podobo is about ideas and thoughts. It’s about finding out what people are thinking and, linking them together.

Http:// is a place for people to post location-based messages on a map

Plurk is a social journal for your life that lets you publish and share your thoughts. Share your life easily with friends, family and fans.


What can you do with a SpringWidget? You can create an RSS reader with multiple feeds; badges for your profile on social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo; countdown application widgets and other cool gadgets for your blog.

Http:// is a Feature-rich Social Weblogging Application to publish thoughts and network with like-minded people on the Web.


Express yourself in a totally new way.
Speak Your Mind: With Blerp, you can go to any website and post anything you want. Spark relevant discussions right on the page.


Save time by managing all of your social media from a single place.
No need to log into different social media sites every day. Postling does all the work for you. Postling supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr

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Anonymous Email Question

Robert asks…

I am looking any site or program or tools that can send anonymous email?

I am looking any site or program or tools that can send anonymous email cause setupping such a program or getting such script is hard

scottparat answers:

It would make no difference if you did, it could/would be traced right back to your ISP and your IP address. How do you think the famous bot net mail spammer that are spending the next 5 years and a $250,000 fine got caught out. Since he’s been caught spamming has dropped 80% over the last 2 months read the tech news

Donna asks…

Is there such a thing as an anonymous email?

I would like to set up a bogus yahoo account to send a message to a friend telling her something I don’t want her to know came from me (is about her husband cheating). Could she contact yahoo to find out who sent the email (track my IP address) or is there software out there than can track email accounts. I would like to remain completely anonymous.


scottparat answers:

I guess you could mask your IP.

I don’t know that you should get involved though, but you didn’t ask me my opinion on that! :)

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Public Domain Clip Art Question

Joseph asks…

How does one use images legally on websites?

Hi, everyone. I was just wondering how web designers use random images, for instance, images of space, or images of pumpkins, or buildings; if these images were found on Google but obviously taken from a photographer, how does someone else use their photos on their website legally?

I see a lot of images on websites that I highly doubt the owners got permission from the image makers, so how does one legally use an image?


scottparat answers:

Free Photos:

Free Graphics:

The Best Free Photos on the Web (Where to Find Them and What to Do With Them):

Free stock photos:

Stock.XCHNG (leading FREE stock photo site):

The online royalty free public domain clip art:

Image Disclamer:

Disclaimer: By downloading this file, you are stating that you will not use the image linked above for commercial use or for monetary gain of any kind. Removing the trademark of the author is not recommended, and I am not responsible for any legal issues that arise from doing so. While the image may or may not be registered with the copyright office, this does not have any bearing on the status of copyright. While the image is on public display (i.e. On a website, myspace, etc.) please follow the artists requests for giving credit to that artist.


Mandy asks…

How should I give credit for pictures I used off someone elses site?

Should I include a link in the footer to a page with a list of links back to their webpage or what should I do?
Its for a FBLA website competition. NO GAIN will be obtained from it (unless you count the hopes of getting a medal and awesome stuff to put on a resume)
And its just like photos and stuff…
what are some sites with public domain images?

scottparat answers:

Better to use royalty free photos are those from following sites as no permission means copyright infringement even with good intentions.

Free Photos:

Free Graphics:

The Best Free Photos on the Web (Where to Find Them and What to Do With Them):

Free stock photos:

Stock.XCHNG (leading FREE stock photo site):


The online royalty free public domain clip art:


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Best Internet Marketing Programs Question

William asks…

wt r the best electives to choose as specialization for mba, marketing,hr,systems,operations,finance?

please help me in selecting…v have to take dual specialization n i like systems n finance…is it a good option …wt are the carrier opportunities… plz choose papers for finance n systems
Business Data Processing and DBMS

System Analysis and Design

Enterprise Resource Planning

Software Project Management

Decision Support System

Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

Software Engineering


Knowledge Management

Internet Programming and Web Designing

Marketing Management

Advertising & Sales Promotion

Consumer Behavior

Services Marketing

Product Management

Retail Marketing Management

Rural Marketing

International Marketing

Strategic Marketing Management

Sales Management

Public Relations and Customers Relationship Management

Financial Management

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Management of Financial Services

Financial Derivatives

Project Financing

Working Capital management

International finance

Corporate Taxation

Management Control Techniques

Financial Information System

Strategic Corporate Finance

International Business Finance Strategies

Human Resource Management

Organizational Development & Change

Training & Development

Wages & Salary Administration

Strategic Human Resource Management

Industrial Relations & Labor Laws

Personality & Managerial Performance

Reward Management

Performance Management

Event Management

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Strategic Operations Management

Management of Quality and Productivity

Materials Management

scottparat answers:

Cripes! That is a lot of choice there!

In short, the strategy, insight and finance areas will put you in good stead in a global market. I am not very au fait with how many electives you must choose (we have a different system here in the UK), but the following of your list look very interesting…

Consumer Behavior
International Marketing
Strategic Marketing Management
Project Financing
Strategic Corporate Finance
International Business Finance Strategies
Strategic Operations Management

Good luck and i hope it goes well!

Lisa asks…

What is the best program for getting cash for clicks on my blog?

I want to write a general-interest blog about my career change and a blog about investing in the stock market. I would like to get a little money out of it, and I’m always reading about Internet advertising increasing dramatically. What is the best program for getting paid when people click a hyperlink on your blog to other sites?

Thank you,

scottparat answers:

Dear Houyhnhnm,

Probably the best place to start would be to visit most popular program that pay per impression. It is

This way, you will get paid, for the number of people who see advertisement on your blog, even if nobody clicks on the hyperlink.
In my opinion, this could be better solution for you. I saw advertising houses, such as dropping their pay-per-click (PPC) programs and switching to a CPM (cost per thousand) or affiliate programs (you will get pay for the actions your visitors take on the advertiser websites, such as: buying products or subscribing to email newsletter). Some affiliate programs, however, do offer pay-per-click, but will automatically switch you to percentage option (you will be paid percentage of revenue your visitors generate) if your conversion rates are low. Affiliate advertisers in the Investing industry pay some of the most generous rates.

The other website you should consider is:
Their ads are combination of image and text, and offer some very competitive rates.

Hope this helps,


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Website Graphics Question

Michael asks…

What is a good website to find comments or graphics about being an oilfield babe?

I am redoing my Myspace and my fiance is in the oilfield which is a hard life to live but I am very proud of him and I would like to show that through my Myspace but I can’t find any websites with graphics on it about oilfield anything!!

scottparat answers:

Wow that may end up being very hard to find! You will be better off creating your own probably.

Chris asks…

How do I retrieve the super administrator’s username and password for Joomla 1.5?

My web designer, who created my website through Joomla 1.5 decided she no longer wants to maintain my website. I need to make corrections on the website graphics, but cannot without being able to get into the backdoor. How do I go about getting this username and password through Joomla? There is no phone number to call this company. My hosting company is and I just renewed my account with them. Anyone??

scottparat answers:

If you can use PHPMyAdmin or go to the control panel of 1and1 then you can change it there.

If you have CPANEL :
1 – Open cpanel (
2 – Enter the login info
3 – Find PHPMyAdmin and click on it
4 – Click on your bdd
5 – Find the users table and click on it
6 – Click on show
7 – Find the administrator usename and click on the edit button (pencil)
8 – Find the password and change it,
9 – Change function to MD5
10 – Click on execute

Write to me if you have more question

You can also kindly request your password.

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Blogger Themes For WordPress Question

Mandy asks…

How do I upload a skin downloaded from on blogger?

I downloaded some skins from and want to know how to upload to my blog on blogger. please help!

scottparat answers:

How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog system, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, and making money from your blog.

Read the full article here:


How to add Social Networking Buttons Below Every Post:

How to Make WordPress Themes (video):


Sharon asks…

Where can I find my Google Analytics tracking code to add it on my site?

I have used Google Analytics in the past on my WordPress blog. But now, I have changed the theme and lost the tracking code too. I don’t know where to take the code from to implement it in my new theme. I have tried looking in my Google Analytics control panel but no luck…Can anybody help me?

scottparat answers:

To find your personalized tracking code and account number, please follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
2. From the Analytics Settings page, find the profile for which you would like to retrieve the tracking code. Please note that tracking code is profile-specific.
3. From that profile’s Actions column, click ‘Edit.’
4. Above the top right-hand side of the Main Website Profile Information box, click ‘Check Status.’
5. Your tracking code can be copied and pasted from the text box in the “Instructions for adding tracking” section.

When adding your tracking code to your web pages, make sure to paste it into the body section of your HTML code, immediately preceding the tag. If you’re adding tracking code to the new version of Blogger, the instructions may differ. Read more about adding code to your Blogger account.

The Analytics account number will appear in the format UA-xxxxxxx-y. The ‘-y’ towards the end refers to the profile number. This number is unique for each of the profiles within your account although the account number will be the same.

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Email Marketing Services Uk Question

Sharon asks…

How to Disconnect my Facebook Account from my Yahoo Account?

It appears that I have done some mistake somewhere resulting in connecting these two Accounts. Please Help me in disconnecting them. I replied to the email received by me but it appears to be a “no reply” one. Please help.
Dear Colleague,
Kindly disconnect my Yahoo Account from Facebook. I might have done it inadvertently.
Inconvenience caused is regretted.
Please email me your decision.

Wish you all the best.
Dr. J. Sil
From: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, 23 August 2011, 17:28
Subject: You’ve successfully connected your Facebook account to Yahoo!

Hey Jnanabrata,
You’ve successfully connected your Facebook account to Yahoo!
Now you can sign into Yahoo! using your Facebook account or Yahoo! account drjsil.
Your Marketing Preferences: Select and customize the categories of communications you receive about Yahoo! products and services. You can also choose to opt out of each. Edit Marketing Preferences.
Copyright © 2011 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright/IP Policy | Terms of Service | Guide to Online Security

scottparat answers:

Log into you facebook profile and go to notification settings… There you can set whether or not you want email notifications…… Also in the settings… You can remove your yahoo id but there must be 1 id to which your facebook account is related to….. It’ll be the one with which you created the facebook profile..!!

Richard asks…

how do we promote our website free of charge or just little money?

Michael Xu
World Bank CPDF CT
Visiting Professor
Expertise for Software Localisation process
Website localization teams
Flash & Interactive
Add: Qingyang district, chengdu city. Sichaun province PRC
ICQ#?355649724 QQ: 452914246
Cell (mobile): 0086 13980998073 (7/24) Tel?0086 28 81251506 (7/24)
MSN? (9:am to 12:pm Beijing Time)
Email? Website:

Tranmart, as a subsidiary company of Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited, is a leading provider of language solutions. Based in Panda’s home town Chengdu, China, we provide translation services for corporate and individual clients internationally. Our translation and interpretation services enable organizations from a wide variety of industry sectors to fully concentrate on developing their own business, while we work on making the communication gap seamless. Our work is driven by your specific translation needs and preferences. We strongly believe that our role in your business is to provide a reliable support network behind the lines, because you battle on the front lines for success.
Our clients include multinationals within the environmental, automotive, bio-technology, engineering, IT, oil and pharmaceutical industries. If you are looking for high quality work and exceptional customer service – you have found it! We are here to serve and work with you. And we consider ourselves as your OEM Translation Partner, not just an external translation resource.

Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited
Expertise for software localisation process

China and International development teams
Local sales Presentation;
Scalability and upgradability preserved

Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited has experience of localisation of software products. Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited brings the software engineers and translators together to optimize your product for Chinese market. Our International-based software localisation team provides the interface between your developers and our technical teams.
The process begins with in-depth analysis of the product and target markets, leading to the identification of elements requiring localisation. Combining our teams with our translators, we will be able to produce successful versions of your systems and applications for the Chinese markets.
Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited builds teams combining the skills of China and international developers, who develop double-byte character capabilities into your existing applications. Every care is taken to ensure that scalability is preserved, and that future upgrades can be localised in the most cost effective way. Once localisation is complete the product undergoes comprehensive QA processes to ensure that it meets the same performance standards as the source product.
Website Localisation Teams
With the largest internet population in the world – China is outstripping all expectations in its dominance of e-commerce.
Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited offers a variety of services to help our clients develop their optimum online presence for Chinese market. Any company intending to operate in the region requires Chinese language website, while for certain industries a purely web-based presence may be the most cost-effective method of market entry. With our updated information of the latest developments in the field of e-commerce, we are well placed to assist B2B and B2C ventures in creating effective web packages in Chinese market.
The process of website localisation to produce a Chinese version draws on the varied capabilities of our translators, copywriters, web designers and developers to build a powerful online presence. These teams are co-ordinated by an account manager who acts as your main point of contact for the project life-cycle, ensuring that you are kept fully updated on progress in all areas.
Localisation projects are delivered by our specialist locally based e-commerce and technical teams. While our consultants have demonstrable experience of servicing Western clients, more significant is their experience in delivering solutions to local organisations. E-commerce in China remains the almost exclusive reserve of local companies and the most sophisticated techniques have therefore been developed by their primarily local suppliers.
Experience of our teams in China enables us to build powerful e-commerce capabilities for our clients and remain within the relatively stringent regulations currently in place for foreign enterprises. Our in-depth understanding and informed predictions of developments in China enable us to optimize the strategies we develop to take advantage immediately of daily changes to the internet climate in China.

scottparat answers:

Join all the social networks that you can and let people know where you website is. The other is to send out press releases letting people know what you do and website address. Next place free classified ads (search yahoo and google) in the appropriate areas. Make sure that your site has content and helpful information, write articles and submit them as well. Optimize you website with keywords for your business or niche. Get a Ad Blaster and use that several times a day along with different pages of your website and that will raise your rank with alexa. Manually submit your URL to the Major search engines after you optimize. Look for allied business and then link with them.

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Anonymous Content Question

Steven asks…

Are Anonymous from 4chan and ED racist and intolerant?

I’ve heard a lot about Anonymous lately, and I respect their work about freedom of the internet and freedom of speech, but why so much racism, antisemitism and other offensive stuff on 4chan and on Encyclopedia Dramatica?
My humble opinion is that Anonymous and other ED or 4chan users are saying these offensive stuff as a crude satire (for the lulz), and although I’ve found myself offended several times by the content on these sites, I also laughed at their crude humor (freedom of speech).
So what is it, freedom of speech, lulz, racism or is it something else?

scottparat answers:

I would say it’s usually just a taboo sense of humor. They find humor in knowing people are gonna get offended by what they say. But the internet also provides a sort of safe haven for hate speech because of the anonymity. On the internet, people feel free to say whatever is on their mind because they know nobody’s going to know they said it. I think this is mostly a good thing, but we do have to accept that there are going to be some negative aspects to it as well. But we can’t try and limit their speech because it will limit ours as well.

Ken asks…

Barack Hussein Obama misses being anonymous…How can we Americans help this poor man?
“I just miss – I miss being anonymous,” he said at the meeting in the White House. “I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks. I can’t take a walk.”

scottparat answers:

Awwwww…. Poor guy!

I think we should ease his pain by FIRING HIM!

I kind of miss those days too … when nobody knew the name “Barack Obama.” Don’t you?

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Anonymous Proxy Question

Betty asks…

How can I find free anonymous proxy sites that will unblock my school computers?

Every time i find a really good one it gets blocked, is there a list of them that gets updated all the time or something?

scottparat answers:

Your school or work filter can easily detect a proxy the very minute you try to use it and either block it on the fly or notify an admin to block it manually. There is no proxy that these new filter techniques cannot stop.

At the end of the day all proxy’s will eventually get blocked. As the filtering software gets more advanced they will get blocked faster and faster.

There is also the question of the rules and laws you are breaking by trying to hack their security system.

Finally even if you get a proxy to work for a short time you are inviting the proxy owner, many of whom are using the proxy for hacking purposes, to infect and or hijack your school or work network. Read more on the problems with proxies below.

Carol asks…

What are some anonymous proxy web sites?

I need to get to facebook to get some pics of my sisters for my powerpoint presentation.

scottparat answers:

Hey, Iv recently had the same problem as you when trying to get onto websites that have been blocked by my school. I was told about this working random proxy

and it actually works! Im now surfing facebook and myspace at school without having the teachers bother me

give it a try

the best free proxy software to unblock ur faviourte sites and change ur IP
it assures to be online, private, secure, and anonymous

download it form here

Subscribe Us by Email-new proxies Delivered by us to your e-mail every single day

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Best Internet Marketing Companies Question

Susan asks…

What are the best value companies for Viral Marketing?

If there are any! PLEASE suggest me one reliable and experts about internet viral marketing…Which one we must hire to promote a Website on FACEBOOK ?

scottparat answers:


Steven asks…

What is the best internet medium for marketing a health care product on line?

I work for a company that markets a popular, health related, nutritional suppliment. I would like to find a site where I can safely list a brief add, web link, e-mail address and phone number where people will find it and can respond. Recommendations, please?

Thanks in advance!

scottparat answers:

You can use ppc, blogs, forums and SB for your strategies but be careful that your services or sites don’t get in spam otherwise you have to pay a penalty. This thing gives fast results, you can check out the difference within a week. But running an effective ppc campaign is very essential to make your services on sale.

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