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Website Graphics Design Question

Daniel asks…

How do i make the logo am designing to have a transparent background?

Am new to graphics design, but i have tried to use coreldraw to design a logo but when i copy and paste on my website it has a white background around it but i don’t want that, i what it to be transparents so that it can blend with the webpage background.

scottparat answers:

Well it depends on which type you are saving your logo in. There are only two file types which are able to have transparent background. GIFs and PNGs. PNGs are better but they won’t work properly in some browser so I recommend GIFs. You can start with transparent background when opening a new file or you can set it somewhere. I don’t have CorelDraw so I don’t know where exactly but I posted some links to tutorials in my sources, so you can definitely use those.

P.S. Most of the designers don’t use transparent logos, they just set the background to match the webpage background because when you use styles like Outer Glow it looks weird, the transparency isn’t perfect…

Donald asks…

What is your perception of Sculpture and Graphics Design?

I am doing a art brief that I have created. All I want to know are peoples thoughts on the two art forms sculpture and graphics… By sculpture it can be anything from architecture to objects that you class as sculptural. Graphics design as in advertisement, branding, logos and just simple visual delight.

How does it make you feel? what you think it does for society? why we gravitate towards them/ if you gravitate towards them?
Even If you dont like them… why you do not like them?
anything constructive and useful.

It would really help, thanks.
okay let me clear this up for some people… How do you feel about sculpture/graphics? for example i would say graphics makes me feel slightly insecure as its main aim is to visually entice you to its content… almost controlling your decisions. Sculpture is more tricky but a large scale abstract sculpture could make one feel almost uneased or angry or something i dunno. It can be a specific piece you have noted and want to talk about…

Its natural for a human to be enticed by something visually, even if you do not notice it… you probably have stopped and thought that quite cool… all i want to know is why do you think you did that… etc…..

scottparat answers:

Before you ask us, make sure you understand what youre talking about. Graphics cannot be described in one way, NOT ONE PERSON has only one viewpoint on graphic design. There are good parts and bad parts and it would be preposterous to categorize them in any one category, the subject is too broad. Plus you need to understand their meanings and use because graphic design is used in EVERTHING that is produced. Your clothes, the chair your sitting in, this website, your keyboard, all the icons on your desktop, any books, papers, houses, cups, they all use graphic design. And sculpture is anything 3D. There is a style of sculpture called found sculpture and all you do is find something (like a rock or a piece of trash) and you call it your sculpture. So to be able to say any one thing about either art form is impossible. You need to ask us our opinions on specific ideas. Because asking our opinion on graphics is like asking my opinion on humanity. I cant just say that all humans are good. But i also cant say that theyre bad. It all depends.

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