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Anonymous Question

Donald asks…

How do you make an old inactive account anonymous if you don’t have access to it?

I have an old account that I canceled but I’m still finding the profile with my name and avatar on it. Is there a way to hide all of that from public view? I’ve seen other profiles that have been changed to anonymous after they have been canceled. How can I do this with my old one?

scottparat answers:

90 days after the termination, the picture should be deleted by itself since the 360 is canceled too. You canceled the whole Yahoo ID right?

The screen name won’t change at all, sorry. But your profile will say “Oops (blah blah blah – whatever it says)” and no one will have access to all of your answers and questions – the only time they’ll see your questions and answers is when they happen to come upon it by looking at resolved questions either through search or browsing resolved questions.


– avatar gone 90 days after termination
– can’t change the screen name

Susan asks…

How can I make an anonymous call to the police?

I want to make a call about a suspicious vehicle in my neighborhood that I am pretty sure sells drugs. I want to call the police about it but I want to remain anonymous. If I call from a blocked number and ask to remain anonymous will they take my call seriously?

scottparat answers:

Most police departments have a “Crime Stoppers” program where you can call anonymously and leave them a tip. I think they usually take them seriously. Most programs allow you to call back with a code or something to follow up for reports or give them any additional information they want.
Or you could just call the local precinct with a blocked number and speak to someone there, report the vehicle when its around the area and have them send patrol to check it out. Calling anonymously shouldn’t be a problem from my experience.

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