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Joseph asks…

Help I cant Decide!!!!!!!!!!!Sales/Advertising, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Human Resources?

Hi, there I am a 26 yr old female who has 2 semesters of business mgmt/Human Resources under my belt. Unfortunately I am starting to think this job is not the right choice. I am considering all of the careers listed above.I am a very down to earth, sensitive, creative, helpful type (I am a cancer if that helps.)I want to find the right field to fit my personality so that i will enjoy what I do. I love designing things such as flyers, using programs such as powerpoint, and in general just talking with people and brainstorming new ideas. Which of these careers is in the most demand or pays the best?Which one would fit my personality the most? (Please keep in mind I don’t want to work 70 hrs a week either.)If possible I would also like something I could do from home if need be. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scottparat answers:

There are many subspecialties in the Human Resources field which might interest you. How about Training or Corporate Event Planning? New Business Development is also a field to look into – All of the above will use your creative skills, your people skills and your powerpoint skills.

You can also take a career assessment test. Such a test will evaluate your skills, abilities and talents and then recommend career choices. Guidance/career centers in most colleges should have these assessment tests, as well as employment agencies.

Good luck.

Helen asks…

Best Performing Affiliate Programs 2008!?

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to get started with your own business, and it is where many famous Internet marketers first got their start.
In fact, most of those famous marketers still participate in affiliate marketing, while creating their own products and services. We hear a lot about affiliate marketing and how easy it is, but The right start should be the choice of a good and solid affiliate program.
You will find here the list of the top 5 performing affiliate programs:

scottparat answers:

The 5 Pillar Program has just been named the top pick affiliate program for 2008 by the website below. I would have to agree because I have made more money with that program than any other. It’s free to sign up and has more tools and marketing resources than most programs that require a fee. You not only get a top rated program but you also get an education in affiliate marketing.

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