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Richard asks…


Select a product, service OR an event that you would like to market. Your objective is to create
a marketing plan (see below) that best demonstrates your ability to think strategically. Products must be legal for sale in Canada and in good taste. Cigarette or alcohol products are inappropriate.
Your marketing plan must include
1. U.S.P. (unique selling proposition)
2. Detailed description of your product, service or event
3. Description of your consumer/target market
4. Analysis of your competitive environment
5. Marketing Research: Issues requiring research; type(s) of research required.
6. Product: product liability, safety and social responsibility considerations; branding and image;
packaging design, promotion, protection, etc.
7. Place: Type of channel(s) used; customer service level required; major characteristics of channel members
8. Promotion: Desired positioning; if you’ll be doing a radio or TV commercial, make sure you prepare a script or storyboard using an effective strategy, appropriate to your target market and product. If you’re preparing a Print ad, ensure you have incorporated the main parts of an ad
9. Price: Nature of demand; pricing strategies; etc.
10. Future Plans: Future plans for longer term product and/or company growth (i.e. line extensions,
related new product concepts, advertising and promotional plans, etc.) Expected changes over the product life cycle.
Sections 6-9 must include:
The suggested approach for this part is to ensure Objectives, Strategies and Tactics are discussed
for each element of the marketing mix.
Objectives are simply the goals. The objective provided here would be one of the promotional (advertising) objectives for the new brand.
Example: Create awareness of the brand and achieve a 5% market share within the specified market segment.
Strategies are broad plans of action which companies develop to help them attain their objectives.
Example: Use non-traditional advertising
Tactics are more detailed courses of action than strategies.
Example: Focusing on the Internet as a medium and using celebrities from extreme sports in ads with a humorous twist would satisfy the criteria of non-traditional advertising.

THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE :) ps. I give out best answers! :)

scottparat answers:

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Laura asks…

What ezine advertising have you used with positive results? Where should I look for targeted ezine advertising?

I am just getting started in Internet marketing and have read that ezine advertising is one of the best ways to advertise a website or small business online. I want to get the most “bang for my buck” as I don’t have a large advertising budget. I was just wondering if anyone with some experience in this area could give me some positive feedback on sources they have used in the past. I don’t mind using the search engines to look for listings but there are zillions of them and of course each one claims to be the best. Please help me pinpoint some good ezine ad sources to advertise my small business website.

scottparat answers:

All right I’ll help you. I spend around $50 – $80 on this site per month and my return is anywhere from $250 – $400 per month. Not a huge amount but well worth it for me. It’s not just one ezine that your ads are run in, they run your ads in multiple ezines and it’s pretty cheap. You can get one block of ads for $10 or buy multiple blocks for $10 each. If you’re on a budget then that’s where I would start. Just one more thing they don’t take these kinds of websites:

Get-Rich-Quick. (Ads and programs promising fantasy income).
Bulk Mail. (SPAM)
“Gifting” programs, “report” selling programs etc.
All kind of “donations”.
Illegal drugs. (Including tobacco and alcoholic beverages). Note! Legal health drugs accepted!
Illegal downloads of copyright products, software, film, music etc.
Net Detective and similar spy programs.
Gambling sites.
Ads for political and/or religious websites.

Good luck with your advertising :**http%3a//

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