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Best Internet Marketing Companies Question

Chris asks…

Best affiliate marketing program for a newbie internet marketer?

What do you think the Best affiliate marketing program for a newbie internet marketer is? I have been on a lot of internet marketing forums and have read quite a bit trying to teach myself everything I can. I am ideally looking for something with more than one stream of income or from more than one company. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

scottparat answers:

I have tried the Amazon route when it comes to affiliate marketing and it can actually make you a decent income if you work hard at it but to be honest, I dont really care for the 4-7% commissions. I much more prefer to promote companies that offer a much higher commission.

I like many other people, was laid off and lost my job that i loved when the recession first hit a few years ago. I got involved with affiliate marketing and have not looked back since. I now make much more money than I did with my old job and work fewer hours now. Although it DID take quite a bit of upfront work however. Here are a few things that I now use to help me earn a healthy full time income from home. Hope they help

This is a system that is free to start and requires no recruiting other people and honestly takes about 5 minutes a day. It wont make you much money for the first few months but after a little a while if you follow their advice will really start to add up.


I am involved with this affiliate marketing company and have made a decent amount of money earning from several income streams simultaneously

one more affiliate program to check out would also be this one:

Best of luck to you either way. These are all great affiliate programs to get involved with.

Nancy asks…

What are the best companies for purchasing internet mailing lists?

I need to know the top companies that sell lists, send out mass emails and then provide analysis on the success of the marketing (e.g. # opens, # forwards, etc).


scottparat answers:

I think you need to approach something industry-specific or find a good web crawler.

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