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Website Graphics Backgrounds Question

Helen asks…

How do i customize my background on myspace?

i want to change my plain white background on myspace. how do i do it. where do i get the backgrounds from? please help! Thanx!

scottparat answers:

To to any one of the sites below. They all have layouts, graphics, codes, etc. When you find a layout that you like, the website will give you a code(it’s usually right below the layout or will say “click here to get this layout”), copy that code. Log into your myspace and click edit profile, then paste that code into your about me section. Save it and then check your profile and the new layout will be up.





Betty asks…

What are some websites and Ideas I can use on my blog?

Can someone give me links to some cool pictures,graphics,headers & backgrounds for my blog on

It is a school blog so the pictures and backgrounds have to be appropriate:)

I really want to make a cool blog that stands out from the rest!

Thanks much!

scottparat answers:

I would be careful about grabbing photos from other websites to use on your blog. Some websites pay a lot of money for camera people and models or design folks (who charge way too much) to get some good photos for their website.

I would suggest

You will find that the prices are very reasonable and you can get a ton of pics. Just make sure you get the small version.

If you need help with getting your blog going make sure to check out

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