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Website Graphics Tools Question

Maria asks…

What are some good editing programs for making graphics, layouts and other things for a website?

I want to make cool graphics and layouts but i can’t without the program and I’m really mad! I want ones that are free or have a download link.

scottparat answers:

FREE software: (Animation included) (Animation included)
trueSpace: (3D authoring package)

FREE software (No Animation): (Very user friendly) (Very good for vectored graphics)

FREE online photo editors: (Animation Tools) (Animation: GIF format only)

Most of those sites have their own online tutorials you can use.


Lizzie asks…

What is a website about the gear and tools that creative professionals use?

I’m looking for a specific website where creative pros make profiles about what gear, hardware, software and tools they use in their professional lives. By creative pros, I mean writers, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers. I remember this site very vividly.

Thanks in advance, good Samaritans!

scottparat answers:

Hi Oddur,

I came across this free graphics editor that may help :

Hope this helps.


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