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James asks…

Internship at Law Firm, how?

I need to get a intern ship or small job at a law firm. How should I go about this? What is the best way to get a good paying starting job in a law firm?
Oh and I put my resume below in case anyone is looking. Thanks!

Customer Service and Sales Experience

Recognized in the field for excellence for customer service in the entire T-Mobile Long Beach Market(Voice of the Customer Award). Pushing and driving for my sales goals while maintaining a good customer service approach as I represent my company. Strong multi-tasking skills from experience with sales and food services at In-N-Out. Personal drive and motivation to not just prove to myself a good employee but to keep a very open horizon to career advancement in the company I represent. I have a strong sense of urgency of what must be done and believe in the fact you must earn your paycheck by hard work and a great attitude!

Professional Experience:

T-Mobile Oct. 2007 – Dec 2008 (Sales Representative – Mobile Service Sales) $11.75/ +Comm.
Working with customers to find a good solution to their mobile needs and helping them with any problems or questions regarding their service. Pushing for sales involving Insurance, Features, and Accessories to be added onto their accounts. Constantly keeping store updated with inventory stock and price sticker updates. Keeping fellow employees updated with new information via personal store emails and word of mouth. Training new employees on how to be quick in dealing with customer questions in a friendly welcoming manner and how to sell.

CarMax June 2007 – Oct 2007 (Sales Consultant – Car Sales) Commission Only
Waiting in a queen to introduce myself to customers who are interested in either
purchasing a new vehicle and/or selling their current vehicle to CarMax. Selecting vehicles of interest to the customer on our lot then pushing the sale of the vehicles. Once a vehicle is selected and agreed to be purchased I then must push for the sale of vehicle warranty or vehicle accessories.

Black Angus Restaurant March 2007 – June 2007 (Restaurant Service) $8.00 +Tips
Front desk duties. Expediting. Occasional Serving. Answering phone calls from customers and take-home orders. Greeting and seating customers in an efficient seating manner for the servers. Occasionally taking in person orders, prepping food, and taking payments. Helping servers orient service to prioritize customers in a matter of importance and urgency.

In-N-Out March 2005 – March 2007 (Restaurant Service) $11.25
Keeping a high paced almost rhythmic pace to create and serve customer orders in a fast period of time. Keeping a great customer service approach while remembering “The customer pays your paycheck”(an In-N-Out value). Being awarded prizes monthly for recognition ranging from introducing new ideas to improve the store or speed of service and of course good customer service recognition. Training new employees on the ideals of In-N-out and importance of a sense of urgency. Occasionally helping management interview Spanish speaking applicants. Weekly review of store safety violations and suggested improvements.

Extra Experience: Typing speed 55+ WPM, Microsoft Word knowledge, Basic Microsoft Excel Knowledge, College Student working towards Law School. I am good at speaking and writing Spanish in order to sell and help customers/clients.

scottparat answers:

You don’t write what kind of job you’re looking for! Figure that out and then edit your resume to that job. You might want to compress your resume a bit, it’s probably too long.

Unless you’re an attorney, secretary is probably the best way to go in a law firm, even better than law clerk. They are paid very well and they leave at 5pm. While they are working for more attorneys now than in the past, There are also IT people, data input clerks, receptionists, HR personnel. (My dh is a partner at biglaw.)

Why do you want to work at a law firm? If you want to be an attorney, you’ll want to focus your energies into getting into the best tier law school you can. Make sure whatever job you take leaves you time for school.

Right now is not a great time to look for a law firm job, even the biglaw firms have felt the sting and have cut back on staff and attorneys. A lot of firms will hire temp clerks and attorneys to fill in if they have big cases and need more help. You might call a temp agency that specializes in law firms to see if you are qualified.

Good luck!

Charles asks…

Is this too good to be true?

I received an email from Career Builder and the person wanted me to respond to a Gmail account. I just replied asking for more info and I received this email. This time it was from a company email address. Does anyone know if this is real or a scam?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your interest in the recently opened position of an account manager with our company. IT Complex Ltd is a young, but already recognized web outsourcing provider in the European IT market. Our head office is located in the suburbs of London (United Kingdom) and we are preparing to open an office in the USA by the end of the year. Despite the fact that we have only recently entered the US market, we have already found our customers here, and now we are searching account managers to provide a vital communication link between our developer teams in Europe and US customers.

As an account manager, you will be working from home, as an independent contractor on the 1099. The working hours are 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. We expect our account managers to perform the following activities:

– Providing our customers with the highest level of customer support service possible;
– Responding to customers’ requests and needs in a timely manner;
– Developing strong business relationships by demonstrating professional customer communication;
– Overseeing and verifying customers’ billing procedures;
– Distributing payroll among outsourcing developer teams;
– Keeping records on the project developments process, monitoring the progress on it;
– Assisting in completing project tasks by gathering the most detailed information from customers.

Your typical daily routines will include:

– logging into a remote helpdesk (where you will be able to schedule your daily activities, contact other team members, download and share project documentation and other materials);
– participating in conference calls with project managers and developers,
– checking your mailbox for messages from customers.

We offer a fixed monthly salary of $3,500, which is paid in parts, every two weeks. The company also provides a flexible bonus system, which allows you to receive additional bonuses for each new project that you take for support. The bonus amount depends on the total price for the taken project; bonuses are paid instantly. The number of projects that you can take each month depends only on your multitasking and time-management skills.

You can find additional information about IT Complex Limited at our corporate website. In order to apply for this position, please download and fill out the application form from the Careers Section of our website, and send it to our hiring managers along with a copy of your most recent resume by email or fax.

Please don’t hesitate to email our HR department for questions about this opportunity or reply directly to this message. We will review the submitted information and contact you in 1-2 business days to inform about the status of your application. Selected candidates will be invited for the phone interview.
Here is part of the first email. I’m really hoping its not a scam.

Please note, that we never request any startup fees or any other payments!
The detailed job description will be sent upon request – please reply to this email or forward your questions to We are currently trying to fight against the inrush of unsolicited messages coming into our corporate emails by using this public email for initial communication. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

scottparat answers:

It does not ‘smell’ right. The mix of information is wrong. If it was genuine, it would provide more facts and less bull. The range of expected duties is not plausible for the position. If they are who they say they are, why wouldn’t they give an actual address for their headquarters and specific information about their products or services. I do not believe the line about why they were using gmail. It is either untrue or it shows they can’t run a business …. Or both.

The idea that THEY tell you what hours you will work and what you will do is incompatible with the assertion that you would be “an independent contractor”.

If, as they claim, they are a limited company, then they must be registered with Companies House (the UK registry of companies). It is worth searching the register and finding out all you can about the purported sender of the email.

This smells as though it might be a pyramid scam – or ‘networked selling’ or one of the other many names by which such structures are known. They are so well known as a ‘web outsourcing provider’, they do not come up on a search engine.

Be cautious, my friend. ’nuff said!

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