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Laura asks…

Can anyone help me determine whether this job application is some sort of scam?

I applied for a part time job – description:
Part Time Assistant, 20 hours a week
Contract / Permanent

We are currently recruiting outgoing individuals to work in our team in financial sector. We are not looking for people with loads of experience (although this would be useful), but we are looking for people with bags of personality, great presentation and an ability to interact with new faces. We offer: – Excellent pay – Flexible working hours – Full training REQUIREMENTS Strong attention to detail. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal). Excellent organizational skills. Excellent follow through skills. Service oriented.

because I though it might fit my personality. Today I recieved this E-mail:


Thank you for your recent application to our advertised vacancy.

My name is Martin Atkinson and I am INF Consulting Company’s HR Manager.

INF Consulting is US based company with head office in Dallas. From this
year we are expanding to the UK research and consulting market and
therefore opened position of Junior Financial Manager in our company
and I am glad to offer you this role.

As our UK Junior Financial Manager you will be responsible for receiving payments from our UK customers and making payments to our partners. All details, training and instructions will be provided to you by your Senior manager daily for each transfer. You will be also completing some other types of administrative tasks.

At current we DO NOT have office in London. Therefore this position is home-based, you will be working for us remotely doing your job duties from home within preferred time of work.
The job is contract based.

Salary offered:
For the first month we offer 1250 GBP as first month is your probation period.

After the first month your salary is subject to increase according to
your month results.

NOTE: During first month for your and our convenience funds for WU transfers will be loaded to your bank account, we will pay +3% of all payments processed (to cover bank fees, travel expenses and etc)
So your total salary will be 1250 GBP +3% of all processed payments.

If this job offer is acceptable for you and you wish to apply then you
should continue with the application procedure completing following

1)Confirm that you wish to apply for the position providing me following details

Postal code:
Land line phone number:
Mobile phone number:
Work hours preferred (08.45-12.00 or 12.00-15.00):

2)Email me your passport photocopy for verification purposes.

3)Sign job agreement (It will be sent to you after your
passport photocopy is received and verified)

4)Set up bank account which you will use to receive funds

5)Start working

Looking forward to your reply

Martin Atkinson,
INF Consulting Company

There is a website for INF consulting, although it is sketchily detailed. I am concerned by the lack of detail on the actual work, and the fact that the grammar and use of language on the mail is not as expected. However, other than a passport copy, there is no request for any detailed personal information – bank accounts etc…
Can anyone offer advice?

Best Regards,

scottparat answers:

It’s not real. NO company would ever ask a complete stranger they had never met in person to open a bank account or handle financial transactions for ANY reason. This is called money laundering and tax evasion and you can go to prison for this

And DO NOT EVER send a copy of your passort to anyone for any reason – this is identity theft

Nancy asks…

work from home online jobs?

okay so ive been looking for an online job that i can work from home with and i actually found one! i was wondering if anyone has heard of this company or if its just another scam that i need to look out for!! my husband says its sounds great but that it might be too good to be true.

in the company im virtually the over-seas book keeper and the email stated.

this is the initial email i got read it and tell me what you think please[[in the email it will also state the name of the company]]

> > Riva House,
> > Limewood Approach,
> > Seacroft Leeds,
> > West Yorks,
> > LS141NG
> > United Kingdom

My name is Micheal Bickham I was born in New York
> and
> > I’m 50 years old, i Am presently in france for
> work and
> > we are looking for a Male or Female representative,
> who can
> > be working for us as a par time worker and earn $400
> per
> > week. We are happy to inform you that this would not
> affect
> > Your present state of work but rather get the extra
> cash
> > into your wallet. Our main factory is located in UK
> while we
> > extract the raw materials needed for the manufacturing
> of
> > fabrics from UK, Asia and South Americans, We produce
> > standard articles for the promotional, catering, hotel
> and
> > laundry trades. We are also able to manufacture to our
> > customers specific design requirements. As our main
> area of
> > business is the promotional market we are constantly
> working
> > with our clients on new and innovative designs and
> provide a
> > fast and flexible service. Blank Tea Towels, Cotton
> Canvas
> > Bags and Cotton Drill Aprons are our most popular
> products
> > used by screen printers and
> > embroiderers for tourism, schools, special events and
> > promotions.
> > We are in need of a representative, someone who is
> honest,
> > sincere, trustworthy, capable and reliable that would
> help
> > us receive payments from our customers. The reason why
> we
> > need this rep is that the cost of coming down and get
> those
> > payments is very expensive, we can spend up 2,500
> dollars on
> > every trip,(feeding, accommodation and flight tickets)
> so we
> > need a representative who will be handling that
> aspect.
> > We are willing to pay you $400 per week , and you can
> still
> > keep your
> > regular job while you work for us All you have to do
> is
> > help us receive payments from our customers. These
> payments
> > May com in Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order and
> Travelers
> > Check, or International Money Orders base on what our
> client
> > decides to pay with. and they would come to you in
> your
> > name, because you’re the one to get them cashed,
> so all
> > you need do is cash the payment in your bank or
> cashing
> > point, or any cashing store, you will earn $400 per
> week for
> > doing this for us.All we need now is your trust and
> you will
> > work with us. It would not cost you any amount, you
> are to
> > receive are payments which will be sent to you by post
> from
> > our business partners, or those mailed to us in our
> location
> > will be sent out to you. These are the
> Information’s
> > required from you if you are interested in this part
> time
> > job.
> >

thanks so much
thanks for everyone that awnsered so far!

as far as depositing it to MY bank account
i dont have one hahahaha and i told the person that and he said to cash it at a check cashing place so thats what i intend on doing.

dang well apperently theyve already sent the first check and it should be here soon so what do i do?? i guess ill just tell whoever delivers it that the person doesnt live here hahahaha

thanks everyone

scottparat answers:

Hmm never heard of it..but it might be real…or a scam?


i found them at this site and it says “fake job scams”

Riva Paoletti Ltd, Riva House, Limewood Approach, Seacroft Leeds, West Yorks, LS141NG Guangzhou Petshine Trading Co., N Brown Group plc, Griffin House, 40 Lever Street, Manchester, M60 6ES, Charles Desmond, Dr Kelly Bryan HILLSDOWN HOLDINGS, HILLSDOWN HOUSE, 32 HAMPSTEAD HIGH STREET, LONDON NW2 1QD, . KEITH CERAMIC MATERIALS LTD .

So i guess its fake….

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