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Website Graphics Design Question

Paul asks…

What is the best website to get free printable scrapbook graphics and page designs for multiple occasions?

I want to start making a family scrap detailing all of our special occasions including holidays, pregnancies, and so on. I googled free scrap-booking graphics and page designs and so many websites came up. So I want to know, what is everyone’s recommendation.

scottparat answers:

Link below for scrapbooking:)

Sharon asks…

Do you know anyone that took graphic design and actually has a job?

Don’t you need a degree in marketing or advertising land a job in this field?

Plenty of people seem to be taking this degree.
Could it be just like art or cooking where everyone is taking it and there are no jobs?

Do you know of anyone with a job in this that just has the graphics design degree?
I even know plenty of people that have taken art, and have never landed a job in their field.
Is this better or worse?

scottparat answers:

Graphic Design can be applied toward sign making, website design, layout and publishing plus a lot of other fields. Technical jobs tend to lack in-house creativity so you might target those places as well. I worked in a prepress department doing imposition (book layouts) but am currently employed as a website developer.

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