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Public Domain Images Question

Mandy asks…

what sites offer low priced mythology painting images I can use on items for sale?

I’ve been to istockphoto, shutterstock, veer, and a few others and the images are either not that good, or really expensive.

Are there any stock image sites that have a lot of ancient paintings of mythology and medieval artwork, etc., that is low priced for purchase?

What about Public Domain mythology images – are there any sites out there with a good selection?

scottparat answers:

Ive never heard of any…..sorry

Donald asks…

Can I use an Image on my album cover if it’s public domain and the model featured is deceased?

I want to use a photograph of a victorian woman for an album cover (Album will be for sale) and I know for a fact the image is copyright free public domain and the model has been deceased for a long time – Is it legal to use this image on the cover of the album?

Also, is it legal to edit the colors, background etc in the image before use?
Thank you
I know 100% it is public domain and free of copyright, i just want to know what i am allowed to do with it and what i am not allowed to do with it

scottparat answers:

My understanding too of ‘public domain’ is that it can’t be used commercially…

The best advice is to check it out…try the legal owls in Yahoo Answers ‘Politics & Government’ section you’ll find a category for ‘Law’ in there…

Good Luck..!

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