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Website Graphics For Sale Question

Daniel asks…

What is a sales newsletter, and how do I write one?

I was thrown out last night, and as I was walking around, someone found me and gave me a roof over my head. We got to talking about my options, and he recommended I get a job so that I can be prepared if this happens again. Then he said that he would be interested in having a monthly sales newsletter for his auction website. He says he wants me to go on eBay or something, and write one up and give it to him. What is this, and how do I do it?

scottparat answers:

A newsletter is – a place to inform customers and prospects on what you do, how well you do it and what you are doing next. You can do this via stories, testimonials, announcements and/or examples. Use pictures and graphics to visually engage and further your point.

Do: Engage. Inform. Edit to shortest form. Be consistent.

Do Not: Be lengthy. Boring. Too crafty. Watch your humor.

Don’t go to eBay. Go to Ask or Yahoo and search for examples of good newsletter for auction sites. You will find at least one as a pattern to work from.

Donna asks…

How much would a alienware desktop cost on black friday?

for example the Alienware x51 i7, it currently costs 1149$ on their website, how much do you think that would go down on black friday? Need to know soon thanks!

scottparat answers:

Don’t buy the shrunken down Dell junk meant to impress when it is sitting there not gaming.
If you can’t build your own, get a mid-tower size at Newegg preferably Cyberpower PC or cheaper as iBuypower
They will run rings around an X51
See the performance of CPU and graphics here:

The problem with the X51 is that it is a laptop hybrid that is not easily upgradable, has a weak power supply and only midrange graphics.
At $1149, I see 8GB RAM, i7-3770, DVDRW, 1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 555, 1TB SATA 3Gb/s (7,200RPM) 32MB Cache, DW1502 Wireless-N WLAN Half Mini-Card, 330W Power Supply.
The graphics is barely midrange and the HDD is only SATA II instead of SATA III. You do not know if it has gigabit ethernet. They leave that out.
GTX 555 is only G3D score 1987

You can build your own, but this one for $1025:

i7-2600K is overclockable, but starts at Passmark 9081 the 3770 of the Alienware is 10,399 score, but CPU is not critical in gaming and the difference is not significant.
Same 8GB RAM, the faster SATA III 6Gb/s HDD also 1TB, HD 6850 has G3D score 2747 so is 38% stronger. You would have to add a wireless card if you need it.
This $750 one will also outperform the X51 for gaming:

This $860 one should be not noticeably lower than the X51. The CPU should not bottleneck:

There are certainly others.


For a special sale at the end of November, it may be $1000.

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