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Website Graphics Creator Question

Lisa asks…

What is the best software to use for making web graphics such as logos and banners?

A few years ago I was fairly good at graphic design using different software, but that is way outdated and I have no idea what the name of it was anyway, so I am looking for the best of the new stuff out there.

scottparat answers:

I highly recommend iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator, it can help you to ma,e flash slideshow,flash banner, slideshow album, photo gallery for web design.

In addition, its official website provides step by step tutorial such as

Make a Graduation Slideshow Album with Music

Make a Christmas Ornaments Photo Presentation with Hyperlink

Make a Christmas Photo Album with Music

Make a Flash Slideshow with Music

Make a flash banner for webpage with hyperlink

Make a Valentine’s Day Slideshow with Music

Jenny asks…

How Can You Create Your Own 3D Games (like Pokemon) Without using the GameMaker Software?

Can you PLEASE give me the details of what websites I can go on in order to access this software. Can you please give me a reliable site also. I would prefer it if there wasn’t actually any downloading involved.

scottparat answers:

I feel you rather underestimate what you are asking… You cannot create a Pokemon like 3d game without at least downloading some software.

Obviously, you can learn to program and use a game engine. Free and commercial engines are available:

For an exhaustive list of 3d engines, visit:

If this seems to daunting to you (it may take years), try a game authoring package. But even if you do use a 3d game authoring tool it will take you a lot of effort and skill to create a 3d game.

That said, first read this document about the backgrounds of 3d game design:

Next, you will need a 3d game authoring package. Sandbox is probably one of the easiest to learn and use:
Sandbox 3d game maker:

Sandbox wiki:

Really one of the simplest 3d game authoring tools in existence.

If you want to design your own characters/objects, you will need a 3d animation package, such as Blender:

To learn more about Blender:

By the way, Blender does come with its own complete built-in game engine. You will need to learn a bit of Python programming in that case, although simpler games can be developed without coding. Python is one of the easier languages to learn, and a very good introduction in the world of programming languages. This game was completely designed and developed in Blender:

For more game creators that do not involve programming (or very little), try this resource page:

Some commercial game authoring alternatives:

1) Unity:

Another great game engine, with a lot going for it. Scripting is based on relatively easy to learn javascript or more complex C#. Also a lot of built-in game functions.

Runs on Windows and Mac. Cross platform development, even to iPhone and the web (plugin needed). Not nearly as many tutorials exist for this, but there are a couple. The documentation is good:

And you can use Blender to create the content.

2) DX Studio –
Really nice one, and quite affordable. I have a license, and it works quite well. Javascript is used as a scripting language. Use Blender to create the content.

4) 3d Game Studio

5) 3dRad – extremely easy to build games – no programming involved. $159
Use Blender or any other 3d app to create the content.

Do realize that to develop a good 3d game you will, even with authoring software, have to learn at least:
– a scripting language
– a 3d modeling, texturing and animation app (e.g. Blender, Max, Maya, etc.)
– some sound editing (e.g. Audacity)
– Image editor for textures, graphics, etc. (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.)

Getting a group of people together working on your game may help. ;-)

There are a couple of genre specific 3d game creators that do not need any programming knowledge:

However, creating a 3d game akin to Pokemon will take quite some time, skill and effort. There is no ‘straight out of the box’ solution.

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