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Website Graphics Package Question

Maria asks…

How do you use the wysiwyg tool that Network Solutions provides for website designing?

I signed up with the Network Solutions Pro Ecommerce package for my new webstore and I am in the designing phase, but I have no idea how the wysiwyg tool works. I know that it is suppose to function like Microsoft Word, but I have only used Word for simple letter writing, not designing. I am totally lost. Can anyone explain how to import graphics like photos or point me to a site that has instructions? I would like to design the header and add some photos, but don’t have a clue. Help!

Thanks to all!

scottparat answers:

Wysiwyg means what you see is what you get.
SO whatever you see on the page you create is what you will get.
Don’t forget to SAVE. And SAVE AS and PUBLISH or you will have to start over.
Read through the Menu Bar at the top and get familiar with the options.
Center the page and choose the Fonts or letters you want to use as well as the colors.
You can play with it a while and get what you want. If you don’t save it you can start over as many times as you want, it won’t hurt a thing.
Use the Insert Option to download Pictures.

Laura asks…

Where To Get Website Graphic For Cheap?

Hi guys,

i have been planning to get some graphics for my website, and where can i get some for cheap / free?

scottparat answers:

Nice to see that you are trying to get some graphics work done.

I can bet you its the best investment ever for a website..

Graphics can easily make or break your website reps, and having quality website graphics can really boost whatever you are planning to do with your website.

There is 2 ways that you can go to get this done.

First Way
1. You can hire online graphic designers, basically search it out through Yahoo Search and you can find quality ones.. Be prepared to pay some money for it though, it can range normally from $97 above up to $400 to do an ecover/header/footer.

Second Way
You can get stock premium graphics, which is not realy bad, and is reusable many times over.
You can try where there is 6000++ ready made quality graphics.. Its going at $27 i think..
You can even try buying the 21 meg graphic package, yahoo search it out.. Both are awesome graphic packages..

Hope this helps

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