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Public Domain Christmas Songs Question

Thomas asks…

The first noel sheet music?

I’m preforming this song at our christmas eve service but i haven’t been able to find a good piano solo version of it for sheet music! I have grade 6 piano but im willing to try anything up to grade 8! thanks!
I’m looking for something more challenging, i want at least a grade 5 piece. Most of what iv found online is not above grade 2

scottparat answers:

You haven’t found anything? They even have Christmas song books at the public library? This is “The First Noel” after all–it’s even public domain, so there should be tons of sheet music out there. Even something that is arranged for voice/piano becomes a piano solo if you don’t sing.
Just play the melody and whatever is in the bass clef (or fake some basic chords with your left hand).

Here a pretty but simple arrangement in a choice of keys C or D. It’s free!


For a wider choice of arrangements, just go anywhere that sells sheet music and buy the arrangement you like the best. sells sheet music, as well as J.W. Pepper, and The local music store (if you have one should have something too).

Jenny asks…

sheet music for trumpets?

does anybody know of any places online where i could get free sheet music? i am looking very hard for the University of Washington fight song and Canon In D.
any free sheet music would be awesome!

scottparat answers:

I posted a bunch of links, Yahoo allows only 9.

This website has a list of sheet music website links under Christmas, but if you look at the links, the categories are varied and there is a large selection. Check some of these out. I think I tried the Noteworthy one but can’t remember if it had trumpet music. (I used to play trumpet in high school and my dad was a band director…so I’m totally into this question!) But definitely take a look at these links, some say “brass” but don’t know if they have the songs you’re looking for:

Here’s some more I just found:

This is a list of brass sheet music websites:

You can try doing a search here (tried searching university washington and washington fight but nothing came up – but when I searched for washington over 1000 results came up.) sorry no caps..

American Sheet Music:

Here’s a search for Washington pre-1923 (I think yours was 1915 or 1921 so should be in public domain)

Try here:

Gutenberg has sheet music:

Bunch of Links:

Trumpet link for above I think:

Maybe read this (has a cover to it I think) and see if there’s link/search to song in here:

Indiana University Sheet Music Collection

Others to search:

Gee good luck…I didn’t do any searches for the Canon in D…I’d advise searching by Composer and just the word Washington instead of the exact title..if you can find band score that should have trumpet part I’m thinking…if you don’t have any luck try searching for free band score..

I’m not familiar with the fight song off the top of my head – but keep in mind it might go under different names, and try alternative searches like marching band score or marching band sheet music or band score, etc. Etc.

Good luck to you!!!!

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