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Blogger Themes Free Question

Michael asks…

How to edit my blogger template?

my current theme seems to be a bit ugly. I want to edit it. how to do?

scottparat answers:

How to Do Templates:

How to Download and Edit a Template Video Tutorial:
How to Make a New Page Video Tutorial:
How to Upload Your Template Video Tutorial:


Some Themes:
Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites:
Wordpress Blog Template Generator:
How to Make WordPress Themes (video):
Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin:


Sharon asks…

How do i start a successful blog from scratch?

How would I go about creating a new blog that could become successful in less than a year. I have a lot of ideas of different things I could include, so I don’t know that content would be an issue. What are good ways to promote a new blog and is it better to jump around with different topics or stick to one? What else can I do to make it successful??

scottparat answers:

You have many questions:)

To learn how to create a blogger blog which iis free read this guide

You need to find a topic that your blog will be about so it could be a dog trainign blog or a weight loss blog. Have a theme and stick to it

To promote your blog bookmark it. Also try and post frequently. Everyday if you have the time and can generate the content

Good luck

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