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Website Graphics Design Question

Charles asks…

Why has the criteria used to judge good website design changed over time?

this question is about website design. if you’re givin any links please summarize it

scottparat answers:

Technology has changed. Years ago you had limited connection speed so websites were forced to limit graphics. Browsers could only understand basic html. Now you can post whole videos and implement fully functional code in java script.

Or a car analogy: In olden days you had a cobble stone road with your horse and buggy. Now that there are paved roads we get annoyed if you ride your horse on them while everyone else is trying to peal rubber.

James asks…

What’s the best way to advertise a Youtube channel, I am 3 weeks new and have 67 subs.?

I do Graphics Designs Speed Arts on Youtube, I can’t post my link on here because Yahoo don’t approve but I am just looking on some tips and websites I could advertise on to get more views and get more known, my name is ConaMooreDesigns on Youtube, I also have another channel but I don’t care much for that getting any bigger :)

scottparat answers:

1. Comment on a bunch of videos (like… Literally, A BUNCH of them)
2. Send out friend requests
3. Make response videos to popular videos.
4. Publicize on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, twitter, myspace)
5. Join online forums to publicize your videos (i.e. Squidoo, hubpages)

here is an example of a squidoo page:

AND DO NOT USE AUTOMATED SOFTWARE. It is costly and trust me, you wont get the same satisfaction w/ program “watching” your videos and making your views skyrocketed!!!!!!!!

Please also check out my channel. I wrote original music for piano!! :D

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