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VivalVideo and Free Video Branding Serivce & What it Does

Q: What is VivaVideo?

– VivaVideo is a Flash Video player (FLV) simply put. It is designed to take your viewer to the sales page. It does this in many ways, and they are all built in. First, there is a customizable call to action on the bottom of the player. You can put in ANYTHING you wish here. For example if you are selling an e-book, and you are offering a free report, you can make the call to action be: “Click here to get your free report now!”.

The second built in viewer-to-buyer is a rollover call to action. When the viewer rolls over the video it displays a nice roll over that they can click on to learn more.

The third method is when they video is over the player will show a “opt in graphic” this graphic can be anything you wish, and design. This graphic should also be a call to action, and it is clickable to the sales page.

The final method is an auto redirection at the end of the video. This is optional, and can be turned on or off in your account.

** Q: Why is VivaVideo Viral? And what does Viral Affiliate Brander mean?

– VivaVideo is viral because the entire thing can be put on blogs, myspace, or websites easily with a simple embed code just like youtube. The embed code brings everything with it, and the video is just as effective no matter where it is on the net. The video player has a built in share feature, so it is easily shared.

Why would someone want to share a marketing video designed to take the viewer away from there own site?

Well… Money! The VivaVideo player is setup so that the opt in links, where all your viewer-to-buyer features go are all BRANDABLE. When someone decides to share your video they are brought to a page where they can easily sign up to your affiliate program, and in embed there affiliate link to the player.

They get the new embed code with their affiliate link inside of it. Place it on their blog, or website and that will start to turn there viewers to buyers, and THEY will get paid for it! Pretty good incentive eh?

The best part of that for you is that the more people that share the videos, the more money you make, and the more people promoting the video will result in more affiliates!

Affiliate Video Brander

** Q: What does the VivaVideo account provide me with?

Your account will allow you to create up to 20 campaigns, each campaign is a vivavideo. You will be able to track how many clicks you get, and on what! Meaning you can track how many clicks you are getting on the bottom of the player with the call to action, or the optin graphic.

You can change these at ANY TIME and it updates throughout the internet to where ever your video is being displayed. You can then track to see if you are getting better results. The user account is your hub for tracking for all your campaigns.

** Q: Do you encode the videos, and host them?

YES! We encode your videos to FLV (we support ALL formats), and we will host them! :)

Affiliate Video Brander

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