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I consider myself somewhat of an expert on link cloaking and link redirects. Well, if I’m not an expert I surely have collected just about every link cloaker or link redirect script I’ve seen in the last 6 years or so. Today I think I’ve seen one of the most unique link cloaking applications I’ve ever come across, called Advanced Link Cloaker. I know the author and consider him a friend, Ali is a software developer and specializes in scripts and applications for internet marketers. When Ali comes out with a new script you can bet it is something unique and effective!

Advanced Link Cloaker is unique because it allows you to actually embed things into the affiliate page you are promoting. I’m talking about embedding your optin forms, videos, bookmarking buttons, bonuses, other promotions…..really just about anything. I can hardly believe it, let’s say you have an affiliate link for jet skis on ebay, first you paste the link in Affiliate Link Cloaker, now you want to offer the page visitor a “Guide to Purchasing Used Jet Skis”, so you create an optin code and paste that into the application and click another button and Voila!!! you created an ebay page with your optin form on it…… cool is that?

I just got my copy of Advanced Link Cloaker and I’m playing around with it now. This has to be one of the most powerful applications I’ve seen in a long time and will surely boost affiliate sales for many marketers… only concern is that ebay, amazon, clickbank and others will somehow think this is an unfair advantage. So…..I guess its kind of like Google in the early days……use Advanced Link Cloaker now and make a ton of cash while you can. Of course I am not implying that this will automatically make you a ton of money…..I need to say that to keep the lawyers away, but I would certainly grab a copy and give it a try if you do any affiliate marketing.

Watch the videos for an idea of how easy and quickly you can create affiliate pages. I’ll report latter this week to let you know how it’s working after I give it a try.

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  1. cloaking is prohibited by Google…

    is it “safe” to search engines ?

  2. Cloaking is somewhat of a generic term. However, you are interpreting the type of cloaking that deliberately attempts to trick Google into thinking a page is something other than what it is. In other words, you cloak a web page to appear as “page A” to a real visitor and “page B” to the Google indexing spiders or search engines. “Redirecting” or cloaking an affiliate link is not a problem to Google. However, you might like to visit Advanced Link Cloaker and ask them for a more thorough answer.

    I know Ali, the project developer, and he would not put any project into the market that was blackhat or illegal in regards to Google….but as I said, contact them to satisfy yourself.

    But I’m sure you already know this, I visited your site and with illegal suggestions in your post at you know that link cloaking isn’t a problem.




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