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WordPress Affiliate Review Templates

You’ve probably heard to the current rage in affiliate marketing.

What a dumb way to start an article :)

The newest rage in affiliate marketing is affiliate review sites!

An affiliate review site is basically a comparison of 2 or more related products. Of course you review products that you have affiliate links for and preferably you have some first hand knowledge of the product or service you are reviewing.

Affiliate marketers have been doing this to some degree for a long time, however, a fellow by the name of Chris Rempel developed a system for reviewing affiliate products called the “Conduit Method”. I won’t go into all the details for the Conduit Method, but suffice it to say, many affiliate marketers have been very successful using Chris’s method of reviewing affiliate products.

The key to success in the Conduit Method is simplicity. You can review products quickly, get comments from others and post or write about the product easy and then show a value for the product with a star type rating system. This started out by affiliate marketers hand coding webpages for each review, then some smart fellow came up with website templates for review products. This really made the affiliate review process easy.

Currently the affiliate review method of choice is with wordpress blogs. Everyone knows how much traffic a wordpress blog can develop plus if you had a review template made with a wordpress blog, you could probably include the wordpress commenting system in the affiliate review post or page. How cool would that be, you would be able to allow website visitors and actual users comment on their experience with the affiliate product you are reviewing. Of course you would have control over what comments get accepted or not.

Well an internet marketer by the name of Neil Harvey came up with an automated solution for creating affiliate review sites with wordpress blogs. It’s actually a wordpress theme that is an affiliate review theme for wordpress blogs. He calls his review templates “reviewPress” and they are really cheap. Buy it once and you can use the theme on all your sites, the star rating system is automated, you can add images, the product group page is included along with the product detail page, and on the review detail page visitors can add comments.

If you want to make your life a little easier, Neil has some presell affiliate review templates that are already put together, you simple edit the site to your delight and add in your necessary affiliate links. These really make life easier and allows you to avoid doing the research and start to quickly get a web presence. If you’re interested in getting involved with affiliate marketing, check out the video below and check out Presell Review Templates.

Check out the Video on WordPress Affililate Review Themes!


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