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I commented on another blog about some automated bookmarking solutions and what I thought could be problems with automated bookmarking…..

That’s an issue I was concerned with….that is, automatic posting via plugin or service could lead to a percieved spamming. Actually, we know that will happen because sooner or latter the concept will be abused as it has in so many other internet marketing efforts to gain easy traffic…sales…pr or whatever.

Think back to the days of autogenerated pages for adsense. People made tons of cash. As usualy, I joined in the action just as google caught on and everybody lost their adsense income.

However, I think Andy’s concept can be applied to specific webpages…blogposts sporadically without any specific danger. In other words, don’t submit every post….try submitting only those posts that are important or can be a source of income…such as post that is a product review.

If the submission service allows you to randomize the sites you submit to, all the better. Once again, submit your posts to a variety of different bookmarking (social) sites. The idea is to post and submit in a way that disrupts any patterns. If you submit each post to all social sites, you’ll create a pattern….sooner or latter you’ll get banned or I’m sure you’ll suffer from some consequence. Think about it…’s just a matter of logic.

Andy mentioned:

but you definitely should not do any of this stuff on a mass automated basis.

I agree with Andy’s comment and I guess that’s the point of my post….I’m not any kind of expert I just think you really need to be careful with submission sites and the whole automation thing.

With that said…here is another site that I beleive does that same as only wire. It’s called Social Marketer and you can find it at Did I mention it’s free!

There’s a wordpress plug in and/or a code snippet you can use on your webpage to create a bookmark button. I like it because you can decide which social sites you want to submit to….doing this will help to avoid creating a pattern and possibly getting you banned.

Finally, I wanted to mention a plugin called SocialAutoPoster ….it’s an automated solution but don’t discount it because you can configure posting options that allow you to post to bookmarking sites on a random basis, thereby eliminating the footprint/pattern problem. There are many other options and it is an expensive plugin.

I almost never am able to purchase expensive solutions such as AutoSocialPoster, but I saved for quite a while to get it. I got it before I saw Andy’s videos and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t tried it yet, been sick and had some obligations to get some graphics done. Anyway, hope to get to it this week yet.

If anyone is interested, I’ll let you know how it works once I get it installed.

Thanks for the great videos Andy….also, love the forum….looks like it’s gonna be one of the good ones :)

Hope this helps,


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