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Website Graphics Tools Question

Paul asks…

What is the difference between computer science, computer engineering, and software engineering majors?

Also, if you could, can you tell me what courses i would have to take in college. If you find any helpful website, just post that and i will read it so you don’t have to type a ton. Thank you in advance.

scottparat answers:

First, understand the difference between science and engineering.

Computer science is the study of computing from a scientific and mathematical approach. It’s composed of theoretical computer science (the study of algorithms, data structures, formal methods, concurrent, parallel and distributed systems, etc) and applied computer science (including cryptography, computer architecture, computer graphics, information science, artificial intelligence, etc)

Computer engineering is a discipline that combines elements from electrical engineering and computer science. Computer engineers develop computer systems, dealing with hardware components such as microcontrollers, integrated circuits and processors, and also writing software for such circuits.

Software engineering is the application of engineering principles to software development. It involves analysis, design, construction, testing, maintenance, configuration, development management, life cycle process, tools and methods, and quality assurance.

Sharon asks…

How do you get rid of the white background behind an image?

I’m trying to make a website and I don’t want the white background square behind my image. I just want the actual colored part of the image and that’s it.

scottparat answers:

If it’s a jpg image it can have any color background. If it was a transparent gif image that was saved as a jpg by mistake, then it will have a white background by default. Without a link to the image, it’s hard to tell which way to give you instructions.

The white background can be removed by any good graphics editor like using the Magic Wand and Tolerance tools. It must then be saved as a gif or png image depending on color quality needed to maintain any background transparency.


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Website Graphics Tools Question

Nancy asks…

What might be an affordable software to translate a Japanese language (script) PDF into English?

I have a 120 page PDF with graphics. Graphics not crucial, but would rather find software that can include them rather than scan and insert. I have printed copies that I can rescan, if needed. Not much of a budget for this.

scottparat answers:

This hack may be a little time consuming but you could try this for free:
1) Copy and paste the japanese text from the PDF to google translate (|en|). You can try all 120 pages in one shot but I can’t guarantee google translate will work with that much text all at once. Otherwise, you’ll have to do this a little at a time.
2) Open ms word or some other text editor and paste the translated text into the word document.
3) Once you’ve pasted all text into the word document, save it and go to this website:
4) At the bottom of this webpage, click the “Browse” button to upload your word document. And then convert it (I’ve used this site many times with no issue but I can’t guarantee it’ll be ok with 120 pages)

That should do it!

Also, rather than scan those images, you could do the following:
1) Display the desired image on screen and hit Ctrl + Print Screen (Ptr Scr).
2) Open a photo editing tool such as photoshop (or even the windows default…ms paint).
3) Select “Edit” -> “Paste” (or Ctrl + V) to paste the image of your screen.
4) Use the “Select” tool (the dotted square tool) to outline the image you want to use.
5) Select “Edit” -> “Copy” (or Ctrl + C), then “File” -> “New” and finally “Edit” -> “Paste” (Ctrl + V)
6) Save your new image and add it to your word document containing your translated text.

Hope this helps

Paul asks…

how do I create a website to raise donations?

A little boy named Ben is almost 2 years old in July. He was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and I feel awful for his family. They are having trouble making ends meet and with the medical bills and I want to create a website that will raise donations for his family or do something. What do I do? I personally don’t have much to give myself but I want to at least see who can help.

scottparat answers:

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any software to your computer.
It ‘s easy to use and you can create custom Flash animations scrolling Time as if you were working with video editing.
There are thousands of vector graphics (buttons, wallpapers,etc…) and dozens of fonts to use for your text and you can even upload files from your PC.
I Think this is a service that goes beyond templates, or any sites that offer you only pre-set themes and graphic effects that can be changed up to 2 colors and on its text content.
It’s highly customizable and is a Flash CMS that continuously developing , with which you create your own multimedia content through an intuitive graphic user interface without knowing a line of programming.
If you have problems ,don’t worry , you’ll never be alone, you can signup at the forum where you can ask for any explanation here

Finally, I send you a link to YouTube where you can see how this tool work

Bye and good luck.

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Website Graphics Tools Question

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to run Solidworks with a non-workstation graphics card?

I have a laptop with and intel X3100 and a desktop with an ATI x1650 xt graphics, and I didn’t know if it would be possible as the solidworks website says it requires workstation graphics cards. I don’t know if it can at least do software rendering?

scottparat answers:

SolidWorks will generally run on any graphics card that supports OpenGL. For a production environment, using one of the “green-lighted” cards on their website is highly recommended.

Using a non-recommended card will typically result in reduced performance, which could include all or some of the following symptoms:
* Slow and choppy zoom/pan/rotate.
* Bad repaint (leftover highlighted objects, mouse trails, blank dialogs, etc.)
* Ghosting of document windows in the background showing through other document windows in the foreground.
* Frequent crashing.

The SolidWorks software will typically detect an unsupported graphics card and automatically enable “Software OpenGL” mode. This mode reduces the demands on the graphics hardware and driver, resulting in increased stability but decreased performance (slow/choppy). You can manually set this option by closing all open documents and going to Tools > Options > Performance, and turn on “Use software OpenGL.”

Finally, if you’re most interested in rendering (ray-tracing) using PhotoWorks, then the graphics card actually doesn’t matter. Photorendering is done in the processor. A fast, dual-core CPU, and a good amount of RAM will help your PhotoWorks usage, not the graphics card you’re using.

Ken asks…

What program is best to learn to become a website designer?

I am a graphic designer, and I do know how to create web graphics. I would like to learn how to creat websites. What programs would you recommend I learn? I have looked into classes in Dreamweaver, or Microsoft Frontpage. Are either of these good programs to use? I would also like to learn some HTML. I took basic programming classes in college, and found I had a knack for programming, so HTML might be a good thing to learn. Any suggestions on other programs? I do know how to use Photoshop to create web graphics.

scottparat answers:

Adobe products such as Photoshop and Fireworks CS3 are fantasic tools for graphic design. Remember it’s about creativity.

Web design (grahpics and html) is best learned using Notepad… Or programs like WYSIWYG.

I think you also need to familarize yourself with CSS — I do believe.

Others might have better advice for you tho.

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Website Graphics Tools Question

Mark asks…

How do i check my graphics card on a windows 7?

Im a PC Gamer on my Windows 7 and i want to check my graphics card to see if its good or not.
So if anyone could tell me step by step instructions on how to see the type of your graphics card on W7, could they please tell me. Thanks

scottparat answers:

Hi mate
cpu-z is for checking the cpu/processor however theres a simiar tool called “gpu-z” which can be downloaded from………this utility does not need to be installed… You simply run it from the file and agree with the uac(user account control) and a small window will appear with all the specs regarding to your card
these include default core and memory clock speeds and also overclocked core and memory clock speeds(were applicable) .theres also memory bandwidth,memory interface,driver,direct x and open gl versions…. And other specs like gpu name( e.g G92)
allthough this is great for looking at the specifications of your card i think you may want to compare your card against others and theres a excellent website called “gpu review” at ……this has a endless supply of information and data on all the latest and previous graphic cards
and theres a comparison page at ……were you simply use the drop down box to select your card and then the second drop down box to select a card to compare it to….. Then at the bottom theres links to reviews and comments….
Also if you look between the two sets of specs theres a tool for working out overclocked speeds and specs…. Handy to work out memory clock speeds and bandwidth before overclocking your card
i would try gpu review…. Once you have checked out the website you will probally put it in your favourites……… I did !
I hope this helps,however any problems let me know
good luck mate !

Lizzie asks…

How can I turn a graph in Microsoft word 2007 into a jpeg image to be loaded onto a website?

I have a statistical graph in Microsoft word and need to upload it onto our website.

Our cms ( square space) only accepts this as a jpeg file. Is there a tool on Microsoft word2007 that will allow us to turn this into a jpeg file?

Or is there a software online I could use for this?

scottparat answers:

Easy, copy the graph into a graphics editing program like paint and save it as an image file or you could take a screen shot of the area and save it as an image file.
The other way is to copy it to PowerPoint, right click on the image and click on “save as image” then save it as the type you want.

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Website Graphics Tools Question

James asks…

How long would it take to learn programming from scratch?

I know next to nothing about programming or web design.

My question is, if I wanted to create a respectable looking website from scratch, not using a CMS or frontpage or anything like that..How long would it take me to acquire the neccessary skills to do so?

And what would I have to learn?

I would appreciate any info, I want to know whether its worth it to invest time/money into doing so.

scottparat answers:

Learning graphics and a little bit of design (and how to work a graphcis program) it should take you a couple of months. Took me around that long to learn everything from scratch. I had my first website on free hosting and i made the images and logo myself too.

All you need for a basic website is html and css and you’re lucky because back when i started, the internet was a very young place ;) is a good place to start.

But that’s not programming. Html and css are just markup language, used to position and color images and text on a page.

If you wish, your next step would be to learn a web programming language. Javascript and php are the two basic languages and require no special tools or systems to buy. You can set things up on your own pc.

John asks…

What are the costs associated to running a web based business, such as costs for traffic hosting and software?

I want to start my own internet business, which in order to be successful must have high levels of traffic. I have never had a website before, am I correct in thinking that traffic above a certain level must be paid for extra?How much does this cost, roughly? Also in order to create a proffessional looking website what level of expertise is required, i know there will be some but is there software which can be used to create proffessional sites, perhaps without having to learn html and css in depth?
Help much appreciated, thanks.

scottparat answers:

You should definitely consider 1&1 web hosting. Hosting starts from £4.99 a month with free domains included. Has free 24/7 telephone & e-mail support – will talk you step-by-step thro’ any problems. (I’ve never had any problems or seen any downtime.) Excellent value considering all the extras included: over £400 of free software, site builders, marketing tools, etc. And they constantly win the Best Web Host award each year in many major Internet-related magazines…

Hosting packages come with a bandwidth allowance for traffic. You can start with a lower priced package while you get established, and upgrade when you need more bandwidth. If your site is quite basic with few graphics, a Home package at 1&1 would handle thousands of visitors a month & Business could cope with tens (or hundreds) of thousands. But this depends solely on the content of the site (for example: streaming / downloading video would use much more bandwidth)

1&1’s free software package includes the latest version of NetObjects Fusion, which allows you to quickly create & easily manage web sites. It’s extremely easy to use and you don’t need to know anything about html / css to produce professional-looking sites, as NetObjects Fusion does all the coding for you. There are also a couple more Site Builders included free in the 1&1 control panel, no coding knowledge required…

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Website Graphics Question

Sandra asks…

Good Occupation in the Canadian Forces Military?

Hello. I just graduated high school, and I am planning on joining the Canadian Forces Army. I was wondering what is a good occupation in the army. I was thinking of doing Armored Soldier(driving tanks and stuff) Or also interested in being an electrician in the army.

Some of my interests rite now are:

Computer stuff (technical / coding / website / graphics)
Driving 4×4’s, atv’s and dirt bikes

any suggestions? Thanks

scottparat answers:

I think you should be an electrician. Cause two of your points there would help [vs. 1 for the other], and its safer.

But it depends whether you want to take more risks, then I’d go with soldier.

Good 4 u joining our army :)

Michael asks…

Any ideas for me on how to make money online?


i need money, because i’m broke, totally :) i have some debts, and i have no idea, how to make money. i think about some small business online, but i don’t know what can i do. i can create websites, graphics (Photoshop etc.), editing films, i worked in public relations. but these competence are not perfect. maybe blog + affiliate marketing? but only on free hosting, because i can’t buy domain and server. any ideas ?

scottparat answers:

Well i have made money online, and do still make money online. You will have to work you cant expect to earn by doing nothing. But if you truly want to earn some money bum marketing is no scam. You will not get rich over night if ever but you can make some really good money. Just search “bum marketing travis sago”, it cost you nothing and im earning nothing for telling you about it.

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Website Graphics Tools Question

Mary asks…

what is the html code for a ENTER and EXIT button for my website?

Can you give me the html codes so I can make an ENTER and EXIT button for my website page. Also how to place the buttons next to each other. Not sure if it matters but I’m using dreamweaver to do this.
Thank you for your time and help.

scottparat answers:

ENTER and EXIT button code:

I would do it this way:

Image Link:

Text Description Text Description

You can make the ENTER/EXIT images with any good graphics editor and the text tools.

If site does not host images, then you MUST host your image online at any good image hosting site. The “src” image URL MUST be the DIRECT link to the image alone and not to the page the image is on. Put the DIRECT URL to ONLY the image in the src=”” attribute. If used as a link, put the correct URL to the site in the href=”” attribute.

You can change the “p” tags to div tags and style as needed.


Mandy asks…

How do you make a website layout?

How do you make a website layout? Is it first done in photo shop? If so then how do you make certain parts linkable and put text over certain sections using html?

scottparat answers:

Im a web and graphic designer, if you need help with more questions >feel free to add me and ask me with more questions, i will help and assist you with design and questions you want!

Firstly you need macromedia programs like flash, fireworks and dreamweaver! Photoshop is mealy for editing and publishing web “graphics” and “graphic sizing” to put on your web pages!

Html is very difficult if you are not familiar with programing text. And even using dreamweaver it could be difficult for a newbie to use and do web layouts!

But if i can make things EASY for you why don’t you just use

it’s quick and very easy FREE web host to use , and it has the right tools to do a quick online layout design for your website without the hassles.

WOW, sounds like im selling you something ha ha ! Lol :)
Good luck and hope you come right!

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Website Graphics Creator Question

James asks…

How can I make a friendster layout with my own drawing?

I made a drawing of broken hearts and it was great! I want to make it my friendster layout, but how?

scottparat answers:

Here are the rules for submitting layouts to Friendster. You must have the code figured out. The hot layouts is one category available :

Submit a Layout


Are you GOOD in designing layouts, graphics or do you have an interesting layout to
share with us? Email us the codes to

Your creation will be uploaded in our website. And, if it’s your own creation, your
name/nick will be displayed as the creator of the layout ( or author of the code).
Please include the following details when you submit a layout:-

Name ( or Nick that you prefer to be displayed)
Primary mailing address
Theme of the Layout ( for exe. ‘Spiderman Layout’, ‘Hot Jennifer’ etc)

Send your codes to this email address :

( Note : Due to more and more people have been abusing (spams) the user friendly online form
for layouts submission, we have removed the online form temporarily from this page. Kindly,
send the codes to the email address stated above. Thank You. )

Susan asks…

Can somebody provide me a detailed list of the various trojans that can prove a threat to my laptop ?

Please be elaborate.
I do not need any suggestions for any anti-virus. I have my bf to do that for me.

scottparat answers:

Though there are innumerable, they can be broadly classified as :

1. Trojan Clickers
Such Trojans directs the victim machines to infected resource over the Internet where the machine can be attacked by other malwares. At times, Trojan clickers are also used to raise the hit counts or to organize a Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack on a specified website.

2. Backdoors
Back door Trojans are the most widely spread Trojans. They function as legal remote administration programs and thus are very difficult to be detected. They are launched and executed without the consent or knowledge of the user. On the execution of a specific command by the master, it opens your computer to an infected machine and starts performing actions such as launching/executing files on its own, deleting your favorite applications, displaying notifications, delete data or automatically reboot your computer.

3. PSW Trojans
PSW Trojans steal system details such as memory, disk space, operating system details, IP address, system password, online games password, and other types of passwords present on the victim machine. Such Trojans search for system files that comprise of password details and this information is sent across to the hacker or intruder from an e-mail address coded in the body of the Trojan.

4. General Trojans
General Trojans threaten data integrity or cause valuable destruction on the victim’s machine such that the computer starts malfunctioning. A few examples of general Trojans are BAT.Adduser.t, AOL.Win32.Buddy.a and SMS.SymbOS.Viver.a.

5. Trojan Downloaders
Trojan Downloaders, as the name suggests, installs new malware on the victim machine without the knowledge of the user. This Trojan comprises a list of names and locations of malwares that are to be downloaded from a specific website or any other location.

6. Trojan Proxies
When installed on a victim machine, Trojan Proxies provides access to the Internet from the victim machine to spammers. This helps the spammer in mass mailings.

7. Trojan Droppers
Trojan Droppers drop a hoax to divert the user’s attention in form of a joke, games or graphics. While the user is busy in viewing the hoax, it implants payload at a specific location and then launched. Because of its hoaxing activity it fools the anti-virus solutions that fail in detecting such viruses.

8. Rootkits
Rootkits replaces system files or libraries to gain unauthorized access to a computer. It is implanted after cracking the user level access password without the knowledge of the user of victim machine.

9. Trojan Spies
As its name suggests, it spies over the actions of the user on the victim’s machine and records every bit of the details on the PC and forwards it to the hacker. Trojan Spies collect information like screenshots, logs of active applications, keystrokes, financial and banking information.

10. ArcBombs
ArcBombs are archived files that are coded to cause system crash, slow downs or fill up hard disk with unwanted data. On being detected by an anti-virus or de-compressor, if it is tried to open, it explodes and causes massive destruction. It is very risky for servers if they get infected by ArcBombs.

11. Trojan Notifiers
Trojan Notifiers informs the creator the victim machine has been successfully infected. These Trojans send information such as open port numbers, e-mail address, IP address etc to the hacker through e-mail or through chat programs like ICQ.

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Website Graphics Tools Question

Thomas asks…

Playstation website and Youtube not working on Playstation browser?

The other day I tried to watch youtube videos on my ps3 but they didnt work. Other websites work but when I go to playstation home nothing shows up and the browser screen is black. When I go to youtube it just says youtube XL but I can’t do anything. It wasn’t doing this a few days ago. Can someone please tell me what’s wrong?

scottparat answers:

The playstation website was just updated and uses the newest version of java and flash player . It’s no longer compatible with the ps3 browser except to access and read the blog from the browser link , because the browser uses older versions of flash and java . Flash is used for website videos and graphics and java for signing in so this makes the ps3 browser pretty useless .

I haven’t tried youtube recently but it should still work on youtube xl . Maybe you have to clear your browser ? You should access tools on the ps3 browser before each use and delete cookies , delete the cache and keep the history cleared or else it freezes and won’t load pages well .
Sony is aware of the browser problems , but the more people who e-mail or phone playstation support to complain the faster they’re likely to fix it so call 1-800-345-sony or e-mail their support site and file a complaint

Donna asks…

What is a software I can use that designs websites for free?

I’m also knew to creating websitses, so a link to a website-making tutorial would also be great!

scottparat answers:

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any software to your computer.
It ‘s easy to use and you can create custom Flash animations scrolling Time as if you were working with video editing.
There are thousands of vector graphics (buttons, wallpapers,etc…) and dozens of fonts to use for your text and you can even upload files from your PC.
I Think this is a service that goes beyond templates, or any sites that offer you only pre-set themes and graphic effects that can be changed up to 2 colors and on its text content.
It’s highly customizable and is a Flash CMS that continuously developing , with which you create your own multimedia content through an intuitive graphic user interface without knowing a line of programming.
If you have problems ,don’t worry , you’ll never be alone, you can signup at the forum where you can ask for any explanation here

With Premium Option you can use your personal Domain

Finally, I send you a link to YouTube where you can see how this tool work

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Website Graphics Tutorial Question

Chris asks…

What’s a website where I can pick out a car then change the color and features?

It’s a honda accord 92′.
I want it so u can change color and add graphics and stuff.

scottparat answers:

You could try and find someone that knows how to use photoshop and have them do it to a picture for you, or google a photoshop tutorial and learn it yourself. Don’t know of any sites that would do it to older cars, but most car company’s web sites have a page where you can build your own car with their available options and colors.

Donald asks…

Is there a website that you can go to, to make bridal shower invitations that doesn’t cost anything.?

We are planning a bridal shower for a friend and making the invitations. Her theme is western so we would like to stay with that for the shower. But every website I pull up you have to pay for and they will ship the invitations to you. I was hoping to design and print these right from my computer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

scottparat answers:

You can create your invitations at at Cropmom is a online digital scrapbooking, collage, card making site.

Upload your photos. Make your invitation using them. You can add your own text. There are thousands of graphics to choose from to create your invitation. The site has templates and kits organized by theme and by elements. The tutorials are helpful.

Then save it. Go to My CropMom and click on the layout. Then click the “share” link. It’ll let you enter the email address of the recipient, and your screen-quality invitation will be sent via email for free.

For print-quality, you can purchase a JPEG file of your creation (it doesn’t cost much for less than $2) and download it to your computer.

From here, you can either print your invitation at home. Or have them printed by a photofinisher such as Shutterfly or Snapfish.

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