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Website Graphics Backgrounds Question

Linda asks…

How do I get my original painting on a living room background?

I am selling my paintings online but I want to make the webpage more attractive to the buyer. I have seen some artists post up their paintings in a living room background that doesn’t look like their own living room but one they pulled from online. Is there a website that allows me to place my painting on a background? sorry if I dont make sense..I just dont know how to describe it.

scottparat answers:

You need a graphics/photo manipulation software to do this.

Adobe photoshop is the best, but it’s expensive (and illegal to download)

the next best thing is a free software called GIMP. It will let you “paste” your painting into another image (in your case, an image of a nice living room).

You can download it here:
and you can learn how to use it with these free tutorials here:

Nancy asks…

What is the website to put backgrounds on your myspace?

what is that website to put backrounds on your myspace?

scottparat answers:

There are lots of them

thats just a few

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Website Graphics Creator Question

Daniel asks…

What are some good websites that you can go to make your own FREE website.?

Okay so I’m looking for a website where you can go make your own website for free. I don’t want to pay at all.

scottparat answers:

Yahoo has everything: (and I”ve listed more sites as well)

Yahoo! GeoCities: Get a free web site with easy-to-use site …GeoCities offers you a free web site and all the tools you need to build a … Design a great-looking site on your own. Customize a design or start from … – Free website, free hosting, free webpage – Make a web …Make a website in minutes with simple tools for individuals, groups, … Create your own free website. It’s easy to bring a site to life on Webs. … – 11k – Cached – Similar pages –
Homestead | Build, Make & Create Your Own Website – FREE! Website …Create and make a professional website or ecommerce store for free! Build a website in minutes with our award-winning website hosting solution and website … – 29k – Cached – Similar pages –
Free webpages – The fast, easy and free way to create websites.Create your own free web page in just minutes with… It’s fast … WebSpawner’s easy-to-use tools make designing and maintaining a website a … – 10k – Cached – Similar pages –
Wiki – Free Website – WetpaintCreate a free website about anything you love! Name Your Site: … View FAQs, make suggestions, report bugs, and connect with other Wetpaint creators and … – 26k – Cached – Similar pages –
350 webpages – Free website builder create your own web site maker …The easiest way to create a website. 350pages includes customizable professional templates and customizable graphics. Drag and drop objects anywhere on the … – 34k – Cached – Similar pages –
Create a Free website, Flash website builder & Flash MySpace LayoutsEasily make your own free pro photography site to promote your photography and services with Wix Flash website builder .discover more. … – 14k – Cached – Similar pages –
Build a totally free internet website with no experience in free …Build totally easy free web site pages. Make, create building absolutely free … Build your own totally free websites with free web site hosting, free … – 49k – Cached – Similar pages –
Free website builder create website maker web page site builderWith the BlueVoda free website builder the company owner would have a quality website designed …. Why should you use BlueVoda to create your own website? … – 77k – Cached – Similar pages –
FusiveWeb – Free Websites, Make your own Website for FreeFusiveWeb is a high quality website design system which allows you to make your own website for free. Create your free website online now. – 11k – Cached – Similar pages –
– 15k – Cached – Similar pages -

Michael asks…

Is there a website to make free personalized Christmas greeting cards?

I have this cute picture of my family with Santa and wanted to make it into one of those Christmas cards that everyone sends out with their pictures on it, any free easy online way to do so?

scottparat answers:

Go to CropMom at .Upload your photo to the site. Click Get Started and begin making your own card using your photo.

You can choose from many designer digital scrapbook graphics to decorate your card. One of my favorites for a Santa photo is the Oh, What Fun it Is kit (you can click the drop down menu under Kits in the scrapbook and card creator and pick the Oh, What Fun It Is kit to see all the graphics). I LOVE the Santa hanging from the moon.

Anyway, you can Add Text to personalize your card. Then save it.

Go to My CropMom page and click on your layout. Now, from here, you can Share it via e-mail with a friend (it’s automatically sent to your friend’s e-mail address and looks as if it came from your e-mail).

If you want to post your card on your Web site, click Download Low Res and download the low resolution JPEG file to post on the Web. Or you can use this version to e-mail from your own e-mail account.

If you ever want to print your card, you can purchase the print-quality JPEG file for a small fee.

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Website Graphics For Sale Question

Helen asks…

How can an indigent person, who has spent 20+ years creating a big sci-lit work of immense value, get funding?

Scientific-Literary Works already online for years, as both a website and an eBook. Seeking funding for all expenses required to screenwrite, ILM-type computer graphics (possibly done by ILM), production costs, to produce a Documentary Video Science-Series, from the Book. PBS has already agreed to air the Documentary, but cannot produce it. The online Book and its contents, is already generating over 5 million online Readers annually! (A small comparison to “The Da Vinci Code” and its Total Worldwide Book Sales. Except this Book is Free!)
I am not a screenwriter nor any kind of expert at playing the grantsmanship games, just a humble scientist/researcher/author, who has discovered a Reality-of-Life-and-Existence of which, although most common in everyday Life, however no one has ever before realized, that this everyday ‘Reality’ could be fully and factually scientifically-explained-in-detail, down to the smallest fact. I am looking for funding to enable contracting with professional management firms to orchestrate the entire production, including screenwriting (hiring screenwriters!), computer graphics (hiring ILM!), etc., all to be done in as little time as possible, in that the contents/context of my Book are pertinent to the world of today, and the sooner people can see a professional ‘interpretation’ of the Book, that more fully explains the scientific details and realities that they might already ‘see-in-their-Minds’ after reading the Book, the better it will be for all of us!

scottparat answers:

If you give us a link to this we might be able to tell you more. But if it is already so popular why not ask for donations from devoted fans?

Mark asks…

Does this graphics card support Directx 10? Also, would like to know how fast it performs relative to others?

The card in question is a Intel GMA X3100 Graphics (with up to 384MB Shared Memory) Please provide websites for the information you find.

Also, I have another question *as is already posted* asking to find the specs on the $399 gateway laptop on sale at walmart tomorrow. Also post a link if you find it.
In addition, how would the card hold up to say Counter Strike Source and Team fortress 2?

scottparat answers:

Yes it supports DX10.


It sounds like it will run those games.


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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Susan asks…

How do I display many images on my web page?

I am wondering how I can display many images on my website at once. I know I could individually add them one by one with image codes, but I have hundreds of graphics and that would be to time consuming. I am wondering if there is a way to upload lots of graphics either in my web editor, dreamweaver, or through some other software that could maybe save all of the images as one file that I can put into code form in dreamweaver. Does anyone have any advice they can give me?

scottparat answers:

Another way to do it is to put the file names into an excel file and use concatenation to add html tags, folder names, etc to the file names. Kind of hokey but it works if you don’t know php and you’re building a static page. ?°)

Mark asks…

How do u find out what type of graphics card u have?

I want to know how to find out what type of graphics card i have, without taking apart my computer. How do i do that?

scottparat answers:

RIGHT click on My Computer, select Properties, select Device Manager. Click on the + sign next to Display Adapters. The manufacturer and model of your video card will be listed.

Using device manager is a quick, easy way to find out what type of hardware you have without having to install third party software, or without having to frequent websites that can keep your information stored for their benefit.

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Website Graphics Software Question

Robert asks…

How to transfer ownership of program code / proprietary software?

Is there a template for a valid contract to transfer the ownership, development rights, and all other rights of a software from the developer to another person? Does anyone have a pdf, doc, or a link to a good and sound contract for especially this purpose?

Again, I am not talking about a bought copy of a software here. I am talking about how the developer / programmer of software X can transfer all the rights to the software he developed to another person.

scottparat answers:

Here is a well written web development contract that minimizes the use of legal jargon, but is nevertheless very thorough. I used it as a reference when creating my own contract template. Refer to the link in the source section. When visiting their website, it is the Contract for Web Development that you are interested in.

Whereas you may not be developing a website, the following clause may be of use if modified for your specific situation:

38. Ownership to Web Pages and Graphics.

Copyright to the finished assembled work of web pages produced by the Developer and graphics shall be vested with the Client upon final payment for the project. This ownership is to include, design, photos, graphics, source code, work-up files, text, and any program(s) specifically designed or purchased on behalf of the Client for completion of this project.

All materials developed under this contract and intended for publication to the web remain the property of Developer until such time as final payment for the work described herein has been tendered by Client. At this time, all materials become the property of Client and may be used by them, as desired.

Should materials described in this contract be used on the web by Client before the tender of final payment, then this contract is breached and appropriate penalties will

Donald asks…

How can I get certified as a graphics designer without coursework?

I am a graphics designer with a good deal of experience in the field, and a robust portfolio. However, I would like to have the extra detail of “certified” on future resumes. I have done some college coursework in this area and I found it, at least from my local colleges, to be laughable at best. I feel that to take these classes would be a huge waste of my time, given my experience and the low quality of the courses. I would like to find a place I can just simply take a test or series of tests and receive some sort of industry-recognized certification.
I am looking for actual places to do this. (Current answer says it is possible but doesn’t provide any help as to where or how to do this.)

scottparat answers:

If you have “a good deal of experience in the field, and a robust portfolio” what’s the point? If you can do the work and your work produces results being “certified” seems unnecessary.

Nevertheless, I would bypass schools/colleges and seek out professional groups to see what they offer. I don’t personally know any because of my earlier statement (it’s not really necessary). I would guess the Graphic Artist union may be able to point you in the right direction, your local ad club may have a recommendation and last but not least software companies like Adobe and Quark might have some program.

Come to think of it, there is a training website I recommend that covers many areas of expertise, I’ve gone through some of their training programs to learn skills I hadn’t previously had. Once you go through the learning modules, you can be tested, if you want, and receive a certification from them. They cover many different topics and subjects and the Graphic Arts are among them. They send you a monthly ‘learner’s report” to help you keep track of your progress and best of all it’s free.

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Website Graphics Tutorial Question

Sharon asks…

What websites offer the best free web design tutorials?

I want to learn a bit of web design, but I can’t really enrol in college courses right now. I know there are lots of tutorials available just by Google searching, but are there any that you, personally, like the best?

scottparat answers:

The easiest way for a novice to build a web site is to start with a web template. Web Templates can be customized and you can use the layout but swap the graphics etc…. This will get you comfortable with basic HTML design and an HTML editor (like Dreamweaver).

Here are some resources for free or inexpensive templates that are easy to edit and manage.

Webmaster Templates –
Free Web Templates –
Web Design Elements –
Free Website Templates –
Free Layouts –
Free Templates Online –

HTML website templates can significantly ease the burden of designing and creating websites by providing webmasters with a ready-made web layout, structure, basic graphics, and color scheme.

The templates can generally be edited and customized with any HTML editor. The biggest advantage for webmasters using ready-made templates is the amount of time that can be saved.

Carol asks…

Where can I find a really good Gimp tutorial?

The tutorial on the gimp website isn’t as helpful as I’d like, has anyone come across a good Gimp aid?

scottparat answers:

Gimp ~image editor, ~mac

GIMP Portable


the tutorials at gimp site is good for overall understanding of tools and programs,

what you may be better to do is find the effect you want, and the site with corresponding tutorials, gimp alike photoshop, paintshop-pro, and photostudio type programs, have basically same methods of creating effects, how they are setup, varies in the tools themselves,

check places like youtube and deviantart for more tutorials and brushes and effects,

gimp plugin registry

gimp brushes


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Website Graphics Design Question

Charles asks…

Why has the criteria used to judge good website design changed over time?

this question is about website design. if you’re givin any links please summarize it

scottparat answers:

Technology has changed. Years ago you had limited connection speed so websites were forced to limit graphics. Browsers could only understand basic html. Now you can post whole videos and implement fully functional code in java script.

Or a car analogy: In olden days you had a cobble stone road with your horse and buggy. Now that there are paved roads we get annoyed if you ride your horse on them while everyone else is trying to peal rubber.

James asks…

What’s the best way to advertise a Youtube channel, I am 3 weeks new and have 67 subs.?

I do Graphics Designs Speed Arts on Youtube, I can’t post my link on here because Yahoo don’t approve but I am just looking on some tips and websites I could advertise on to get more views and get more known, my name is ConaMooreDesigns on Youtube, I also have another channel but I don’t care much for that getting any bigger :)

scottparat answers:

1. Comment on a bunch of videos (like… Literally, A BUNCH of them)
2. Send out friend requests
3. Make response videos to popular videos.
4. Publicize on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, twitter, myspace)
5. Join online forums to publicize your videos (i.e. Squidoo, hubpages)

here is an example of a squidoo page:

AND DO NOT USE AUTOMATED SOFTWARE. It is costly and trust me, you wont get the same satisfaction w/ program “watching” your videos and making your views skyrocketed!!!!!!!!

Please also check out my channel. I wrote original music for piano!! :D

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Website Graphics Package Question

Robert asks…

How do i stop my laptop lagging when scrolling, minimizing, maximizing ?!?

I just installed xp pro on my new toshiba satellite, and I know this is happening because the graphics drivers arent instlalled, and its using generic windows graphics. I can’t find the right drivers to install. Can someone please help ?

scottparat answers:

Definitely sounds like video drivers. Go to Toshiba’s website and search for your laptop model number. It can be a bit confusing as they probably have more than one video driver package for download on any given laptop model but within a few tries you should be able to get the right driver. Http://

Paul asks…

I want to become a full time web designer, what are the most important skills to have outside of design?

Obviously layout design, graphic design, etc. are important for website creation. But what are the most important programming languages and applications to understand?

scottparat answers:

It all depends on what type of sites you intend to Develop. Basic informational sites will require HTML, javascript, css, and knowledge of some of the graphics packages. If they are commerce sites, you will probably need additional knowledge of common programming languages such as .NET, JAVA, jsp , asp, sql and the database tools.

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Website Graphics Backgrounds Question

Sandra asks…

What should I do to run better graphics on my computer?

I’ve wanted to play some MMO’s on my computer, but a lot of them have really good graphics and they slow my computer down. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4200 video card, but I found on a website I need something like a NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT. But I hear that they’re really expensive. Is there any way to run games better without spending like 300$ on something?

scottparat answers:

Use programs like gamebooster (google it) to close unnecessary background programs to free up
RAM for your MMO games. You could do that manually, but be careful of what programs you’re closing. Another way to speed up you computer would be to lower all the graphic settings in the game itself, changing the settings from default to lowest quality. Also using software such as Advanced System Optimizer (google it) to defrag hard drive space and clean your system of unwanted clutter also speeds up your computer.

Chris asks…

Does anyone know how to put a background on your myspace blog?

Whenever I try to, the background I choose just shows above or below the text, not underneath it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

scottparat answers:

Yea its really easy you can either just go to one of these websites to pick out a cool looking background or then you just go to and log in after that you go and view your profile and riteunder neth where it says _____ is in your extended network you click on the view all blog entries and then rite under your picture on the left hand size there is the word Customize click on that link and scroll down just a little bit and after that under the grey header that says PAGE HEADER you go down and select Your Own Header HTML: in the little circle next to it and in that big box you put in your code

i no this is a lot of directions but good luck! Srry if you get confused i tried to do my best (:

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Website Graphics Design Question

Maria asks…

What is the difference between studying Computer Science and Information Systems?

I love Graphic Design and Website Design and programing
(tel me which one is better and has all of this)

and which can make me one of te following :-
1- Graphic Designer
2- Website Designer
3- Programmer

(sorry for bad english)

scottparat answers:

Graphic design will teach you some very, very basic web development stuff, but also hit on Typography, and Graphics software like Illustrator and InDesign and Photoshop. It generally won’t hit on web design much and is primarily aimed at Print designers.

Information Systems is more a management degree than a technical degree, there will be little program, but possibly some light coding.

Website Design probably focuses on HTML/CSS/Javascript and maybe some PHP, if you wish to do much complicated back end coding, instead look for “Web Development”.

Programmer – tends to focus on C/C++ and Java. Webapplications can be written in Java and the transition isn’t too difficult as long as you have good knowledge of Design (what makes a good design), Typography, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (or a JavaScript compatability library like JQuery and mootools).

Ruth asks…

Do you need to pay a yearly license to use photoshop on websites?

For instance if you design a website with a bought version of photoshop, does that mean you can design and publish, copyright, sell, your graphics and designs, forever or no t?

scottparat answers:

Within my limit of knowledge you are not required to pay yearly license to use photoshop. Once you brought a version of photoshop,you can use it to design and publish, copyright, sell, your graphics and designs forever.

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