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Website Graphics Question

Charles asks…

What should be in a contract for a web design gig?

I’m planning to design a website for a startup company. I’ve done several in the past but I figured it would be smart to begin using a contract for any possible just-in-case situations. I’m not interested in a lawyer or anything so my thoughts are I should just print out two sheets of paper that say something like the following, and I was wondering what you think.

“The Client is responsible to pay 50% [some example dollar amount] upfront, and the Client is responsible to pay the remaining 50% [dollar amount] before or upon the Designer’s completion of the agreed upon Website work (Project Scope, see attached), before the Website will be published. The website Design, graphics, and coding will reamin the sole property of the Designer until the complete payment as specified above has been made. The website will be published and the Client will have the rights to use the design only upon the Designer receiving the full payment specified above.

“The Client will not burden the Designer with work beyond what is outlined in the Project Scope, and the Designer is not responsible to do any work not specified in the Project Scope, except with the Designer’s written agreement and a mutually-agreed upon, additional fee.

“At the Client’s request or agreement, the Designer will have the option to work based on reductions or minor changes to the Project Scope.

“The Designer will not be held responsible in any way, financially or otherwise, for any damages, loss, or harm that comes as a result of the Designer’s work or otherwise. If for any reason the Designer deems the Designer will be unable to complete the Website work as indicated in the Project Scope, the Designer will have the option whether to accept an updated, reduced fee and whether to transfer the rights to use any design and coding work that has already been completed to the Client.
Oh and I would probably also add something like:

“If at any point the Client wishes to terminate or indefinitely postpone the Project, the Designer will retain full rights to any designs, graphics, coding, and other materials provided or created by the Designer and the Designer will keep any payment already made by the Client.”
Also if you say that I don’t need any part of the above, say why I don’t need it or shouldn’t have it. Otherwise all I have is my initial reason for writing it which is I want to avoid getting sued or screwed.

scottparat answers:

Drop all of this.

“The Client will not burden the Designer with work beyond what is outlined in the Project Scope, and the Designer is not responsible to do any work not specified in the Project Scope, except with the Designer’s written agreement and a mutually-agreed upon, additional fee.

“At the Client’s request or agreement, the Designer will have the option to work based on reductions or minor changes to the Project Scope.

“The Designer will not be held responsible in any way, financially or otherwise, for any damages, loss, or harm that comes as a result of the Designer’s work or otherwise. If for any reason the Designer deems the Designer will be unable to complete the Website work as indicated in the Project Scope, the Designer will have the option whether to accept an updated, reduced fee and whether to transfer the rights to use any design and coding work that has already been completed to the Client

Mary asks…

Is it illegal to design without a license?

If someone were to design a website, or graphics for someone for profit, would it be illegal to do so without some sort of license or degree? Doesn’t it depend on how much you’re making and if so, what is the maximum profit you’re allowed to make?

I live in the United States in the state of Florida, (in case these laws vary from state to state.)

Thank you for your time.

scottparat answers:

No license required.

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Email Marketing Services Uk Question

Laura asks…

Can anyone help me determine whether this job application is some sort of scam?

I applied for a part time job – description:
Part Time Assistant, 20 hours a week
Contract / Permanent

We are currently recruiting outgoing individuals to work in our team in financial sector. We are not looking for people with loads of experience (although this would be useful), but we are looking for people with bags of personality, great presentation and an ability to interact with new faces. We offer: – Excellent pay – Flexible working hours – Full training REQUIREMENTS Strong attention to detail. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal). Excellent organizational skills. Excellent follow through skills. Service oriented.

because I though it might fit my personality. Today I recieved this E-mail:


Thank you for your recent application to our advertised vacancy.

My name is Martin Atkinson and I am INF Consulting Company’s HR Manager.

INF Consulting is US based company with head office in Dallas. From this
year we are expanding to the UK research and consulting market and
therefore opened position of Junior Financial Manager in our company
and I am glad to offer you this role.

As our UK Junior Financial Manager you will be responsible for receiving payments from our UK customers and making payments to our partners. All details, training and instructions will be provided to you by your Senior manager daily for each transfer. You will be also completing some other types of administrative tasks.

At current we DO NOT have office in London. Therefore this position is home-based, you will be working for us remotely doing your job duties from home within preferred time of work.
The job is contract based.

Salary offered:
For the first month we offer 1250 GBP as first month is your probation period.

After the first month your salary is subject to increase according to
your month results.

NOTE: During first month for your and our convenience funds for WU transfers will be loaded to your bank account, we will pay +3% of all payments processed (to cover bank fees, travel expenses and etc)
So your total salary will be 1250 GBP +3% of all processed payments.

If this job offer is acceptable for you and you wish to apply then you
should continue with the application procedure completing following

1)Confirm that you wish to apply for the position providing me following details

Postal code:
Land line phone number:
Mobile phone number:
Work hours preferred (08.45-12.00 or 12.00-15.00):

2)Email me your passport photocopy for verification purposes.

3)Sign job agreement (It will be sent to you after your
passport photocopy is received and verified)

4)Set up bank account which you will use to receive funds

5)Start working

Looking forward to your reply

Martin Atkinson,
INF Consulting Company

There is a website for INF consulting, although it is sketchily detailed. I am concerned by the lack of detail on the actual work, and the fact that the grammar and use of language on the mail is not as expected. However, other than a passport copy, there is no request for any detailed personal information – bank accounts etc…
Can anyone offer advice?

Best Regards,

scottparat answers:

It’s not real. NO company would ever ask a complete stranger they had never met in person to open a bank account or handle financial transactions for ANY reason. This is called money laundering and tax evasion and you can go to prison for this

And DO NOT EVER send a copy of your passort to anyone for any reason – this is identity theft

Nancy asks…

work from home online jobs?

okay so ive been looking for an online job that i can work from home with and i actually found one! i was wondering if anyone has heard of this company or if its just another scam that i need to look out for!! my husband says its sounds great but that it might be too good to be true.

in the company im virtually the over-seas book keeper and the email stated.

this is the initial email i got read it and tell me what you think please[[in the email it will also state the name of the company]]

> > Riva House,
> > Limewood Approach,
> > Seacroft Leeds,
> > West Yorks,
> > LS141NG
> > United Kingdom

My name is Micheal Bickham I was born in New York
> and
> > I’m 50 years old, i Am presently in france for
> work and
> > we are looking for a Male or Female representative,
> who can
> > be working for us as a par time worker and earn $400
> per
> > week. We are happy to inform you that this would not
> affect
> > Your present state of work but rather get the extra
> cash
> > into your wallet. Our main factory is located in UK
> while we
> > extract the raw materials needed for the manufacturing
> of
> > fabrics from UK, Asia and South Americans, We produce
> > standard articles for the promotional, catering, hotel
> and
> > laundry trades. We are also able to manufacture to our
> > customers specific design requirements. As our main
> area of
> > business is the promotional market we are constantly
> working
> > with our clients on new and innovative designs and
> provide a
> > fast and flexible service. Blank Tea Towels, Cotton
> Canvas
> > Bags and Cotton Drill Aprons are our most popular
> products
> > used by screen printers and
> > embroiderers for tourism, schools, special events and
> > promotions.
> > We are in need of a representative, someone who is
> honest,
> > sincere, trustworthy, capable and reliable that would
> help
> > us receive payments from our customers. The reason why
> we
> > need this rep is that the cost of coming down and get
> those
> > payments is very expensive, we can spend up 2,500
> dollars on
> > every trip,(feeding, accommodation and flight tickets)
> so we
> > need a representative who will be handling that
> aspect.
> > We are willing to pay you $400 per week , and you can
> still
> > keep your
> > regular job while you work for us All you have to do
> is
> > help us receive payments from our customers. These
> payments
> > May com in Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order and
> Travelers
> > Check, or International Money Orders base on what our
> client
> > decides to pay with. and they would come to you in
> your
> > name, because you’re the one to get them cashed,
> so all
> > you need do is cash the payment in your bank or
> cashing
> > point, or any cashing store, you will earn $400 per
> week for
> > doing this for us.All we need now is your trust and
> you will
> > work with us. It would not cost you any amount, you
> are to
> > receive are payments which will be sent to you by post
> from
> > our business partners, or those mailed to us in our
> location
> > will be sent out to you. These are the
> Information’s
> > required from you if you are interested in this part
> time
> > job.
> >

thanks so much
thanks for everyone that awnsered so far!

as far as depositing it to MY bank account
i dont have one hahahaha and i told the person that and he said to cash it at a check cashing place so thats what i intend on doing.

dang well apperently theyve already sent the first check and it should be here soon so what do i do?? i guess ill just tell whoever delivers it that the person doesnt live here hahahaha

thanks everyone

scottparat answers:

Hmm never heard of it..but it might be real…or a scam?


i found them at this site and it says “fake job scams”

Riva Paoletti Ltd, Riva House, Limewood Approach, Seacroft Leeds, West Yorks, LS141NG Guangzhou Petshine Trading Co., N Brown Group plc, Griffin House, 40 Lever Street, Manchester, M60 6ES, Charles Desmond, Dr Kelly Bryan HILLSDOWN HOLDINGS, HILLSDOWN HOUSE, 32 HAMPSTEAD HIGH STREET, LONDON NW2 1QD, . KEITH CERAMIC MATERIALS LTD .

So i guess its fake….

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Best Internet Marketing Tools Question

Robert asks…

anyone have any suggestions on where to sell furniture that i will make?

I have the skills, can get the materials, and through my own collection and borrowed have the tools to make furniture. I have done a few commisioned pieces, but not enough to build a business with. Maybe my stuff is crap because I didn’t get any new business from those clients and their connections. I have worked for a business that both manufactured their products and ran the retail store where they sold them. So I have experience in a low to medium scale furnitre production line. I have no connections of my own that are worth pursuing for more business, none of my close friends have a need or the money to buy anything I would make or could make. The same goes for family.

So I am wondering if anyone has any ideas where I could move a small scale production run of some rather simple furniture ideas. I have looked into but there I would need to incorporate, apply for UPC, and should probably carry a products liability insurance policy. Other drawbacks to selling through amazon is that I would be competing with offshored manufacturers. Yet another problem is designing the furniture in a way that it can be packaged in a manner that would cost the last to ship. Overall selling through amazon is not out of the picture entirely, but I think is an option best reserved for if and when I can increase my investable capital.

I could not partner or come to some agreement with the former employer as his business is located 600 miles away. I moved 5 years ago and have not kept up communication with him. Likewise my designs would not conform to his retail theme. Yet another proble may occur as I am not sure if he is even still in business.

There are NO consignment shops in town, well one but they are a “thrift” style consignment. They may not be open anymore either, unless they are partnered with a local charity. Open or not they cater to people looking to dispose of used furniture and their target market is a group of people looking for “deals”. I’m not 100% sure they even do traditional consignment, their sign uses the word consignment so I am assuming.

So any ideas? Internet sales will always end up similar to amazon, although my competition and market will change based on my channel. However shipping will always be the same issue.

I was thinking ebay, but I doubt that I would ever actually sell anything. I considered craigslist and the local classifieds, and these may be my best options, but I still may not sell in the volume I would need to validate the investment of time and money.

scottparat answers:

Yeah a thrift shop or trading center would be best to get your name out there, maybe an expo? Or a fair of some sort for people to get to know your product. Then eventually open your own business on your own retail shop. Sounds like you will become popular if you make as quality of furniture you say you do.

James asks…

Wiccans, Pagans, and other Magick users: Purchasing a Wand and Broom?

Ok, this may seem like a strange question, but I am very curious. I was browsing the internet looking at different wands and brooms, most of which looked very chinsy. Then I came across a site that sold both. The brooms and wands are all wood, hand made, and custom made to order. The wands even come with a satin or velvet bag for protection. However, the site seems to market more towards collectors and Harry Potter fans. Since these are only tools meant to help you focus your intent and in some cases to store spells, I do not see why they wouldn’t work for my practice. Do you know any reason why these would be inadequate? Thanks for your time. Light and Blessings -Lindsay

Here’s the site:

Because of the great price, I was thinking about getting the Apprentice Wand (The title works since I am still fairly new to Wicca):

Before any of you say this, I know that it is best to make my own wand or broom because my energies will fuse with it better, but I just don’t see this ever happening. If I do buy a wand or broom, I will put the extra time necessary into cleansing and molding it to me.

To be Clear: I am not looking to buy at this moment. I am perfectly content with just using my hands and strong intent. However, someday I would like to branch out into using wands and brooms and I was just curious to see if these would work. Thanks again :)
You guys have all been so awesome and helpful. Thank you sooo much!

scottparat answers:

Wands serve the same purpose as athames, to channel energy. Of course athames are also used for cutting, etc and so on, but a wand and athame come hand in hand. This site seemed sketchy considering it has its own Twilight section. I would look for a metaphysical shop that’s local or maybe even branch out and take a long ride to one out of your area.

It’s worth it. You can just purchase an athame if you please, but one or the other- even both can serve different purposes. I would try looking for local shops on It’s an amazing resource :)!

As for broom, look for one in person because some websites just can’t be trusted. Even purchasing a small one works as well. We have on hanging in our house to keep away bad energies, aka sweeping it away. (: I hope I have been helpful and good luck on your path!
Bright blessings, Emily.

Edit: Like the previous answer, making one yourself is even better- and it can just be a plain stick from the outdoors. Look around and pick up random sticks aiming to feel its energy. Just do this until you find one that feels right. Try not to rip branches off from bushes, trees- but if you do I would suggest apologizing and blessing the plant from which you took.

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Blogger Themes Free Question

Thomas asks…

What is a good website to start a blog on?

I really want to start a blog (for free). What is a good site?

scottparat answers:

Blogs are classified as free blogs(blogger,, etc) and self hosted blogs(blogging platforms like, joomla, drupal, etc).

Free blog: You cant monetize a wordpress blog(though wordpress has lot of features), if you did and the administrators find out they would ban your site. So, if you plan to go for a free blog then blogger is the best.

Self hosted blogs: Though you spend money on hosting the blog, you get much more returns when compared to a free blog. highly customizable, lot of themes and plug-ins are present. Widely preferred by most of the bloggers.

Joomla: a better CMS engine when compared to These are generally preferred by news channel websites. Higher programming skills required for making changes in this platform.

Drupal: a better CMS engine when compared to Higher programming skills required for making changes in this platform.

Robert asks…

How do i build a website for free.?

Hey i am wanting to build my own website. Kind of like a review website with info on games and books etc. I need a website that will let let me build it and publish it for free. Not one that will let me build it then charge me. Please help!

scottparat answers:

You can use a goo,d free blogging site.
Here are a few FREE ones.


– Lets you build your blog with numerous themes, also allows you to add other site features.


– Offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package, more benefits for paid members.


– Blogging site with extras such as chat boxes so you can interact with your readers.


– A great starting site to get a taste of blogging, very easy to use

– Free blog hosting with 250MB of free storage.

Also take a look at these Free Online Website Builders.

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Public Domain Video Question

Jenny asks…

When is Laurel & Hardy going to go into the public domain?

This is ridiculous because Laurel & Hardy made films back in the late 20’s and all through the 30’s and early 40’s and I think their films should be in the public domain so everybody can enjoy the classic Laurel & Hardy videos. I would like to post them on YouTube so the kids today that don’t know them can watch but last time I tried they were taken down for copyright infringement.

scottparat answers:

They are still protected by copyright.

Originally copyrights lasted for only fourteen years. But thanks to companies that have bribed Congress again and again, copyright length has been extended again and again. For films, copyrights last for 95 years. So something made in the 1920s won’t be in the public domain for a few more years, and things made in the 1930s and 1940s won’t be in the public domain for decades. You can thank your members of Congress for that, as they are the ones who accepted the bribes and changed the law.

Carol asks…

Simpsons The Simpsons Season 13 Episode 14: Tales from the Public Domain MEGAUPLOAD?

Im looking for The Simpsons Season 13 Episode 14: Tales from the Public Domain only on MEGAUPLOAD, could you help me find the Link please?

scottparat answers:

Go on to google and will find and put in videos and u will find it

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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Helen asks…

How do you create codes for graphics?

Like the ones you would copy and paste to a website.

I have the graphics, but I don’t know how to make the code so people can put use them on their web pages.

scottparat answers:

Don’t understand your question

normally display it on your website then can copy it and display it on theres otherwise make the folder where your images are public, and they would need a link to your images, then they’ll use this in their

Sharon asks…

Why is there a white square over all the plants in sims 3. Which graphics option do I need to tweak?

Just reinstalled the sims 3 and now all the plants in both town and house view are not rendering correctly. They are displaying as 2D white squares with the item inside. Thanks in advance.

scottparat answers:

See if there is a patch available at the Sims 3 website.

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Blogger Themes Tumblr Question

George asks…

What is a good free website builder?

I have a tumblr for my fanfiction but I don’t like tumblr. I want a good website builder that I can design a website on easily, I want to be able to have links to pages then further links from those pages, I like SerifWebPlus but the software costs a lot and you have to pay to publish your website. I want one like Serif though, I also have to be able to edit it after it’s published and re publish the changes. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

scottparat answers:

Either wordpress or blogger

Blogger is easier, but it has less function and plugin than wordpress. Both of them are blogging platform but you can look for theme that looks like a website.

Are you planning to earn with program like Adsense? Blogger support that but wordpress don’t.

Daniel asks…

how to find different people on google blogger?

I’ve just made a blogger page and I can’t work out how to find anyone on it, not that I want to find people I actually know, I want to find people I don’t know – like tumblr, twitter etc

scottparat answers:

Complete your blogger profile. In the interests you can add the niche or theme of your blog.
And save them.
Now click the interest for example blogging you will find people all over the Blogger who has interested in Blogging.

You can search your interests in search engine like blogging :blogspot the key words:sitename this are easy to find people with similar interests

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Email Marketing Services Uk Question

Thomas asks…

Is this a scam? We have wonderful news for you: we have achieved an “OK” regarding the acceptance of your app?

We have wonderful news for you: we have achieved an “OK” regarding the acceptance of your application!
In other words, we are extremely happy that you have successfully passed through this very important initial stage.
What follows from now on is
an immediate task to prepare, together with you, a perfect set of documents, needed presently by the employer. This will also be necessary considering the employer’s potential actions regarding the submission of your application in the relevant state services for work permission issue. Preparation and provision of all work permission issue-related documents, expected from the worker, saves time and hopefully will facilitate the decision making process.
Let us remind you that due to the high state fee, paid for joining of a foreign worker, some employers give up filing even at the very last moment, although they have initially confirmed their intention to submit the documents. We hope that your case will not develop like that. So – we have the task to prepare together with you a perfect application set, containing all necessary items. Your documents should be accurately prepared, featuring all required information. The work permission acquisition forms should be filled in the sections, relevant to you (the worker).
This is the list of the application set items you need to prepare:
1/ CV European format 2/ work permit form 3/ motivation letter 4/ personal registration number
The CV and the work permit form that are due to be submitted to the employer are located at the following link:
It is commonly accepted to also enclose a letter of motivation (it is a standard procedure – all that makes a part of the applicant’s file kept by the ‘Human Recources’ Department once the applicant starts working).
According to the preliminary requirements, the letter of motivation should contain the number of your registration in the state work force office – it should be written in bold font.
We would like to remind you that the state work force office registration is a preliminary requirement, which is mandatory for all our users. This is a free procedure, which is accomplished by you personally or through companies, specialising in provision of such services (here bellow in this letter, we will enclose contacts of a few companies, regularly used by our
users). We believe that one potential registration in the state work force office will facilitate the particular employer. After a given application is listed in the database of the state work force office, it becomes OFFICIALLY PRESENT on the labour market, it becomes legitimate. It results in a situation where the state work force office itself is the institution which offers the particular worker to the employer. This exact information is FILLED IN the relevant official documents and sections (the different administrative offices handle it differently). At some locations, according to the current situation on the labour market, the employer could even benefit from this – a discount or even waiver of the entire fee for the work permission issue for a foreign worker. This will save considerable expenses to the employer. Considering this, the registration is an obligatory condition (after all, the procedure is easy and can be completed within one-two days).
Particular steps to follow:
1. Mandatory registration in the state work force office We enclose a few companies, which have been used by our users many times and which provide this registration for free. Some of these companies offer combined services, such as preparation of documents, services for work visa issue, registrations in different state offices, etc. We suggest that you send an email to some of them (or to all of the listed companies), for example, a message with the following text:
subject: Registration in the state work force office. Application to work in Ireland.
Text: Dear Sirs, Your company was recommended to me as a provider of services for registration at the state work force office, in the category ‘Foreign workers’. Could you please send me further information or proper documents (forms) which I should fill in, as I wish to obtain such registration through you. I already have an employer in your country, with whom I intend to submit my documents for work (application). Thank you for the kind attention in advance!
Yours faithfully, ………………. /your name/
This message could be sent to:
We hope that this way you will be able to register at the state work force office successfully in the next few days. If you encounter any difficulties, please, inform us immediatelly via e-mail to In this case, put a subject “DIFFICULTY” to your e-mail. You may also contact us online at Yahoo-Messenger: EUdirect1
2. After you receive your state work force office registation NUMBER, please, proceed to fill

scottparat answers:

I only needed to read the first few lines and this is a SCAM. It has Nigeria written all over it so drop it, do not give them any personal information and for heavens sake do not send them any money.


Joseph asks…

what about this message (Division of Yahoo/windows live Internet Award?

Division of Yahoo/windows live Internet Award
View one of our last year lucky winners.
Windows Live ™.
Yahoo / Windows Live Msn
125 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8AD, London- United Kingdom.
All the executive members of Yahoo/Windows Live Msn Management Team
wishes to inform you that you have won a prize money of Seven Hundred,
Twenty Thousand Great Britain Pounds (£720, 000, 00.) for 2010
Prize promotion which was organized by YAHOO MANAGEMENT TEAM &
WINDOWS LIVE on Friday 29th October 2010 to celebrate our 17 years
anniversary since we become the best free e-mail provider worldwide.
YAHOO/ WINDOWS LIVE collects all the email addresses of people that are
active online, among over 900 millions that subscribed to Yahoo, Hotmail and
few from other e-mail providers. Four e-mail addresses were selected annually
to benefit from this prize promotion and your e-mail address was selected as
one of the top four lucky Winners for 2010 prize promotion.
All winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement centre.
Yahoo/ windows live Prize Award must be claimed not later than 30th
December 2010 from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed
within this period will be forfeited.
Stated below are your identification numbers:
File NO: E/L/F/Wl/CMQA-32F7H63564
REFERENCE NO: LBQ9-620101310476
These identification numbers fall within UK Location file, you are requested to
contact our fiduciary agent in Manchester UK, Dr Johan L Nespry and submit
your File & Reference numbers to him; Note your Pin NO will be sent to you by
Dr Johan Nespry once you open contact with him for some security reasons.
Agent Name: Dr Johan L Nespry
Dr Nespry Direct Office Tel: +44 770 002 2454
You are advised to send the following information to your Claims Agent Dr
Johan L Nespry through his bellow contact details to facilitate the release
of your award-winning prize to you.
1. Your File & Reference No
2. Nationality/ Country of Residence
3.Contact Address
4. Telephone Number
5. Occupation
6. Age
Yours in service,
David Filo & Jerry Yang
Co-founders and Chief Yahoo.
Keep your winning information confidential until your award prize are
successfully transferred or handed over to you to avoid disqualification that
may arise due to double claiming.
You may also receive similar e-mails from people portraying to be Windows
Live or Yahoo Inc. This is solely to collect your personal information and lay
fake claims over your winning. In event that you receive any e-mail similar
to the award notification letter that was sent to you today, kindly delete it
from your mailbox and give no further correspondence to such person or
Yahoo/Windows Live shall not be held responsible for any loss of fund
arising from the above mentioned and any winning notification that was not
from David Filo & Jerry Yang (Co-founders and Chief Yahoo)and sign by
Yahoo and Windows Live Board of Directors will be cancelled.
Signed By: Yahoo and Windows Live Board of Directors:
Elisa Steele (Chief Marketing Officer), Michael J. Callahan(Executive Vice
President), Jerry Yang(Co-founder and Chief Yahoo),Blake Jorgensen (Chief
Financial Officer)and Other members.

scottparat answers:

Sorry friend but there is no Microsoft, Yahoo or other e-mail lottery, it’s a scam do not answer do not give personal information.
The iinternet is safe enough if you are careful but please answer nothing that you are doubtful about.Good Luck and be careful

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Best Internet Marketing Companies Question

Laura asks…

I have an multi level marketing company I want to promote on the internet. How do I best do this?

I’ve tried “Traffic Exchanges” and free advertising with little success. There are so many options I don’t know where to go….

scottparat answers:

There is thing that is called ADWords. Google has information on it and I am sure Yahoo does too. But what this does is you pick some words that are relevant to your company/ website. Everytime a person puts that word in your ad that will probably be place on the righthand side of the search page will show up. If a person clicks on your ad then you get charged for that click. Google allows you to see how much each word will cost. I recently did one on wineries which costs $.05 per click and would put the ad that I designed top 1-3. This ad will be linked to your website. You only get charged per click and you can set a budget. If you look into it go to and click on the Advertising Programs link and that will get you more information.

Mark asks…

Best city to open new web design/internet marketing/software development office in NCR or best city in India?


We are planning to start one new office.
Please let me know in which city we can find talented developer easily and have quality living too.

Issue: Easy to find technical persons and safe for night shifts too.

If you are a software developer OR work / Own IT company please let me know in which city you work.

Thank You

scottparat answers:

Best city is gurgaon to start a IT company as it is close to delhi and having very good infrastructure it is the best city to start a business here are various towers which allow only IT companies at a cheap price.To know more about gurgaon check it out.

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Public Domain Art Question

Thomas asks…

I’m making a game and want to upload concept art to Facebook. Do I retain my copyrights to the content?

Working on a game as part of a homemade independent studio. If I upload concept art to Facebook, will I retain my copyrights or will the content become part of the public domain/Creative Commons?

scottparat answers:

Read the Creative Commons act, and Facebook terms and conditions VERY carefully.

Carol asks…

What do musicians get paid if their song is used as a theme?

So my morning radio show plays the same popular song every morning at the start. It’s just the intro and the host comes on before the singing takes place. Also, whenever the news girl does her section, they start it with a different song which happens to be instrumental. Assuming that they are your typical songs (not public domain stuff like Happy Birthday), do these artists get a royalty every time it’s played?

scottparat answers:

When we are contracted to compose a musical piece for a certain thing, such as the radio music that you are talking about, or a commercial, we get paid a lump sum. The amount may vary from 500$ to 50 000$ or more depending who is hiring you. The company that bought the piece of music is now the owner of the rights of this piece of music and can use it as they please and do what they wish unless otherwise stated in the contract.

For exemple, musical scores for video games are commissioned and the artist is paid to write the music. Generally those artist would put a clause in their contract to enable them to use their creation in their portfolio as a way to show other companies in the future what they can do, but they cannot sell the same piece of music that they created for company A to company B as they do not fully own the rights. Most often the rights are shared between the composer and the company with certain limitations.

If you wrote a song for any other reason that was not commissionned by the company and they ask you to use your piece of music for their commercials, you get royalties for every use of this piece. You own the rights and they cannot do what they want with it without your conscent.

Another exemple, NHL 09 uses many songs from bands such as panic at the disco, The Kills, Bullet for my valentine .. Etc. Those artist receive royalties for the use of their music in the game, but Electronic Arts does not own the rights to the song, therefore, if those bands wanted to give another company the rights to use their music for a commercial or another video game, they could without problem.

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