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Google Slap for Autobloggers But Google Loves Digi Traffic Multiplier

Autoblogging with Digi Traffic MultiplierYep….its happened again. Google does the unthinkable.

It’s incomprehensible that Google wants to deliver relevant content!

After all, everybody who uses Google search wants to type their search query and get rehashed, spun, double spun and republished content. Right? You’re seriously looking for a solution to your computer problem and up pops a double spun, upside down, thrice translated ezinearticle.

Yes, internet marketers and bloggers are mad. They’ve been duped into thinking all you have to do is republish content. In fact, they’ve been sold software and scripts that take that original article or blog post and all the words are replaced so the content is almost meaningless…..but, it has the proper keywords and it has a ton of backlinks.

You see…that was the formula of late for getting blogs and websites to rank in Google. It actually worked for a while and people made some money.

There’s actually many more tricks that were taught over the last 2 years ….. all taught in an effort to trick Google and other search engines and get on Google’s first page for your desired keywords. I believe its the combination of these tricks that triggered Google’s revolt and need to clean up its SERPS once again.

I’ve been through 3 or 4 of these major Google slaps or Google updates. Each time they update its in direct response to the need to clean up their delivery of relevant websites in response to relevant keywords. It always boils down to content.

If you’ve been scraping and spinning on a major scale… then your sites are trashed. Time to start over.

If you’ve been building an authority site composed of all unique high quality content then you’ll rise in the SERPS.

It will be interesting to see how you fare if you’ve been building hybrid sites. I’m talking about sites that are composed partly of unique content and partly scraped or spun content. There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to do autoblogging. In theory you set up the plugin and content is automatically added to your blog every day. There are many cheap low quality wordpress plugins that will build autoblogs, but these are the types of blogs that will get dropped by Google!

There are a handful of autoposting wordpress plugins that allow you to build a post from a variety of content sources. This content can be informative and useful to anyone who would land on your blog. Furthermore, you can set the frequency of autoposting. Never autopost multiple times a day and try not to autopost every day. Set a random time for once every 3 or 4 days so you’ll end up with 1 or 2 autoposts per week. Now if you add at least one unique blog post a week, 2 would be better, your blog becomes a hybrid and is composed of very usable content.

Digi Traffic Multiplier Creates Google Safe Content

autoblogging with Digi Traffic MultiplierAndy Fletcher has developed a WordPress plugin for autoblogging and autoposting that is far from the standard autoblogging plugins. His new plugin is called Digi Traffic Multiplier and I’m thinking it will work perfectly on blogs that focus on a tight niche because this plugin adds a unique twist to yahoo answers and keywords in questions. It actually mixes answers to specific keyword rich questions. Bottom line is that although the content comes from yahoo answers it is thoroughly and intelligently mixed. You really need to see it appreciate what it does.  No hyper here but there really isn’t anything like it on the market today. Also, since the content is unique it won’t get affected by the latest Google Slap! Check out Digi Traffic Multiplier now…..(severly discounted for launch).

AutoBlogging Safely with BlogHatter

Another method for safely autoposting is with a software application called BlogHatter that will autopost to, and your own WordPress blogs. The beauty behind BlogHatter is that you can create custom material for each blog post with little effort and then schedule the posting for randomized time over any period of time. I’m amazed at the amount of customization that can be mass applied to any selection of articles whether those articles are plr, ezinearticles or custom articles that you’ve written. You can add images that are randomly linked to anything you desire. Randomize the linking and location of any keywords you chose. You can even use TheBestSpinner for spinning of the blog post. If you’re not familiar with TheBestSpinner …..well, it simply is the best spinner and doesn’t produce the garbage you traditionally find with article spinners. Simply said, this is a tool that can help you keep fresh content flowing on your blogs. I highly suggest you take a look at BlogHatter today!

AutoPress for Unique Autoposting

autopress for unique autoblogging contentAutoPress is another WordPress plugin that can be used for creating completely unique blog posts while autoposting or autoblogging at the same time. In my opinion this plugin far exceeds the capability of WpRobot which has become the standard for autoblogging but will create a huge footprint and is more than likely the cause of many abusive autoposting blogs. WpRobot doesn’t have the flexibility of AutoPress and I know the developer of Autopress, he has a lot of cool things in store for for AutoPress over the next year.

BlogSuccess Teaches Building Authority Sites

Finally for the purist I have to recommend BlogSuccess with Jack Humphrey. Jack has been promoting the authority site or authority blog for 5 yars or more. If you would have been concentrating your efforts on one or 2 blogs for the last 5 years chances are you’d be financially independent right now. Jack teaches you everything you need to know regarding Authority Sites ….maybe its time you got serious and started looking long term. Jack probably forgot more about blogging than most people know. In fact, Jack Humphrey started using WordPress before the world knew what WordPress was. His knowledge and the knowledge of his team surpasses anyone teaching how to blog. Besides being one of the good guys in internet marketing, Jack is someone who will teach you how to make money by blogging. Blogsuccess is his brain child and if you want the freedom blogging can bring I urge you to invest in his membership today! Click Here Now!

Let me end with saying that Google is ever changing and reacting to the shortcuts we try to take…. that will never stop. You can keep playing the game of “Beat Google” but you will never ultimately win. Take a look at some of the solutions I revealed above and use them to build a long lasting, money making blog so you can rest in peace each night without the worry of your blog dropping out of site!

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