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BlogHatter Review For Building A Network Of Blogs

Earlier this year I did some beta testing for a product called BlogHatter. I loved the product and will do a full BlogHatter review very soon along with some videos. However, I’ve been answering some questions over at one of the forums and thought I’d post my response here. This fellow wanted to know if anyone had started to make money with BlogHatter yet….obviously, its too soon to tell how well it will work if you are looking for empirical evidence. Trust me though, this baby does exactly when the creator says… makes blog networks!

Richard….your question really isn’t fair for anyone considering the effectiveness of BlogHatter.

BlogHatter is the type of tool that you need to use for a period of time to build the blogs you need and want to develop content and backlinks. This WSO isn’t quite 2 weeks old, and it would be impossible for anyone to proclaim praises for the great results they were getting….in fact, if they claimed all kinds of traffic and sales then they would probably be lying! People just haven’t been able to use it long enough to judge its effectiveness.

I can tell you as a beta tester, I used it for about a month or month and a half before the wso. I created several test blogs with links all pointing back to a new site in the hobby niche. I can also tell you that all the pages I posted in the blogger blogs, the blogs and the wordpress blogs are all spidered and indexed. My test site features a free minicourse and I’ve been getting signups for about 3 weeks now…..and a couple of book sales. I really haven’t done anything other then a couple of articles to ezinearticles and some bookmarking.

All my content for the test blogs consisted of PLR articles and reprint articles.

BlogHatter is a tool designed to make life easier by automating some of the practices used in internet marketing. There really isn’t anything B-lack H-at about it….so, even if you’re a newbie you don’t have to worry about doing something that will get you banned.

As I said someplace before…BlogHatter is newbie friendly! If you are a newbie, then you might have read about blog networks, silos, link wheels…..these are just a combination of sites similar in topic designed to funnel traffic to your main money sight…..this is what BlogHatter can do.

BlogHatter is tool designed to allow you to create a network of blogs over the long term. Even if you set your goals low and only created 1 new blogger blog a week with 20 articles. In a year you could have 52 blogs in a variety of different niches just building up that link juice :)…..don’t forget, once you set up a blog in BlogHatter, it only takes a couple of minutes to import more articles and schedule the articles to get posted to your blog. Keeping the blogger blog fresh just might help you get more traffic!

BlogHatter is going to help you create a system of traffic. I suppose, you can sell directly on or from the blogs, you surely could put Adsense or Clickbank links on the blogs you create, but in my eyes I believe the real power will come by creating a network of blogs.

For a long time I was an architectural building contractor…building houses, commercial buildings and stores. Inevitably the best contractors were the ones with the newest and best tools (all tools designed to do a better job and increase productivity)….and they had the ability to use them. That’s not to say a carpenter can’t build a house with a hammer and nails….but the carpenter with an air gun that shoots nails usually produces better quality framing and get completed results much faster! Internet Marketing isn’t much different. Learning to pick out the tools that are best takes some time, learning how to use the tools takes more time ….but in the end you will have your desired results.

In my mind, BlogHatter is like an air gun that shoots nails… will build blogs fast. You need to know why you’re building them! You need to know what keywords to use, you have to put some effort into rewriting at least the titles and preferably some of the articles if you really want some decent results. BlogHatter will not build blogs on sand….but will build your blog network on stone so they aren’t washed away by whims of Google.

Just buy the air gun and build some blogs :) let the autposting begin!

Hope this helps you Richard!


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  1. great read, will follow your writing

  2. I usually don’t accept these automated “comment posts” since they are an effort to simply get a backlink to their site. However I took a look at Goran’s site and its a blog focuses on blackhat techniques. And…..I just can seem to stop myself from being attracted to the “blackhat” stuff. Always, remember, if you use any blackhat…..use at your own risk :)

    I might add, that Bloghatter is not a blackhat tool and can be used in a strictly whitehat manner. It simply helps you to post articles to web 2.0 blogs, it automates the task. Now if you were to use a bunch of scaped content then you might be crossing the line and be in the gayhat area! Just want to make sure that no one thinks Bloghatter is a Black Hat tool!


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