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Everybody wants to make fast money on the interent. However, in truth, there really isn’t such thing as fast money online and anyone who tries to tell you that is full of crap!

You can do some things to help you start making money online and if you’re new to internet marketing, you probably haven’t thought of this.

You can look through my blog or just start signing up for different newsletters looking for guys/gals that know what they’re doing. In other words, people who are actually making money online.

using web 2.0 resrouces for traffic generation

Here’s the Internet Marketing Tip.

Almost all successful marketers are doing teleseminars, videocosts, podcasts, or webinars. I was listening to Jack Humphrey the Social Marketing Expert on a webcast and the guy is just so full of high quality content and ideas….well, I could listen to him for hours and I’m sure others would like to here a synopsis of what he had to say or at least some tidbits. So…..I thought why not share some of these ideas, kind of like a newspaper reporter.

You can record these events and listen to them over and over….really, its one of the keys to success. If you listen to the same thing 7 times it starts to stick.

You can also begin to share what you’ve learned. Start your own blog or newsletter and begin to share some of the nuggets of information you’ve learned. It’s a great way to build a list or just get some traffic to your blog.

Here’s the real deal. If you’re going to do Internet Marketing you need a blog. And if you have a blog you need something to blog about. So use what you’ve learned from podcasts, teleseminars or webinars and write your posts for the the week. Its a great source of content. You don’t have to be the expert, just quote the tip. Please make sure you use your own words to describe the concept or idea, otherwise you’re going to get a bunch of people upset and violate some of the copyright laws.

So the problem solved.

  • Listen to some teleseminars
  • Use the main ideas as tips for your blog
  • Put everything in your own words
  • Post on your blog consistanly….most important.

Good Luck!

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