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Using Video Utility Poster

Using Options in Video Utility Poster

Someone left a comment in one of my posts about Video Utility Poster…thought I’d post it the answer here:

I bought Video Utility Poster 2 days ago and It doesn’t work properly.
It seems very useful, the only thing is that I don’t know where to click for the options.
I can only copy the video and title on my blog but not the text, I can’t highlight it
Did I do something during the installation
How do I get the options
I use firefox but tried it while using IE and it does the same thing
I emailed them and got a response from a human telling me to send support ticket but no news since.
You can’t be in a hurray with those guys

Henri…sorry to hear that you haven’t found the answer. I stumbled on it the other day when listening to a teleseminar. Also, I know that these guys are always on top of their support and always provide answers in a timely manner. I’m sure you know that they just released it so they might be swamped, but also, it is a big holiday weekend in the United States….the 4th of July, which probably means Jack is wolfing down hot dogs and beer someplace :)

You seem to know that you need to find the Options tab….but just can’t find it. Video Utility Poster has the Options button in a very inconspicuous spot. See the screen captures below for help.

The Options tab is all the way to the right on the very top navigation bar. It is a very small down arrow, just click on it and a small text box with the word “Options” appears…..YOU MUST click on that text box and then a new window will open with the OPTIONs you are looking for.

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

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  1. W O W !!
    If I created a software and didn’t want people to find a particular feature, I would put that feature right there, the same way….LOL
    Thank you very much, you have been a GREAT HELP
    Btw you have a very interesting blog

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