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Joomla Membership Sites

The folks at PLR Video Depot have produced a free video tutorial on membership sites. These guys have been producing some very unique content in the form of videos and it comes with Private Label Rights….let me say that again. Videos with Private Label Rights…… that’s almost like having public domain videos!

You can view a free video on how to create a membership site for no cost using Joomla. It is an excellent tutorial on Joomla Membership sites and you’ll discover everything you need to get a very organized and complete membership site up and running.

Joomla can be a bit intimidating but Deep Arora does an awesome job in instructing you how to use joomla for a membership site.

You can view the video here:

You will probably have to sign up for a free membership status to view the video, but I can tell you his material is worth watching and learning from!

Don’t forget Instant Membership Creator is one of the easiest ways to create a quick membership site….you can have a membership site up in 60 seconds! The author of the script is a trusted friend and his material is superb when compared to others.

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