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3 Quick Tips for Easy Article Marketing

article marketing and niche marketingThe internet has opened whole new realms of opportunity and since much of it is fully automated it’s quite easy opportunity too. The problem is that we weren’t raised to think that you can get something for nothing, we think that if something isn’t horrible and difficult it can’t really work. Well when it comes to article marketing nothing could be further from the truth. It really is possible to use easy article marketing techniques to generate a ton of very qualified traffic to your website.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, article marketing, it’s simply a way to give the search engines what they want and in return they give you what you want. The search engines are always on the lookout for quality, fresh content. You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and that’s what it’s referring to.

See the customers of the search engines (anyone who does a search online) demand the information they are looking for. If they don’t get it they will stop using the search engines, which is the last thing the search engines want to happen. So they will view any type of information that can keep their searchers happy, favorably.

Here comes the part that benefits you.  When you provide quality content for the search engines they will ‘repay’ you by listing your article at the top of the search results. (Now, of course, there is a little more to it than that. You need to pick out a keyword and include it in your article 2 to 3 times and you need to pick a keyword that gets a lot of searches but doesn’t have a lot of competition).

The Article Marketing Bible ……for beginners and established article marketers!

Now that you’ve got the basics, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions or concerns:

1. I hate to write! Most people will say something like that. I tell them that if you find a great keyword and just write your article around that, you’ll be fine. If you are selling dog toys and you find a great keyword ‘best dog toys’ than all you have to do is write an article listing some great dog toys and why they’re great. See? The keywords will largely determine the way the article will go. It’s not that hard. (and if you want to you can hire someone to write an article for you).

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2. How do I find the right keywords?  For this you can use the free Google keyword tool Just plug in the base keyword and you’ll get a list of similar keywords. What you are looking for is a keyword that gets around 1,500 searches a month minimum but has less than 20,000 competitors. Generally, if you stay within these guidelines you’ll have a good shot at having your article show up on the first page of Google for that keyword.

3. How much does it cost? Nothing, it’s totally free. The article directories will publish your articles for free (as long as you follow their rules). The only cost is if you decide to hire someone to write your articles for you, if you do that don’t pay more than $10 per article.

That’s it. That’s the basics of article marketing. I told you that easy article marketing techniques were something anyone could do!

Article Marketing Success

Article Marketing SuccessTo ensure article marketing success there are many things you have to take into consideration. Article marketing is one of the surest ways to get some very targeted traffic to your website.  It’s easy to learn and do and it won’t cost you a penny if you’re willing to do the work yourself. There is a very low learning curve and since it’s free to do, it won’t cost you even if you do make a mistake or two in the beginning.

Many successful internet marketers have started their online careers with article marketing. Article marketing success depends greatly on one thing and that is persistence. Learn the basics and crank out the articles and the traffic will come.

A brief overview of what article marketing is: you may know that the search engines online want to provide their customers with a good experience. That means that when someone does a search for something online the search engines want to make sure that that person finds just what they are looking for. They only want the freshest, most accurate information. This will keep their customers happy, which is what they ultimately want.

Check out Ed Chaission’s Article Stalker …you’ll also want to take a look at Josh Spauldings Article Marketing Domination.

If you can provide that new, fresh content you will be rewarded by having your article appear at the top of the search engine results for that keyword. For example, if you’ve got a website that sells dog toys and you write a good article with the keyword ‘best dog toys’ your article can appear on the first page of results when someone types in the search term ‘best dog toys’.

Of course the first thing you have to do is to pick a good keyword. I can almost guarantee that the keyword I used in the example above is way too competitive for you to rank for. There is a bit of a balancing act when it come to finding a keyword to target. You want a keyword that gets a reasonable number of monthly searches yet doesn’t have too much competition. While there is no hard and fast rules a good  guideline to follow is to find a keyword that gets at least 1,500 searches a month but has 20,000 or less competition.

So to increase your chances of success with article marketing your first step is to pick out several good keywords for your niche.

Next, you’ll want to write several articles for each keyword. If you have 10 good keywords that you’ll want to write 3-5 articles for each keyword. I know there’ll be a little overlap in your articles since you’re using the same keyword, just try to make them as unique as possible.

You don’t need to write a novel, just help your readers learn a new skill or some new useful information.  Make sure you proof read your article and check spelling. Insert your keyword phrase in the title, the first, middle and last paragraphs. That should be plenty. Don’t ‘stuff’ your article with keywords or it will be rejected.

The next thing to do is to submit your articles to article directories. There are hundreds online to choose from but one of the best is Don’t think of this like some publishing company that will turn you down. As long as your article abides by the rules of the article directory, it will be published.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your article marketing success.

How to Analyze Your Niche Video

Here’s a great video on the process invovled in picking a niche to participate in. Includes various ways to research and how to get in touch with the human side of the niche. This one element will help you to create some irresistible copy and squeeze pages.

Salestator Downloads Clickbank Sales Stats

Que es Clickbank | Curso de Afiliados |El más Grade sitio para Afiliados de Prodcutos Digitales on Vimeo by Mas Ingresos PasivosDave Wooding is one of those guys who cranks out awesome material and then goes dark for a while. You really need to pay attention to the time he rises again because that’s when you can pick up some awesome scripts, tips and marketing information.

Stop by his blog at Dave Wooding and check out the last couple of posts….I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Got an email from Dave telling me about a new script called Salestator which gives you the ability to download and check on your Clickbank sales. A real handy script that will save you a ton of time from logging in to Clickbank 10 times a day to check your sales….awe come on, I know most of you affiliate marketers check clickbank a handful of times a day :)

Check out Dave’s blog post about Salestator and you’ll find you can save yourself a ton of time! Might even be a little surprise over there if you hurry :)

Don’t forget to get on at least one of Dave’s email lists. He hardly mails at all, in fact I think I heard more from him in the last 3 weeks than in the last 3 years :)  One thing I can assure you is that Dave is an excellent programmer and he gives away valuable free scripts and concepts he develops. So if you’re looking to make money online….jump on his list!

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Basics

Clickbank Affiliate MarketingClickbank is an extremely popular and profitable affiliate network on the worldwide web and many clickbank affiliate marketing individuals make a lot of money with it. This article will give you the basics on how to go about using this powerful website.

Signing up with Clickbank is fast and easy and there are several tutorials, tips and training that show you exactly how to get started.

Next you’ll want to look for your first product or service–keep in mind that Clickbank is generally geared for digital products. Try to pick something that you are interested in, or that is in a niche that already involved in. It’s easier to stay focused on what you are doing if the topic actually interests and even inspires you. If you already have an established site on a certain topic, it’s very easy to incorporate some clickbank products to sell there. The more specifically targeted the product to your site, the better. Look for products and services that have good gravity and popularity stats. If you find something that you really like but the stats don’t add up, then it’s really not worth the effort you’ll have to spend on it.

You can decide to promote your product directly with the salespage given to you by the merchant, or you can do it by setting up a blog or website and positioning the product there. Most experienced marketers will agree that you can do the direct ad to merchant website as a newcomer to affiliate marketing, and it is a way to learn the ropes, so to speak. But it is worth your time to eventually set up your own blog or website. WordPress is very popular and professional looking, and it’s quite good in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) as well.

Just some general pros and cons of Clickbank affiliate marketing:

One big pro, especially if you are a newcomer to affiliate marketing, is that Clickbank is extremely easy. The second big pro is that the commissions are on the high end when compared to other affiliate networks.

One con is that many of the products offered on Clickbank are not of the best quality, although they can be expensive. There are really a great deal of rags-to-riches types of products and e-books. You can also find many good products but you do need to do a bit of digging, depending on the niche you are working in.

Another con is that the Clickbank stats are really nothing special, especially if you compare them to sites such as Adsense and Amazon, just to name a few. Also, you can only create text links automatically with Clickbank. Other types of links are not available.

Clickbank affiliate marketing is a good place to get started in affiliate marketing and many experienced marketers are successful with them as well.

Succeed in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Affiliate Marketing Without a WebsiteIs it possible to succeed in affiliate marketing without a website?

The answer is yes, it is. While most would agree that you’ll eventually make more if you can implement certain strategies on your own website, it is definitely possible to profit without worrying about how to go about starting your own site or blog. And it might be a good way to start so that you can begin profiting right away and gradually learn how to build your own site.

Affiliate marketing is very appealing because you have a ready-made product along with a sales page and all you have to do is find a way to get traffic to it. That sounds easier than it actually is, especially because you are not the only one trying to sell the products that you decide to promote. But when you do make a sale, you will most likely get anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of the sales price in commissions.

One of the quickest and easiest places to start is on Clickbank. This site offers an enormous choice of mostly digital products and services that you can sell. Take a look at the training offered on the site to help you get started. Based on the stats that Clickbank offers for each product, you can decide which one or which ones you want to promote. If you are new, it’s generally recommended that you start with just one product.

Join Affilorama and Develop Your Own Affiliate Marketing Income

One of the best ways to then proceed with your affiliate marketing without a website is to do some article marketing. But before you do this, you’ll need to do some keyword research. Use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to come up with the exact keywords that people are typing into the search engines when they do a search for whatever it is that you are offering. Then, you should purchase a domain name with the top keyword in it so that you can direct that to your affiliate link. Next, write an article on one of the keywords you select — the article should be between 400 and 600 words. Include the keyword in the title of the article and in the first sentence of each paragraph of the article. You should try to hit a percentage of about 3% of your article being your keywords. Then, submit your article to sites like Keep in mind that while you cannot place links from your article to your affiliate page, you can do so in the resource box which appears at the end of the article. This is really the most important part of the whole article so make it compelling enough for the person to click on the link.

Writing articles is really one of the best ways to succeed in affiliate marketing without a website because it helps you establish a presence and some sort of authority, even though you do not have the website.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Important Aspects of Affiliate Marketing

traffic geyser for an affiliate marketing strategyYou probably won’t be surprised to learn that the winning affiliate marketing strategy involves getting as much traffic (and as much targeted traffic) to your affiliate products as possible. And getting enough traffic starts with choosing a product or service that is guaranteed to generate interest and then to convert into sales.

One part of an effective affiliate marketing strategy is making sure that you leverage off of the merchant’s time and effort that have been put into his or her product or service. An experienced and skilled merchant will know that the more his or her affiliates are selling, the more he or she will earn. And therefore, he or she will continue to test and tweak the product’s or service’s sales page to make it into a the most compelling offer possible that makes it hard for people to refuse once they land on the page.

Mark Ling from Affilorama runs a membership designed to teach new internet marketers how to find profitable products and run profitable campaigns…..and if you’ve been running your own affiliate marketing campaigns….Affilorama will teach you how to be more profitable, developing a more effective affiliate marketing strategy….an excellent membership and highly recommended.

Look for sales pages that are simple and clean, that offer a compelling headline, testimonials and, if possible, even a timer that shows people how long they can claim the product or possibly the bonus that comes with it.

Once you’ve chosen a product with a proven sales page and conversion rate, you need to get as much high-quality traffic to the offer as possible. You can do this directly by advertising your affiliate link with:

  • PPC (pay-per-click)
  • classified ads
  • banner ads… etc.

Or you can set up a content blog or website that provides useful information on the niche of the product or service you are selling.

If you are just starting out, a blog might be the easiest way to get started and a WordPress blog is often the most highly recommended because it comes with many free plug-ins that will allow you to be more visible to the search engines.

Keyword research is an important part of any kind of affiliate marketing plan of action. After you’ve chosen the product or service that you want to promote, then choose the keywords that you are going to use to get traffic to your link or to your website or blog. Again, if you are new, you want to choose less competitive keywords. Software applications that perform keyword research are important…however, more important is the ability of the keyword research software to dig out profitable keywords! Micro Niche Finder is one such application, MNF has become one of the most popular, easy to use and effective methods of digging up profitable keywords for getting traffic to your web pages or blogs.

Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool (which is free of charge) and type in the general term that describes your product’s niche. This tool will then provide you with all the related search terms that people are actually using when they go to their browser and do a search. The tool also provides you general statistics on how often each term is searched, how competitive each term is, what people are bidding on this term in PPC ads, etc.

Start with lower-searched terms and use these in your blog/website content, or in your direct link advertising methods. As you start to get more visitors, you can start using more competitive terms in your affiliate marketing strategy.

How to Compare Affiliate Marketing with Other Jobs

affiliate marketing themeMany newcomers to online marketing like to compare affiliate marketing with other strategies for making money. The draw of affiliate marketing is strong, especially if you are new and have no product or service of your own to sell. You can just go to one of the many affiliate networks (like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon, or any of the CPA networks, just to name a few), sign up for the product you want to promote, and get started. There is no investment necessary, and your salespage is already prepared for you. Also, many merchants offer support for their affiliates.

Another big advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to keep inventory. And if you use Clickbank as your affiliate network, there really is no inventory to store anyway because its products are mainly digital. This is also something to keep in mind for if and when you do want to create your own digital product.

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals of affiliate marketing is that the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can earn. The more you sell, the more you earn, and no one or nothing can cap your earnings, unless, of course, you do something that is unethical or illegal.

You are your own boss when you become a full-time affiliate marketer. You have no one to answer to but yourself. And you can team up with other like-minded individuals in order to pump up your sales and knowledge. When you compare affiliate marketing to a nine-to-five job, the biggest feature that sticks out is that you can work from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a high speed internet connection.

So these are some of the reasons that so many people want to at least try affiliate marketing. However, if you have dreams of making millions, or even thousands, or even hundreds of dollars overnight, then you need a reality check right now. Being successful at affiliate marketing requires quite a bit of learning. While there is no investment needed to start promoting affiliate products, you will need to invest in some sort of training and tools to help you in your endeavor. Also, while you will find lots of ads that promote affiliate marketing as a job that you only need to do a couple of hours a day, or even a couple of hours a week, this is not how it works in the beginning. While you can definitely start your affiliate marketing career training on a part-time basis, you will need to put in just as much, if not more, time and effort “on the job” as you would in a traditional company.

When you compare affiliate marketing with other jobs, you will also see that the field is very competitive. If you put in the training, time and effort to succeed in this business, you will have a very lucrative future.

Review of Rapid Income Creator Review

Rapid Income Creator Review Sucker or NotThought I’d do a quick review of Rapid Income Creator….since it made such a huge impression on me!

<—-Are you a Sucker? Read Rapid Income Creator Review.

I was expecting the online scams to reach fever pitch since our Obama generated recession has put so many people in the poor house. In fact, I expected to see one scam after another….one hopeless promised for riches after another hopeless promise.

You see….there is no…..super software where all you need to do “push this button and voila…instant riches”…..its all BS!

Even though I expected to see these rip off artists, I still get pissed when I run across one of these deals….or worse, when someone I’m subscribed to tells me…. “Hey Scott…hope you’re still up, I was gonna send this out tomorrow but I knew you’d want to see it right away!”  My BS radar starts going crazy about now.

Yep, I got one of these emails from Jason Parker. Been on his list for a while and just about every email is a promotion for one kind of life changing offer after another…..but I like to see what the IM Lemmings are up to….so, I stay subscribed.

I got an email from Jason a couple of minutes ago….and he caught me at a weak moment…I clicked the link to see what this deal was…here’s part of his email:

This has the power to change
your financial destiny fast!


Stop whatever you’re doing…

Close the door behind you.

Turn off your phone.

…And listen to this.

Last year, this stay at home
dad made over $200,000 online
by following this easy
Cut and Paste method.

I go to this site called “Rapid Income Creator“, glanced at the sales letter…how’s this for headline:

“Discover The Turnkey Income Creator That Practically Prints Money For You Automatically… The Lazy Way!”

The rest of the sales letter tells you how you can find freedom on the internet…one caveat, you need to buy Rapid Income Creator****!

So….for only $49.95 you can forget all you woes and work at home in your pajamas making $1000’s a day or more according to his Clickbank Screeshot.

The sad part about this type of marketing and advertising is that it targets the poor folks that just lost everything or are just about to lose everything….I mean, they’re hurting :(

God help me if I ever stoop to these levels.

I’m sorry, I just get so sick of these parasites.

I’ll tell you what really set me off.

This guy…John Carter, who calls himself the Founder, put together a video at the beginning of the salesletter. It’s almost 9 minutes long. I figured I’d take a quick look to at least learn what the product does and how it works….most savy marketers will include these details.

Well….I’m pissed because it was 9 minutes of images of money, happy people, music and promises of how I’d be rich if I clicked the button below. Not one piece of information as to how to software works…..just pure hype, an insult to my intelligence and waste of my time….that’s when I decided I’d write this post reviewing Rapid Income Creator

I really don’t like ripping on another marketer. But I’d do the same to some sleazy used car salesman, ambulance chasing attorney or doctor who cut off the wrong limb. Rapid Income Creator could very well make you rich beyond your dreams…..but the “Founder” shoots himself in the foot with this sleazy salesletter.

Here’s the ironic thing….I really don’t know if RapidIncomeCreator is any good. In fact, it could be the best thing since sliced bread.

My beef is all the hype in the presentation of the product with no proven results. It’s no wonder the FTC wants to put the screws to affiliate marketing.

The software or program…whatever it is, has left me questioning what it is and what it does. Sure…its going to make me rich!…. But, how?

My rant is done.

The best thing I can say about this product is that it’s payment processor is by Clickbank …which means you have 90 days to review the product. If you get lucky and the product makes you money….well, good for you. But if it sucks, you can easily get your money back!?

One last thing.

I told you what I think of this deal, however, I didn’t purchase it. Like I said, Rapid Income Creator just might work. Plus, I’m a marketer at heart so I fought with myself as to whether or not include affiliate links in this blog post. Well…..the internet marketer got the best of me, the links are my affiliate links and I’ll make a percentage off of anyone that purchases through my link. You see…..I’m one of those who has been affected by the economy…..I need every cent I can generate!

Finally….If RapidIncomeCreator works for you and this post influenced your decision to buy, one way or the other….please stop by and leave a comment. I’d really be interested in your thoughts!

The Ugly Truth about CPA Offers

(38 of 365)James Jones, the creator of Micro Niche Finder sent an email to me that was so good I thought that I’d steal it and post it for you guys to read. He’s on a rant about CPA offers and what a rip off they can be. If you’re into affiliate marketing and CPA offers you might want to check out what he has to say….and James, if you read this and get pissed because I swiped your words….well,  just let me move and I’ll hit the delete button.

Here’s his quote links and all…by the way, James J Jones is one trustworthy internet marketer. Someone definitely worthy of following and listening to, I suggest you get on one of his lists and see what he has to say.

Here ya go:


The Ugly Truth about CPA Offers.
Every since the release of CPA arbitrage over a year ago  many internet marketing gurus have been heralding CPA as the best thing since Adsense.
And yes, you can make money with CPA.
But is CPA all that it’s cracked up to be?
For those who don’t know CPA stands for Cost Per Action.  Typically a CPA offer pays an affiliate when some action is taken by a website visitor. An action such as filling out a form or registering for a free trial.  For this “action” the affiliate is paid a commission. Commissions can range from a few cents for a simple zip code or email submit to $80 or more for a long form house or car loan lead.
The problem with CPA offers is most of the highest converting offers are what I would call scams.
Take a look at this one:
Seems great huh!  Fill out your email address and get a free Blackberry.  Who wouldn’t go for that?   Then you get to the next page and oh yeah, we need to know where to ship your Blackberry so you need to fill out your name, address and telephone number.
“Ship it to me baby! Can’t wait to get my free phone.”
Wait, what’s this?  I have to fill out a survey?  No problem.  Small price to pay for a new Blackberry.
Now what?  Another survey?  Only this time I have to send my answer to my cell phone O_o?
And reading the small print reveals this gem…
By entering your cell phone number, you acknowledge you are allowing us to give your information to one of our service providers chosen at our discretion. Specific Terms and Conditions for the mobile subscription will be posted on the confirmation page after you have submitted your cell phone number. Unless noted otherwise on the terms and services listed on the following page AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, Dobson, Cellular One, Virgin USA, and Cincinnati Bell are billed monthly at $9.99 per month. (emphasis mine)
Digging a little further I find this:

To obtain the gift for this promotion you must: 1) register with valid information including e-mail address, shipping address, and phone number; 2) complete the survey; 3) complete at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 5 Platinum Sponsor Offers (offer availability will vary); 4) be a US resident 18 or older; 5) not cancel your participation in more than a total of 2 Sponsor Offers within 6 days of the Sponsor Offer Initial Transaction Date.

Holy cow it’s going to cost me more to complete the offers then the Blackberry is worth!
That’s the first CPA scam.  They’re called incentive offers and they are all over the CPA networks.  They draw you in with the promise of a free gadget or gift card and then suck you in to a never ending spiral of offers.
The next one is the Free Trial Pay Only Shipping.  This is most prevalent in the health and beauty and business opportunity niches.  I’m sure you’ve seen these… Get a Bottle of Wonder Pill X and only pay shipping of $4.95.
Sounds reasonable, huh?  Well, here’s the thing… The REAL reason they change you shipping  is so they have your Credit Card number.  Because when you click submit you are agreeing to the tiny tiny print where they tell you that you have just signed up for a monthly plan for $39.00 or $69.00.
Fun, huh?
No not really.  And that’s how your customers will feel too if you promote this junk.
The third type of scam are the offers that just don’t live up to their claims.  An example of this is Cash For Gold.  They claim to pay top dollar for your gold.  They’ll even send you a “kit” free of charge which you can use to send in your gold jewelry.
Sounds great, huh?  Get rid of your unused jewelry and make some money.
Problem is, the offer they make for your gold is laughable.  Appx 10% of the real value. At current rates that would be appx $120.00 per ounce and that if it’s 24 ct gold.
You’d be better off selling your gold to a pawn shop.
There are other types of CPA offers.  And some are legit.  One that I have been affiliated with for years is American Consumer Opinion.  ACOP is a legitimate research company that pays people to take surveys.
I’ve done some of their surveys and I can vouch that they do pay.  And beyond that they also pay 50 cents for each referral you send them.
If you’d like to join ACOP, either as a participant or an affiliate, my affiliate link is
Click reply and let me know what YOU think, Scott.
That’s it for this bi-week.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read our Every Other
Friday Newsletter.  For those in the US have a happy and safe Memorial Day and I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.


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