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Digi Traffic Multiplier Autoblogging Review

Well, I finally got my hands on a full version of Andy Fletcher’s Digi Traffic Multiplier wordpress plugin and I gotta say it is aweeeeesome!!!! Andy Fletcher is simply a genius for putting this autoblogging wp wplugin together. In case this is the first time you’ve heard of it, you need to know it is a new generation of autoblogging plugins for wordpress that delivers unique content from the search engines perspective and very readable and sensible material for the human reader…… almost unbelievable.

Digi Traffic Multiplier….New Breed of Autoposter

I know you probably don’t believe me, so go to a post Digi Traffic Multiplier made for me on Blackened Catfish Recipes.

If you try to find that content as it is in that blog post you will be out of luck. Somehow the plugin grabs content from releated questions and answers and “intelligently” puts them together so that it makes perfect sense. The reciepes for blackened catfish are all recipes that someone would come to the site for and can be copied and reproduced in your kitchen….and they’ll probably even taste good!

With Google’s latest slap we know that automated content that is produced by autobloggers and autoposters just won’t cut it anymore. Google deindexed many sites that were built using autoposting or autoblogging. New autoposting plugins will have to be set to mix and match content and posting will have to be random. No more 100 post blogs to get you started.

Digi Traffic Multiplier Beats The Google Slap

I don’t know how Andy knew the Google Slap was coming but the introduction of Digi Traffic Multiplier came with perfect timing. I find it hard to imagine other autoblogging solutions to match the quality and uniqueness of the content that Digi Traffic Multiplier will produce. Its really something that you need to see for yourself. I really hate to hype products up because all the hype just nauseates me. That said, its really hard not to get excited about this new generation autoblogging wordpress plugin because of the beautify content it produces. You can actually be proud of a blog that was built with Digi Traffic Multiplier!

Digi Traffic Multiplier Autoposting Basics

The Multiplier is easy to set up. There’s a set up page that uses basic information. Certain “keys” are needed and there are instructions on how to get them if needed.Like most plugins you will add some keywords and you’ll need to set up a cron job. However, this is fully explained and even a very basic novice can figure it out in 10 minutes. Support via the HelpDesk is outstanding and you’ll find some great ideas in the Digi Traffic Multiplier thread on the Warrior Forum.

You will define the “category” that the posts will go to along with telling the plugin how many posts to make per day or week. There are other variables to mess around with, all designed to give you a more complete and functional blog post.

Digi Traffic Muliplier Even Works For White Hat Marketer’s

For the most hard core white hat autoblogger you can tell the plugin to publish all posts in “draft” mode… other words you can go in and edit the posts and make them as perfect as you need them before publishing. A handy feature if you’re working with a super white hat blog. The content produced by this plugin is so real and unique that it is indistinguishable from a hand typed custom blog post.

I almost forgot, like most autposters, you can tell the plugin to pull in 50, 100 or any number of posts from the past and make it look like your blog has been around for a while. I’m not really sure about this strategy, but its worth a try to see how the search engines handle the new (old) content.

There are a couple of things that could be improved on. It would be nice to be able to “Spin” the blog post title and the posting times need to be able to set on a truly random time instead of once a day, twice a day, 3 times a day …..etc.

It would be very easy to set up a Q & A section in your blog and let Digi Traffic Multiplier do its thing. It would look like your blog is getting well thought out answers and questions on a daily basis….which will keep the spiders coming to your site and increasing your site in the SERPS!

Give Digi Traffic Multiplier a try today!!!!

I forgot to mention that there are several usage versions of the plugin available. There is the single domain license. You can get a multi-domain license for your personal domains and you can get a Developers Version which allows you to build blogs with the plugin and then flip the blog and plugin combined…..that’s the best deal.

Click Here for your copy today.

Google Slap for Autobloggers But Google Loves Digi Traffic Multiplier

Autoblogging with Digi Traffic MultiplierYep….its happened again. Google does the unthinkable.

It’s incomprehensible that Google wants to deliver relevant content!

After all, everybody who uses Google search wants to type their search query and get rehashed, spun, double spun and republished content. Right? You’re seriously looking for a solution to your computer problem and up pops a double spun, upside down, thrice translated ezinearticle.

Yes, internet marketers and bloggers are mad. They’ve been duped into thinking all you have to do is republish content. In fact, they’ve been sold software and scripts that take that original article or blog post and all the words are replaced so the content is almost meaningless…..but, it has the proper keywords and it has a ton of backlinks.

You see…that was the formula of late for getting blogs and websites to rank in Google. It actually worked for a while and people made some money.

There’s actually many more tricks that were taught over the last 2 years ….. all taught in an effort to trick Google and other search engines and get on Google’s first page for your desired keywords. I believe its the combination of these tricks that triggered Google’s revolt and need to clean up its SERPS once again.

I’ve been through 3 or 4 of these major Google slaps or Google updates. Each time they update its in direct response to the need to clean up their delivery of relevant websites in response to relevant keywords. It always boils down to content.

If you’ve been scraping and spinning on a major scale… then your sites are trashed. Time to start over.

If you’ve been building an authority site composed of all unique high quality content then you’ll rise in the SERPS.

It will be interesting to see how you fare if you’ve been building hybrid sites. I’m talking about sites that are composed partly of unique content and partly scraped or spun content. There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to do autoblogging. In theory you set up the plugin and content is automatically added to your blog every day. There are many cheap low quality wordpress plugins that will build autoblogs, but these are the types of blogs that will get dropped by Google!

There are a handful of autoposting wordpress plugins that allow you to build a post from a variety of content sources. This content can be informative and useful to anyone who would land on your blog. Furthermore, you can set the frequency of autoposting. Never autopost multiple times a day and try not to autopost every day. Set a random time for once every 3 or 4 days so you’ll end up with 1 or 2 autoposts per week. Now if you add at least one unique blog post a week, 2 would be better, your blog becomes a hybrid and is composed of very usable content.

Digi Traffic Multiplier Creates Google Safe Content

autoblogging with Digi Traffic MultiplierAndy Fletcher has developed a WordPress plugin for autoblogging and autoposting that is far from the standard autoblogging plugins. His new plugin is called Digi Traffic Multiplier and I’m thinking it will work perfectly on blogs that focus on a tight niche because this plugin adds a unique twist to yahoo answers and keywords in questions. It actually mixes answers to specific keyword rich questions. Bottom line is that although the content comes from yahoo answers it is thoroughly and intelligently mixed. You really need to see it appreciate what it does.  No hyper here but there really isn’t anything like it on the market today. Also, since the content is unique it won’t get affected by the latest Google Slap! Check out Digi Traffic Multiplier now…..(severly discounted for launch).

AutoBlogging Safely with BlogHatter

Another method for safely autoposting is with a software application called BlogHatter that will autopost to, and your own WordPress blogs. The beauty behind BlogHatter is that you can create custom material for each blog post with little effort and then schedule the posting for randomized time over any period of time. I’m amazed at the amount of customization that can be mass applied to any selection of articles whether those articles are plr, ezinearticles or custom articles that you’ve written. You can add images that are randomly linked to anything you desire. Randomize the linking and location of any keywords you chose. You can even use TheBestSpinner for spinning of the blog post. If you’re not familiar with TheBestSpinner …..well, it simply is the best spinner and doesn’t produce the garbage you traditionally find with article spinners. Simply said, this is a tool that can help you keep fresh content flowing on your blogs. I highly suggest you take a look at BlogHatter today!

AutoPress for Unique Autoposting

autopress for unique autoblogging contentAutoPress is another WordPress plugin that can be used for creating completely unique blog posts while autoposting or autoblogging at the same time. In my opinion this plugin far exceeds the capability of WpRobot which has become the standard for autoblogging but will create a huge footprint and is more than likely the cause of many abusive autoposting blogs. WpRobot doesn’t have the flexibility of AutoPress and I know the developer of Autopress, he has a lot of cool things in store for for AutoPress over the next year.

BlogSuccess Teaches Building Authority Sites

Finally for the purist I have to recommend BlogSuccess with Jack Humphrey. Jack has been promoting the authority site or authority blog for 5 yars or more. If you would have been concentrating your efforts on one or 2 blogs for the last 5 years chances are you’d be financially independent right now. Jack teaches you everything you need to know regarding Authority Sites ….maybe its time you got serious and started looking long term. Jack probably forgot more about blogging than most people know. In fact, Jack Humphrey started using WordPress before the world knew what WordPress was. His knowledge and the knowledge of his team surpasses anyone teaching how to blog. Besides being one of the good guys in internet marketing, Jack is someone who will teach you how to make money by blogging. Blogsuccess is his brain child and if you want the freedom blogging can bring I urge you to invest in his membership today! Click Here Now!

Let me end with saying that Google is ever changing and reacting to the shortcuts we try to take…. that will never stop. You can keep playing the game of “Beat Google” but you will never ultimately win. Take a look at some of the solutions I revealed above and use them to build a long lasting, money making blog so you can rest in peace each night without the worry of your blog dropping out of site!

Black Plugins for Blog Hatter Review

create autoblogs with BlogHatter and Black PluginsThere are so many autoblogging systems and plugins today…’s really hard making sense of them and its hard trying to learn how to use them all.

A fellow by the name of Donato is the genius behind an autoblogging system the posts to both WordPress Blogs and Blogger Blogs called Blog Hatter 3 the Pro Version. He’s developed a new system, called plugins, for enhancing Blog Hatter and adding new functionalities to BlogHatter. This new system is called Black “Plugins”

He has 3 new plugins out and they are called:

“The Ezine Reader” ….. automatically adds content to blogs from

The “Image Manipulator Plugin” …..this is unbelievable, it automatically puts images in your posts

“Y Tabs Plugin” ….automatically creates tags using yahoo, and turns those tags into links.

This is an awesome piece of software and I wrote a review for Blog Hatter and the new Black Plugin system. Check out my BlogHatter Review below:

Hi Donato

I had to drop you a quick note to let you know how awesome I think Blog Hatter 3, the Pro Version, is along with the new Blackhat Plugins! In fact, I’m going to copy and paste this as a Reviw in my blog! Since I was a user of the original version I was really impressed with the new version of Bloghatter….there are so many more features and the new Black Plugin System brings Blog Hatter to the top of the autoblogging pile.

Even though I thought Bloghatter was a kind of a secret autoblogging machine for creating and maintaining autoblogs…especially for Blogger Blogs, I would have liked to have seen more automation. Upon checking out your new Black Plugins for Blog Hatter my wish has come true!

The beauty of Blog Hatter and the new Black Plugins is not only what they do but that they are newbie compatible :) That is, just about anyone can start building autoblogs, actually they will be building autoblog farms or link farms in no time. I’m going to send an email to my list….encouraging them to give your free version try because I know many people are intimidated by some of the more complicated plugins. Blog Hatter and the Black Plugins are dead simple to use. So if you’re new to this stuff don’t be afrain to give it a go!

The newly developed Plugin System for Blog Hatter will undoubtedly take BlogHatter to new levels and allow for constant improvements along with new features. So Bloghatter will never die like some of the systems I’ve used.

“The Ezine Reader” the Black Plugin for importing articles blew me away. Why you ask? Because it can pull articles that were written in! I don’t know of any autoblogging systems that can use articles that were published in Not only can I schedule posts but I can automatically add tags! I know it can also pull articles from and I assume you will be adding more. But just the fact that I can automatically add articles is a big plus!

One of the features that I really liked with the first versions of Blog Hatter was the ability to grab images from the internet and place them in my posts….all from within the program. The new “Image Manipulator Plugin” is absolutely the coolest feature of Blog Hatter! It searches the interent, by keyword, for an image…..places it in your blog (you can align it “left, center or right” and the text flows around it making for beautiful formatting….and you can automatically have BlogHatter apply a list of links to each picture! I know how powerful that can be because people will click on images. Dude…this is so awesome it just blows me away! Of course there are other features to the Blackhat Image plugin….but I won’t disclose the secrets :)

Actually, I gotta say that the ability to create an “Images Miniblog“….all automatically, is beyond awesome. Simply said, you can create a “Picture Blog” or “Image Blog” Same deal, images are all linked and posted automatically. I’ve used somewhere around 10 or more plugins and scripts for autoposting and no one….no one has done what you have! I think the image plugin along could be worth the cost of your entire Blog Hatter software. The ability to automatically add images to posts will make your blogs appear as if someone labored by hand, day and night, making posts.

Not to be left out is the “Y Tags Plugin“. I know it stands for Yahoo Tags Plugin and it automatically adds tags to your posts, giving you the option to turn those tags within the posts to links. It doesn’t matter what type of links, they can be affiliate links, page links…any links. I also like having the ability to tell Y Tags how many links to make in each post. One of my problems with Blogger Blogs was that I just didn’t have time to add clickable links in each post….Y Tags has solved that problem! Just one more way I might be able to make a little more money with Blog Hatter :)

Finally, I’m very impressed with your pricing. Internet Marketing people are tired of getting ripped off and paying outragious prices for software and scripts. You’ve made these affordable to everyone …..I know this will come back to you many fold!

Thank you for your support and this great autoblogging system. I would highly recommend anyone to pick up a copy and just start making a couple of autoblogs each week. Before long, one could easily build a large system of autoblogs which will send traffic to their money blogs.

Sorry for making this so long. Its exciting to be able to use such a unique and effective product, therefore, its really hard to keep my comments to a few lines!

Thanks again,


WPimport Free WordPress Autoposting Plugin for Autobloggers by Robert Plank

I found an awesome FREE autoposting plugin for wordpress a created by Robert Plank. A year ago, an autoposting plugin like this would have probably cost around $75 to $100 but now you can download it for FREE. This wordpress plugin is designed to automatically upload the PLR articles you have laying around on your hard disk up to your blog, either one at a time or an entire folder full of articles, along with many other settings.

Autoposting or autoblogging is one of those fads that is slowly meeting its demise. Let me clarify.

Every internet marketer’s dream is to click a button and have something happen, maybe websites automatically built or blogs automatically being built and then we get to sit back and watch the money flow in!

Usually this is where we get into trouble. We take a process that works and abuse it. Well….that’s what’s happening with autoblogging and autoposting. In the beginning it worked with such effectiveness that everybody started autoblogging, they started making big money and they started getting sloppy.

The boys at Google aren’t dummies. They catch on real quick like when people start trying to game the system…..and instantly filling up a blog with content that isn’t original brings up red flags.

I wanted to warn you that there’s a new product that’s been hyped up and has a super salespage which is promoting autoblogging and autoposting like its some sort of new game in town. Rob Benwell’s new product doesn’t stand up to the test and I would avoid it like the plague. My inbox has been filled with emails promoting this crap and I’m tired of it.

So…..Why am I telling you about a new autoblogging plugin and then telling you that autoblogging doesn’t work? Simply because its a different kind of plugin and you can make autoblogging work if you do it correctly.

First of all this plugin was created by Robert Plank. Robert is quickly becoming one of the standup internet marketers working online. I’ve purchased almost every product he’s come out with and belong to at least one of his memberships. His products and methods are awesome. The name of his plugin is WPimport and it contains all the functions you need to throttle the way you import and post content!

There’s some very powerful plugins for autoblogging but the mistake most autobloggers make is the rate at which they send content to their blogs. Believe it or not, some people will start off sending 10 posts or more a day to their blogs….BIG MISTAKE. Never use any type of autoposting or autoblogging software or plugin to wildly send articles and other content to your blog.

You can use WPimport to keep your blog fresh or even build it ….but you need to drip the content in slowly. Try 1 post a day, maybe 1 post every 2 or 3 days to start off with….then turn it off for a week. Then set it up to post 2 posts every 3 days and let it run for a week or week and a half. Turn it off again. Go back to 1 post every 1 to 2 days and your blog will stay fresh. Make sure you go in and write a manual post a couple of times a week along with your autoposting.

If you can’t see a pattern here…’s because there is none. Try to keep your posting a random and natural as possible and you’ll be safe in Google’s eyes.

WPimport has all kinds of different settings that will help you to keep your blog looking natural. Grab a copy of WPimport….remember its free!

Download WPimort right now!

Understanding and Profiting from a WpRobot Autoblog

wprobot for autoposting and autobloggingI was lurking around one of the forums I visit and ran into a newbie that seemed to be in trouble. He created a autoblog using an autoposter called WpRobot and had over 2000 posts but wasn’t making any cash and didn’t sound like he was getting any traffic. (Wprobot is an excellent set of plugins for wordpress and I highly recommend them)

I started thinking about different ways to monetize a wordpress blog and how to monetize a Wprobot Autoblog. There’s so many different ways to approach his problem….I just took the first thing that came to my head and gave him some ideas…hope they help the poor guy!!

Here’s his question:

Blogs Vs Landing Pages?
Which system could potentially make the most money, Blogs or Landing Pages?

I only ask this because i have a blog thats automated with WPRobot but i think im doing something wrong as its not making anything and there are over 2000 posts, i have just read into Landing Pages to advertise (whatever) and with every Landing Page needs to be build by hand what would be worth it in the long run.

I know there are alot of wise people on here

Here’s my post:

As was mentioned….just because you have 2000 posts doesn’t mean you’ll get traffic and/or sell things.

I think you need to backup a little and determine what the purpose of your blog or website is going to be. Ask yourself, “Why does your blog/website exist”

I hope you didn’t get your 2000 pages in a short period of time….if so, your blog simply won’t do well for anything….sorry :) but I’d start over.

You see, anyone can use some autoposting plugins and build a 2000 post blog in no time and Google knows it….so most autoblogs not done carefully are trash. You could use Wprobot to build a 2000 page blog in a day or two… some rules have to be understood.

Learn the mechanics of building a blog, learn the differences between pages and posts.

You can easily use your blog and create a landing page with your blog, make it your index page (the first page that shows up when you type and you could create some categories and SLOWLY post some relevant content to the blog over time.

Lets say you build a blog about Worms….fishing worms :) Your goal is to sell an ebook on how to raise worms.

You can set up categories like this:

  1. night crawlers
  2. red worms
  3. fishing worms
  4. big worms
  5. small worms
  6. raising worms

Set your autoposter to post to these categories….maybe 2 times a week to each category…..and let it post for a month.

By that time, you should get indexed. Do all the traffic tricks…GET LINKs to your site.

Now use the “Page” feature of your wordpress blog and create a salespage for your ebook. Inside wordpress you can make any Page appear as the index page….so you can make your new salespage appear as the index page. People interested in raising worms should start landing on your sales page.


Do the same thing with the Page function but create a landing page that offers a free short report on raising worms. Your landing page would tell of the advantages of raising worms and all the money you can make raising worms. Your landing page would have an optin form so you can collect email and name, the autoresonder sends out the download link for the free worm report…… Now you have their name and email…they are on your list and you can create an email sequence telling them why they need to buy your best selling Worm Book!!! :)

Whether you do the salespage or landing page, all this time your autoblogging plugin, wprobot is adding content to your blog in a random manner….SLOWLY over time. Hopefully your content is relevant. Also, more importantly you are doing articles, or whatever your method of choice is for getting backlinks to your salespage, landing page and some deep linking.

There’s many other methods and models of trying to monetize a blog like yours. If your doing adsense or CPA ….you need traffic and have to use the tricks to make people click on your ads…..pretty tough gig these days. But….there’s plenty of BHW members making a go of this….keep reading and studying and trying. Take a look at the Review of WpRobot I did a while back for some more autoblogging ideas.

Above all, don’t worry if you spend a little time and money but your blog turns out to be a dud….it happens to everyone. Just move and start again. You’ll succeed if you DON’T QUIT!!!!

Good luck to ya!

Autoblogging with WP AutomaticBlog Plugin …New Version

Automatic Blog - Automated Blog Posting WordPress Plugin

Have you tried autoblogging or as some call it autoposting?

There are many plugins that pull content from rss feeds that are free, however, the problem is that you only get a snippet of information and not the entire article. It’s a telltale sign that “this is an autoblog”….. not something that will attract loyal vistors.

I just got an upgrade from Nikola the creator of  Automatic Blog a wordpress plugin that pulls in full articles for autoposting or autoblogging. I’ve had this plugin since the beginning….must be 2 years now. Nikola has upgraded the script with new features every couple of months. It only gets better with each upgrade giving you more options when autoblogging.

If you’re considering getting involved in autoblogging to some degree, don’t be mislead into believing the “Duplicate Content” myth.

The Myths Of Duplicate Content

You’re not alone.
A lot of people just don’t understand what is duplicate content, but it’s so easy:

Easy To  Install You can’t use the same article many times on your site over and over again.
Easy To  Install You can’t use one article for different keywords to manipulate search engine rankings.
Easy To Install  You can submit one article to hundreds of different sites without any penalty.
Easy To Install  You can use content from other sites if you do it properly. Credit the source with appropriate attribution, like in this case include link back to article source and author’s bio box.

With Automatic Blog Plugin you don’t have to worry about duplicate content.
Here’s more info to consider about the autoblogging plugin.

See how you can install and configure this plugin in less then 3 minutes.

The following step-by-step guide will help you to install and configure this plugin in less then 3 minutes.
Just like any other WordPress plugin, upload it to WordPress plugins directory, activate inside admin panel and simply configure 6 options:

Option 1 – Choose how many articles to post each day (1-10).

Choose how  many articles to post each day (1-10).

Option 2 – Select the ArticlesBase category to get content.

Select the  ArticlesBase category to get content

You can choose one of more then 300 article subcategories. Here are just main categories:

  • Advertising
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Computers
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Home & Family
  • Home Improvement
  • Internet
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • News & Society
  • Relationships
  • Self Improvement
  • Shopping
  • Spirituality
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Writing

Option 3 – Choose which category on your blog to post.

Choose which  category on your blog to post

Option 4 – Author bio box CSS style.

Author bio  box CSS style

According to the Articlesbase TOS you must leave the author bio box and backlink to article source.
With this option you can change CSS style of this box.

Option 5 – Random time posting.

Random post  timing

If you leave X as it is (between 12 and 24) plugin will generate random time between 12 and 24 and every next post will be done after period of time that is randomly generated value between 12 i 24 hours.

Your blog post timing will look more natural on this way.
And search engines can’t recognize it as automated action.

Option 6 – Turn filter keywords OFF or ON.

Turn filter  keywords OFF or ON

Filter  Keywords

If you turn filter ON, the plugin captures only articles containing some keywords in its title.

For example: If your blog is about blogging, you could choose Internet category and write:
blog, money, seo, traffic, affiliate
In that case, only articles that have one of these keywords in its title will be posted at your blog.

If filter is OFF plugin will get articles from category you set in Step 2.
For example, in this case, all articles will be pulled from the “Internet” category.

Keep your blog filled with fresh content by autoblogging with this unique wp autoblogging plugin, nothing kills a blog faster than “no activity” ….with AutomaticBlog plugin you can keep your blog filled with interesting material for your visitors….whether they be spiders or real people :)

Click here and get a copy of Automatic Blog Plugin today!

Help! I Want An Auto-Posting WordPress Plugin That Pulls Content Pieces From High Quality Article Sites

wprobot for autoposting and autobloggingHere’s a good challenge I ran across relating to autoposting:

Does an autopost plugin exist which pulls content from HIGH QUALITY article websites like EzineArticles…without a 25 a year limit?

I obtained a good auto-blog wordpress plugin that pulls from however most of the articles or blog posts usually are badly composed trash of which I will not dare permit to be released not having individually examining them first. I have the very same issue with “author” published garbage posts through

This is the best answer I found if you’re looking for a good autoblogging solution.

Sorry guys but most of the Plugins listed below are low rent. You can try a plethura of Plugins for auto blogging and not get perfect results. Almost all less than ideal outcomes are also outcomes of bad Keyword input from the beginning.

For RSS Feeds: Autoblogged is the overall finest tool…..however you can use…

WP Robot for Everything. RSS Feeds. Articles or blog posts from many sources and you should use RSS as well.

But, for articles of the quality you are searching for, PLR is the answer. I use Edna’s Article Manager DX for Auto posting PLR articles, articles from article directories, and RSS Feeds to some of my blogs and you can post to Blogger with it as well.

There is a lot more to this whole Auto Blogging thing that the Plugins you use, but that is an entirely different subject altogether.

(EZ Empire Builder is very expensive. At $197, I would have to see a lot more than what the Videos show to buy into the hype there. You can get WP Manager DX and Article Manager DX for just $97 by purchasing Edna’s Niche Blogger DX program and you get Niche PLR articles each month as well for one year for the one time $97 price.)

WP Zon Builder Review

I was given a copy of Wp Zon Builder to review and found myself being very impressed by this wordpress plugin. Thought I would post a copy of my review of Wp Zon Builder… can get a copy at WpZonBuilder.

IMHO, if you want to autoblog or autopost using Amazon products, WPZonBuilder will easily do it, suitable for newbie and advanced autobogger alike!

If you want to autoblog or autopost with Amazon products AND have the ability to create a unique store with unique templates with many customizing options….then grab a copy WPZonBuilder.

Follow me as I ramble on in an effort to describe my experience with this wordpress plugin.

We live in exciting times.

Creating an autoblog or autoposting site once was a task that wasn’t for the weak in heart……today there are many solutions. With each new solution comes a new twist, feature and possibilities.

We benefit by the abundance of autoblogging plugins and scripts by the fact that only the best and the best supported plugins will survive. I mention all this because, Louis, the creator of WPZonBuilder has gone out of his way to create a unique wordpress plugin for anyone wanting to get into autoblogging Amazon products. The best part is his attitude and desire the make this the best possible plugin, truly looking for suggestions to make it better and always looking to help the user that’s lost! Kudos for having that type of mindset.

I was lucky enough to get one of the review copies and agreed to share some of my thoughts here:

Installation couldn’t have been simpler. Standard wordpress plugin simplicity, I prefer to upload via ftp and activate in the plugins directory.

Adding Amazon id’s and affiliate code was a simple matter.

Next I’m ready to start creating blog posts and I do this by starting to add products to the queue. First I need to pick a keyword or keyword phrase.

I plugged in my keyword phrase (chicago bear jersey) and pulled up over 1000 results. Next you have the ability to check out each product and decide whether you want to add to the queue. As you can guess, clicking on 1000 links got old real quick….I decided to quit at 300 or so, well I got to about 280 or so and my browser froze up….now, it was my fault I had about 90 tabs open ….but I had spent around 45 minutes picking my products an now they were lost. I was pissed, it was late so I went to bed.

Next morning I thought I’d give it a go again and start over, so far I wasn’t too impressed…..much to my surprise, all my items were still in the queue!!!! So….what I thought was a pain in the butt way of picking products actually wasn’t so bad The more I think about it, this option of selecting products will really help you drill down and keep relevant products on your pages….very nice feature.

I understand the next version will have the ability to add all in one click…which I also would like since it would be a quick and dirty way to create a huge site if so desired and bypass clicking individual products to “add to queue”

it looks like I’d have to click on 100’s or 1,000’s of products, one at a time to add them to my site. Is that true?
Yes. In version 1.1 (one or two weeks away), I will include an option to bulk add thousands of products at one time. If you would like this option early, let me know and I’ll e-mail it to you right now.

Posting Schedule

Posting schedule is always important with any autoposter and this plugin has a unique way method of scheduling posts:

1. A simple option to dump all the posts now with the date of your choice.

2. A randomizing feature. Will allow you to take all your posts and drip them in randomly over a period of time. At the same time, you can take the group of posts and back date a percentage and schedule the rest of the posts. For instance. I had 300 posts, and choose the “Random Dates” feature, setting it to “-2 months” and “June 30, 2010″ …… that’s 300 posts over a 6 month period….so WPZon took about 1/3 of the posts and back dated them (random dates) and they were posted …..the other posts were randomly dated and scheduled over the next 4 months and it looks like they will post anywhere from 1 to 3 per day…..pretty cool feature !

I can stick all the posts in an existing “category” or WPZon will create a category or categories based on the keywords in the title. I need to experiment a little with this feature, but it has some interesting potential.

General Settings

This tab allows you to configure the way your posts will look. There are key features that will allow you to develop your own templates which can help to eliminate footprints. Don’t get scared if you’re a newbie because you can basically go with the default settings and you’ll have a great looking site. However, for the more advanced users you have everything you need to customize your own templates.

I’ll go over some of these settings….although it might confuse you, trust me, if you’ve been doing this a while, the settings are very intuitive.

First you choose a Template….you can use the default or a customized template.

Next you can determine the number of characters in the “Post Excerpt”. Louis if you read this, it would be awesome to be able to define the number of characters as a range….for instance 150-300…..anyway, as it is you simply plug in a number.

Link Text…..this is the typical “Read More” link text you usually see at the end of a post. You have full control over how you want the link text linked to the permalink of your product.

Where to Show Excerpts….tell the plugin where you want the “Excerpts to appear” such as the:

  • homepage
  • front page
  • search results
  • and so on…..

Product Descriptions:

This is pretty cool…you can tell the pluin to use the Amazone Editorial Review for the product description…(if available) talk about getting rid of footprints

Of course you can add customer reviews as post comments and you can limit the reviews to any number….you decide how many to include with each post.

Again….this is an awesome feature. You can determine the the order of the reviews by quite a few factors such as:

  • overall rating (highest first)
  • number of helpful votes
  • submission date
  • and more…….

You can “tag the products” with the original Amazon Tags or auto create tags from the post title.

Many more options under the “General Tab” all to help track, control and configure your new site….and one heck of a thorough way to create a unique site….definitely takes care of footprints.

Language Settings

Amazon has special wording when products aren’t available, price isn’t available, no list price, lowest price not available. Well…..change the standard phrasing and include your own. For instance:

Amazon —-> Lowest Price Is Not Available
You——–> Price is Ridiculous…Too Low to Display!

Just another way to get rid of foot prints and in this case, a way to encourage or create the desire for your visitor to click on a link.

Integration Settings

For me, this offers some of the most powerful methods of creating unique text or content for each post. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve got a couple of very unique ways to use this feature and can’t wait to give it a whirl.

Imagine your standard post.

Now imagine your stardard post with a snippet of text above the post. Or maybe an ebay auction above the post!

Add to the above with the ability to add image, content, snippet or auction to the bottom of the post.

In short, this feature allows you to use shortcodes to add content to the top and/or bottom of each post. If you use this feature, there simply isn’t anyone who is going to have a post similar to yours….so whether you believe in the duplicate content penalty or not…..You won’t have ANY duplicate content on your blog!

Imagine if you could rotate a snippet of text above each post that was relevant to the post. Write 3 sentences, use a spinner and spin a couple of hundred unique versions of the text and rotate them as intro’s. Or how about an rss feed, or image…if you use your imagination on this one, the world is your oyster

Click Reporting

This is a nice feature but I honestly haven’t had time to check it out. 24 hours after I put up my project I had 5 or 6 pages of click tracking info all from the same IP. I’m sure that many people didn’t click on the links so I’m assuming it was spiders or maybe an automatic click when the post was loaded. This feature would be nice if there was a date, info on the click…was it IE, FF or search engine. Otherwise it may not be very useful to you….interesting, yes,….useful, I doubt it.


There’s a nice page of documentation to whet your appetite, however, I really think that in order to take advantage of the full power of this plugin it would be a big advantage to have a more detailed documentation. Perhaps a set of video screen capture videos along with a pdf explaining more thoroughly how to take advantage of all the advanced features.

For instance this is what you get for the explanation of Template Tags:

Template Tags: Template tags are in the format [tag-name]. They are replaced with the relevant data by the plugin. Open the template files to see the available template tags and how and where they are used.

A little help by the author would be appreciated!

Final Thoughts

This plugin offers something for just about everybody. If you are a complete noob but you know how to set up a wordpress site and you know what a plugin is….and you’ve heard that autoposting or autoblogging is the newest craze….well, you can get started using all the basic settings of WPZonBuilder. You’ll have your first posts up within 30 minutes if not sooner.

To you guys who know your way around a blog, plugins and some coding….WPZonBuilder is an Autobloggers dream if you want to autopost Amazon products. At first glance it might seem like another wprobot or similar plugin….but, it’s much more. The more I study and use the plugin, the deeper you fall into the plugin’s magic. Duplicate content and footprints are some of our biggest concerns if you’re building autoblogs. I honestly think you have more options to create content unlike anything else on the internet with this baby….and I’ve used quite a few of them. I would say all, but it seems like every day a new autoposting plugin enters the scene. With that said, I really feel confident that Louis has the personality and ability to make this one of the top autoposters on the market…..can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the coming weeks and months!

Wp Robot Users Give Wp Review

I was cruising through forum and on this particular post they were looking for wp robot reviews. I found it really interesting to see how others were succeeding with wp robot. So, I though I would steal some of the wp robot reviews and post them here for others to see. Wp Robot really works….. if you want to get into autoblogging….just get it!

Wp Robot is quickly becoming the wordpress plugin of choice when it comes to adding content to your blog automatically. Autoblogging is becoming more and more popular and more and more complicated. One thing you don’t want, is having your autoposter post in such a way that big G can recognize your blog as an autoblog…… wp robot will solve this problem!

Here’s the original posters question:

I´m curious as to the success rate with Wp robot. If it´s doing any good for you post some info. if you use additional plugins like wpunique add those too.

I´m looking to complement some other stuff with autoblogs but honestly have no track record on them. WP Robot seems baby pie simple so that´s my first option.

Advice welcome – if you have WP-robot stories – post ‘em.

Well, for me. I have made about 9 sales from amazon last month = 9$ lol This month from amazon 2500 clicks 0 sales. :/ but from Clickbank I made one sale last month worth 52$. But hey that’s and extra 61$ doing absolutely nothing just setting up Wp-Robot and letting it run. that’s on top of the money I make from my CPA sites. So overall it’s a good program. Just wish the CB ads were a bit longer.

I have been using WP Robot for a few days for posting amazon products and it works great. I have the other options checked as well (articles, clickbank, youtube) but they don’t seem to work. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I use Wp-robot for all my autoblogs, IMO it’s the best plugins for automated content, plus the guy constantly adds new features and updates them for free.

have been using wprobot for sometime now.. made total of 103 sales in 2 months.. made $98 :P and 1 sale from clickbank
so i guess its the best software available on the net for autoblogging
I’ve set up 40+ autoblogs with wp robot as the main autoblog plugin. WP robot rocks and I’m now concentrating on traffic.

Each autoblog seems to start making money in the 3rd month. Now several are clicking along nicely.

Keep with the updates
Don’t post too close together once set up (I post about 1 year’s content when I set it ups)
Use an A**load of keywords.
Post every 6 hours
what do u mean by how? :P
its pretty easy with wprobot.. just get it working.. and set up some blogs.. by some i meant alot of them :P
and then just start driving traffic.. actually that can happen on auto too.. so just forget about them.. and u’ll start seeing results in a month or two
Well I have set up 4 autoblogs with WPMU + WP ROBOT + Twitter poster plugin + I used also statblaster 7.0

WP ROBOT post each hour

I bought and set up a new dotcom domain and a new hosting with a dedicate IP on 30-Jan-10

Dashboard blog 1 : 52232 posts and 50452 comments
Dashboard blog 2 : 72067 posts and 124447 comments
Dashboard blog 3 : 45293 posts and 64289 comments
Dashboard blog 4 : 42005 posts and 57054 comments

Total result after 22 days for my 4 autoblog :

Amazon Ordered items: 20
Total items shipped 16
Clicks 164514

Total click 55944
Commission: $ 7,75

Total Hop 19,041
Number of sale: 0
Commission: 0

Voila !
I used it the first time 3 months ago and i have made more than 4k with it (in 3 months), it’s the best autobloging plugin EVER
This is how i have made profits with it:
-Searched for some good keywords with high traffic and little competition .
-Bought 10 domains (I have used the keywords i have find for better SEO)
-little work on SEO and 6 of my websites are in the first page of google and yahoo (this wasn’t hard task because i carefully chose the niches .
-the best blog is making about 14$/day in the third month (i have made some clickbank sales (i don’t use the ads, but i get an attractive baller , one on the header and another in the sidebar.
-Sold 8 of the websites and i kept 2 for my own
I used it in my cancer Blog, using onlywire multi submitter pugin with it. I am using google adsense alone
Posts – 850
Comments – 4,300
Adsense last month
Clicks – 270
earnings – $213.5
Only One Blog! WP Robots rocks!!
Interesting thread, have been using Caffeinated Content in the past but feel it has been left behind awhile now so was planning on buying WPRobot this weekend, looks far more all encompassing and supported better from what I see and hear.
for all those that have mentioned duplicate content causing google bans on either adsense or getting deindexed or slapped etc i would just like to say its absolute bollox…i have an autoblog that is almost all dupe content it is getting around 300 uv every hour is indexed by google news (hense the traffic) and has never been slapped, banned what ever…i even told google it was an aggregate when i applied for g news and they even mentioned it in their follow on emails
I use the WP Robot plugin for all of the content as it seems to do everything (pretty much).

For a more thorough Wp Robot Review!

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