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Blogger Has New Custom Theme Maker called The Blogger Template Designer

BloggerThemesFor all you Blogger Fans…..Have you seen the new template designer in blogger……big step forward and we can finally rid the net of those standard ugly templates!

The Blogger TEmplate Designer….

Here’s what some people are saying about the Blogger Template Designer

The Blogger Template Designer allows you to create effectively infinite
number of designs templates instead of being restricted to a limited
number of rigid designs by making it easy to customize your blogs
design, layout, background and much more.
That’s much better than working with html code. Thanks
It’s good, just tested it.
I’m really glad that it helps you.

I’m using it right now and I’m in awe about the possibilities and the neglectful time factor involved in creating really great looking blogs!

Very cool…..I’ll have to give it a try. I really can’t stand those standard templates that come with blogger ….even if I’m using blogger for spider food.

I’ve been using free blogger templates that are custom….think I found some here or a link that led me there, they look so much better and its a simple matter of copy and paste to change out the code.

This new system looks like it will be user friendly for the noob …really hate that word but so many people using blogger are newbies…. they can now take a big giant step into website development

Anyway….kudo’s to blogger for taking a big step!