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How to Use Video Utility Poster to continue How To RSS Series!

I did a quick video of the post “How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster” which shows any blogger how they can easily and quickly add content to their blogs.

I did a screen capture of the process so you might understand how helpful Video Utility Poser is when you are blogging…check out the video below.

If you’re a blogger….and you should be….come on now, if you are an internet marketer you must have a blog about your niche…if your niche is internet marketing, try and specialize in your niche. It’s easier if your niche is about some aspect of dogs….but that’s for another time and is totally up to you.

All I want to do is show you a way to keep your blog posts flowing….that means keeping your readers attention…always providing good quality content. I know how hard this can be…especially if you are doing everything yourself.

You get lazy, tired, busy…whatever…and your blog suffers. With video utility poster you can easily put a blog post together every day. I’m not kidding when I say this is one tool every blogger should have.

With Video Utility Poster you can simply write a brief intro and then do a keyword search using Video Utility Poster and watch it bring up 10, 20 or more videos related to your keywords. If you care about your readers, you should view the vides you want to  use….but with VUP, you just click and drag while still in wordpress and the videos are embedded in your wordpress blog……can’t get much simpler than that.

Check out the below video I did about how I used Video Utility Poster in my blog post entitled “How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster” You get to see wordpress and Video Utility Poster in Action…..I should actually use it more than I do.

Did you know it works with other blogging platforms. The standard is wordpress, but Video Poster works with Blogger, Typepad and other blogging platforms….although, most of us use wordpress on our own domains.

I almost finished without telling you where you can find Video Utility Poster at….just click on that link and you’ll get the details.


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Free Tutorial on Chosing Video Camera Equipment for Video Marketing

Did you get a chance to watch Mike’s video on Video Camera Equipment?

If you did, don’t forget to download the pdf so you have all the facts on how to pick the right video camera equipment. I thought he did a fantastic job. I’ve read ebooks and watched other videos and I always feel like I just about have it but never seem to get all the information I need to pick out the right video camera equipment.

I’m sure these guys will be promoting their membership sooner or latter, but I was really impressed with the free content on video camera equipment. Usually you don’t get this type of quality information UNTIL you fork out the cash and join some kind of membership….so kudos to Mike and crew for the great information.

I especially like the tip on why it’s important to get a camera with an external microphone jack, I had no idea this wasn’t a standard feature. Also, it was helpful to be able to see a range of video camera equipment….I know I can find some good video camera recording equipment in my price range :)

You can still watch the video on “The Video Camera Buyer’s Guide: What to Buy
and Where to Get It.”
, I have no idea how long they’ll keep it up.

Before you can start using video on your webside….you need to make it first and if you’re going to make promotional videos of people, places or things….then you might want to know “What kind of Video Camera and equipment do I get? Check out the link a little further down for a free ebook and video on chosing the right camera.

Make money with your video camera and microphone

Check out this insider video. It’s by a guy with a business that has submitted more than 3 million Web videos in two years—so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cameras. He calls it “The Video Camera Buyer’s Guide: What to Buy and Where to Get It.”

He’s got a killer way to start a full or part time Web video business that I’ll tell you about in a few days. But this is where it all starts…with the right camera. He goes through all of them in this video from the new Flip cameras and Webcams all the way up to the HD “prosumer” models-and everything in between.

Plus he shows you which microphones to use and what the must-have accessories are.

This is great stuff—especially if you’re looking to make money with Web video:

Check out some of these comments on Mike’s Video Camera Equipment Video.

Plus he shows you which microphones to use and what the must-have accessories are.

This is great stuff—especially if you’re looking to make money with Web video:

Great video (as always) Mike!

And I thought I knew a lot about video cameras… ;-)

Anyway, thanks again for the video, and looking forward to future ones.

See you soon,

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for your clear and concise guide and video. I recently decided that I needed to start making some videos for my website and for Youtube. And quite honestly I didn’t know much about the equipment that I’d need. I decided on a flip camera and I bought one yesterday. I like its simplicity. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thanks again,


Thanks for the informative video. You have provided a wonderful overview in a short amount of time, and done so very clearly. I will probably enter on the low end of the market, but now I have an idea of where that fits in the hierarchy and what to look for in the future.


I have to say that was a very informative video…about video LOL :)

I really enjoyed it, and actually have been waiting for something like this (a comprehensive review of video cams and accessories) for quite some time.

Thanks again,


Hi Mike,

First off, let me say thanks for a great video. You packed in some top quality information thaere and I enjoyed your relaxed presenting style.

I currently use a couple of Sony HDV prosumer cameras for all of my video needs. The visual quality is exceptional and they offer a lot of flexibility through various manual overrides. I shoot mainly school theatre productions and family stuff.

The other aspect of video-making is video editing. I liked the use of overlay graphics in your film. Is this an area that you will cover in future videos?


Good stuff Mike, I have been looking for a new camera, I’ve been using the flip. I want something that works good as a webcam so this one video helped a lot.

In the pdf you don’t list any of them as capable of being used as webcams, didn’t you have one in the video that could be used as such?

Great info Mike,
And good timing especially with the Christmas shopping season coming upon us. Now we know what to look for when there are all those great deals coming at us for video cameras. (I heard there will be big price slashes this Christmas shopping season in the electronics arena to entice people to start buying again.)

I am looking forward to hearing more because I know the power of video and what it can do for your business.


Hey Mike,

Wow, you got all the toys, I really enjoyed the
story about the con-artists in New York, and the
little light ring, never saw one before.

Best Wishes,
Jeff Davis

Thanks for the Video AND Buying guide! I know this will be helpful in finding and retaining Prospects. We all know how powerful video marketing a home business on the internet is these days.

Thanks. Nice and informative. I bought a small flip camera at trade show and the salesperson told me that it had a mike input (he showed it to me). When I looked at it at home, it was an earphone output. No mike input. Your suggestions will help in the future.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the great content as always. I don’t know if you have this planned or not, but are you going to cover video shooting techniques, e.g. shooting interviews (you covered), out door interviews, etc…

The video camera I use right now doesn’t have the image stabilization, do you recommend any accessories that can fix that?


I was so excited to get your email I opened it and stopped my homework and came and watched your video. It is so much better than TV and pitchy videos. I am using the HF-10 with flash memory storage and love it, except I run out of space sometimes.
I never saw a cool led light before and realize I need a wide angle Canon lens.
I really enjoyed this presentation and it has given me some ideas that will significantly improve my on line business including “how a video review blog should look” and “be a good guy”.
Looking forward to seeing the high end stuff and lighting tips.

Just starting out, grateful for info. My understanding is that the DV format is good in that in transferring, detail isn’t lost as in digital. Have I understood wrong?

I hadn’t seen that light ring before looks useful. I’m over in the U.K any supplier recomendations? Thanks

DV is digital–it’s just that the video is stored on tape. There isn’t a significant loss. Newer AVCHD cameras record to a SD card. For the most part there aren’t any more problems editing video from AVCHD cameras like there were at first.
If you’re using Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro or iMovie, it shouldn’t be an issue. If you buy an AVCHD camera try to make sure you can edit the video with your preferred editing program.


You are Da’ Man!
As you know, Dina and I have been using VIDEO to build our Network Marketing Business for years!

We never could have done it without YOU and the TRAFFIC GEYSER team!

Thanks fo another great instructional video!

Mark & Dina Call

Mike, congratulations on a job well done for the video. Appreciate it!

I just did a launch with free video contents solely recorded via my iPhone. There is an application called Cycorder. It’s the highest quality of video i’ve seen coming from a phone. About the size of YouTube video and SHARP! And it’s easy to shoot video with an iPhone, being light and all. =)

So if you don’t need all those professional nuts and bolts for your video, iPhone may be your solution after all.

Very good video.

I could have used this months ago when I spent hours researching the same stuff on my own.
It took me many days/hours to compile this same information because there was really no good sources of easy-to-understand information readily available on the internet at the time. Video is definitely the future and internet commercials too. It is just the beginning.

You have explained the budget hardware very well and will save time for many others just getting into audio/video.


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Using Video Utility Poster

Using Options in Video Utility Poster

Someone left a comment in one of my posts about Video Utility Poster…thought I’d post it the answer here:

I bought Video Utility Poster 2 days ago and It doesn’t work properly.
It seems very useful, the only thing is that I don’t know where to click for the options.
I can only copy the video and title on my blog but not the text, I can’t highlight it
Did I do something during the installation
How do I get the options
I use firefox but tried it while using IE and it does the same thing
I emailed them and got a response from a human telling me to send support ticket but no news since.
You can’t be in a hurray with those guys

Henri…sorry to hear that you haven’t found the answer. I stumbled on it the other day when listening to a teleseminar. Also, I know that these guys are always on top of their support and always provide answers in a timely manner. I’m sure you know that they just released it so they might be swamped, but also, it is a big holiday weekend in the United States….the 4th of July, which probably means Jack is wolfing down hot dogs and beer someplace :)

You seem to know that you need to find the Options tab….but just can’t find it. Video Utility Poster has the Options button in a very inconspicuous spot. See the screen captures below for help.

The Options tab is all the way to the right on the very top navigation bar. It is a very small down arrow, just click on it and a small text box with the word “Options” appears…..YOU MUST click on that text box and then a new window will open with the OPTIONs you are looking for.

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Blogging with Video Utility Poster

Video blogging can accomplish many tasks. One quick way to get started video blogging is by using Video Utility Poster, software provide by the folks at Authority Site Center.

By using Video Utility Poster you can get into Video Blogging within minutes. It’s important that you use video blogging as a means to an end. That being, producing quality content for the readers of your blog. If you simply start embedding a bunch of unrelated, junk, or garbage videos….you guessed it, your readers will get turned off.

Why use Video Utility Poster ?

Simple, if you have a steady flow of readers, they can get tired of reading all the time and a relevant video will spice things up. Remember nobody wants to watch junk videos, but a relevant video that is on topic makes video blogging something that will keep a visitor on your site.

The main reason to get into video blogging by using Video Utility Poster is that it will save you a ton of time. By using any of the Utility Poster products you can keep your posts flowing by doing a quick search for a relevant topic, grab a video or two and drop it into the post. Using Video Utility Poster really is that easy, in fact, I’m using it now and therefore this post will qualify me as a bona fide video blogger :)

The below video has Jack Humphrey, the creator of Video Utility Poster showing you more reasons why you should consider using this utility and what some of the benefits are of video blogging !

Grab Video Utility Poster today and it will make your life much easier when you can turn your blog into semi-video blog overnight!!!

Video Utility Poster

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