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Learn Website Flippping with “Quick Websites for Flipping Cash”

I just finished up reading “Quick Websites for Flipping Cash” by Leanne King.

If you’ve been reading ebooks and small reports for any length of time, then you know that at best most are of average quality and unfortunately a lot of ebooks are of very poor quality.

So…..I get really excited when I find and read an ebook the is excellent on all accounts! Leanne really emptied her brain when she wrote Quick Websites for Flipping Cash.

When I read an ebook I expect to discover something new, learn some type of new process or market….actually, I’m satisfied if I come up with just one idea on how to increase my income. That might mean a new way to build websites, a new market to explore or a new method of selling…in this case website flipping….acutally blog flipping. I’m sure you get the idea.

I found Leanne’s book on a warrior special offers forum. I actually thought I was buying a book that covered different aspects of using wordpress for offling marketing. Well……I was wrong.

In “Quick Websites for Flipping Cash”, Leanne starts off with a brief history of how she got started and what kind of experience she had before starting. Take note…If you’re new to internet marketing and making money on the web, then, you will be completely encouraged with this short section because Leanne started a long time before we had the tools that we have today.

Her husband bought a website on ebay and gave it to her “to do something with”. Thus the book is kind of a diary into the process or adventure that took her from knowing nothing about websites to building websites and selling them on ebay for some good cash. In fact, if your looking to make some money online….this could be a great place for you to start and this guide “Quick Websites for Flipping Cash” will show you virtually every step you need to make a website, place it on ebay and sell it.

There are many, many steps in the process and Leanne takes you all the way through in incredible detail with a nice variety of screenshots to help you understand the processes involved.

After you read this book, you’ll know how to setup a wordpress blog, buy a domain name, get hosting, add content to your blog, post it on ebay, sell your site, keep one for yourself, transfer the blog, transfer the domain and collect your cash prize :) The process known as website or blog flipping.

Did I mention that every step is fully explained and has a screenshot showing you how to start and complete the process?

You’ll learn her entire process for completing blog flips known as Quick Flips for quick cash. I’ve read a handfull of ebooks on flipping websites and a ton of forum posts explaining flipping websites. I honestly have to say I haven’t read a more complete or more thorough report on Flipping Websites than I have in “Quick Websites for Flipping Cash”

If you need to make some quick cash….this is a very doable system. The best part is that it is repeatable, you could easily build a couple of sites a week if you wanted and you could flip them for $100 tpo $500 or whatever the market will bear.

I easily give “Quick Websites for Flipping Cash” 10 out of 10 stars. Get this book and get started today!

The best part……Today it will only cost you $7.00!

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Easy Money Picture Project with Public Domain

I just finished reading a brand-new ebook that is forcing me to re-consider the types of products I create. My “former” good friend Tony (the Public Domain Expert) just blew up all my crazy views about creating image-based products.

I decided public domain images were just too much work for me.

The Easy Money Project written by someone who really knows and uses Public Domain Images opens the closest thing to a public domain fantasy world.

Are you thinking this is just another scam that only makes the author of the ebook money….you’re wrong. Tony is the new Public Domain Expert in the Internet Marketing world…a real hands on guy. He really does take you step by step through the process of using public domain images, where to find them, where to get free software….don’t miss this one.

Easy Money Project using Public Domain Images

I thought the Public Domain was a bunch of old crap… Tony proved me wrong!

Working with Public Domain Images using the “Easy Money Picture Project”

Tony’s recent book, “Easy Money Picture Project” makes using public domain images exciting once more. He exposes proven strategies on how to locate and make use of Public Domain images (photos, illustrations, maps, fine art and a LOT more) from his own vast experience of producing successful Public Domain-based products from on the spot experience. Here’s the comical part…almost all of my internet marketing pals continue to think this is only a waste of energy and time. Really, these guys are just stupid and Tony Laidig reveals to you how come using case studies and dozens of good examples. Actually his own local home town produced a quick project from Public Domain images that cashed in over $7,000 and the complete thing was created on a business copy machine.

Are you interesting…you should be, take a look at working with Public Domain Images using the “Easy Money Picture Project”

Easy Money Picture Project using Public Domain Images

Listen to me. Do you like Public Domain, Do you like working with images. If yes, then the new ebook “Easy Money Picture Project” is going to simply amaze you…I guarantee it…If you’re mind doesn’t start realing with ideas then you’re brain dead…sorry but then this stuff just isn’t for you. But, if you work with images or want to learn how to work with images you really should check out Tony’s book.. Do yourself a favor and invest in something that isn’t the same old rehashed product creation ideas you read from every other marketer. Gain some fresh, new perspective like I have with Tony’s amazing new ebook, “Easy Money Picture Project”

Yep, here’s the sales pitch…but I would never lead you wrong and I can’t come up with the words that would express how badly I think you should check out working with Public Domain Images by purchaseing the “Easy Money Picture Project”

I don’t beg too often, but I know how cynical we can get….trust me on this get a copy of the “Easy Money Picture Project”!

Public Domain Images are a HUGE goldmine…..yet few talk about them. I found a few resources for you that will help in your research and discovery when digging into world wide depot of public domain images …..enjoy:

  • Little League Game in Central Park NewYork City
  • - I, (sookietex) the creator of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In case this is not legally possible, I grant any entity the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, …

  • cafepressing the public domain (plus Cap Confederacy!)
  • - A cleaned-up version of the Buccaneers illo (the text has not been touched, because who could improve on it?):. A few public domain images I like, also tweaked in Photoshop:. And a new Captain Confederacy image: …

  • Public Domain and CC-licensed Image Sources
  • - Public Domain (no strings):. Wikipedia’s List of PD Images – large and categorized; US Government Photos and Graphics – Your tax dollars at work! Gimp-Saavy – mostly NASA and Federal Wildlife. Creative Commons (some restrictions, …

  • Use Public Domain Images
  • - Public Domain images are a good source when you need to post daily or at least regularly. Images, and photos can add a special touch to your post that helps to break the monotony of viewing text. It’s not that your posts are boring, …

  • How to identify public domain photos on Flickr
  • - I don’t want to get in trouble, though, so can you tell me if there’s some way to identify those photographs and other images that are legal for me to republish? Continue reading How to identify public domain photos on Flickr [article …

  • WP Clipart 5.8 (Default branch)
  • - WP Clipart is an attempt to make a useful clip art package of public domain images for use in word processors. It includes an optional cross-platform viewer/editor written with Python/GTK. The collection contains non-transparent PNG …

  • Digital Image Resources on the Deep Web
  • - The images are a part of online collections created by institutions in the US Some of the images may be a part of the public domain, but many will require permission or accreditation in order to use. So, no, these aren’t necessarily …

  • Looking for an Alternative to Google Images?
  • - Just because it’s easy to grab an image from Google or another site doesn’t mean it’s legal. Other than images that are in the public domain, most pictures are protected by copyright law. We won’t go into a lesson on copyright and fair …

  • Free Books (Audio and Text), Music, Movies, and more
  • - As a general rule the works of authors who died before 1955 are in the public domain in Australia. Works by George Orwell (died 1950), Virginia Woolf (died 1941), and James Joyce (died 1941), just to name a few authors, …

Wordflood the Best Content Rewriter

Wordflood is one of the best if not, the best, content rewriters on the market.

Give credit where credit is due!

is the perfect tool to help you create a unique version of an existing article. I use it all the time and it works exactly as advertised. I can’t remember how long I’ve owned it..somewhere between a year or two.

wordflood article rewriter

Here’s one good use. Let’s say you’ve signed up for an affiliate program and they’ve provided you with 4 email txt articles to use in an autoresponder. Take those 4 articles and run them thru Wordflood to create 4 unique versions and then post them in your blog.

After using the tool for a while it becomes easier and easier.
Wordflood is especially helpful when your creative juices are at a low. Use Wordflood to help you create a new article based on the existing or old article.

You can download a fully functional version and give it a whirl for 2 weeks…I guarantee you’ll love it. You can also check out a short video on his site that shows how the application works and watch as he rewrites an article. Nothing better for article re-writing.

Anyway…..just wanted to give Brandon “2 Thumbs Up” for creating a simple and effective method of creating unique text.

MicroNicheFinder Video

I got a letter from James Jones about Micro Niche Finder…..its really an awesome keyword tool. In fact, each day I use it more. Check out the below video….it might need some time to load, you’ll learn some secrets of long tail keywords.

Hi Scott

Just about every day people email me and ask if you can really make money selling Private Lable Rights products. They’re referring to a video I did that shows how to use Micro Niche Finder to find markets that you can then create niche private label
rights (PLR) packages and sell these for a quick profit.

If you haven’t seen the video you can watch MicroNicheFinder in action here…

Well, check this out. I just saw this offer on the Warrior’s Forum (in case you don’t know, the Warriors Forum is a place where Internet Marketers hang out and you can post an ad for $20.00)

Here’s the link to the post:

Now that is pretty cool! Tiffany has done her research and found 28 profitable markets. She then created Squidoo Lenses and she’s selling the lenses for $125.00 each.

And notice how many she has sold (at the time I’m writing this she’s sold 22 — that’s $2750.00.)

Listen, I know for a fact you can get writers to create these lenses for you for $25.00 max. Just go to one of the freelance sites (I use and post a project.

Just wanted to show you that because I thought is was a neat twist on the Private Label Rights technique.

If you want to locate little niche markets like this and start profiting from Private Label Rights you need Micro Niche Finder.

Check out more videos about MicroNicheFinder and long tailed keywords.

Happy Niche Hunting,


micronichefinder locates long tail keywords

I feel like a used car salesman…but I’m telling you this keyword tool has finally opened my eyes after 4 years of trying to understand keyword research. I had some sort of mental block about keywords and no matter what I did…..well, I just sucked at finding and using keywords. James Jones is a down to earth, in the trenches….real type guy who is working hard and making things happen. He developed this tool and I’m so very thankful to him for MicroNicheFinder and opening my eyes and mind to keyword research.Thanks James :)

CraigsAgent Finally Live But…… Craigs Agent Will—

CraigsAgent Finally Live But……

Not for long!

I honestly would not have spend the time to put together the previous posts about CraigsAgent if I would have known that it was going to be shut down. I put a lot of effort in writing those posts, but in the long run, Craigs-Agent will maintain it’s exclusivity for a long time!

CraigsAgent Only Available Until Sunday April 6th, 2008

Why??????? Believe me it’s not a marketing ploy.

CraigsAgent works…period!

There was a change with the Ebay Affiliate program and the owners stopped selling the application to make the necessary fixes and then they decided to open up sales for only a few more days ….then lock it up, no more sales.

I’m glad they decided to close down CraigsAgent, because it will preserve the integrity of the script and maintain it’s effectiveness. This will enable you to make money with Craigslist and make money with Ebay’s Affiliate program.

If you’re still on the fence, that’s OK. I know what it’s like to have to balance a budget with wise purchases. Better not sit too long though, remember April 6th and CraigsAgent is gone!

I’m going to be 100% honest with you. It’s time for some honesty in the Internet Marketing world. Ready?

This Product Works.

If you were expecting me to blow the lid off of it’s faults you might be surprised that that is my statement of truth. I’m proud to say that it is!

The software designers worked tirelessly to make sure this is the very best automated income generator in the world. It’s been tested and tweaked in beta mode until they were 100% sure it was ready for you.

It most definitely is, and the response was, is and has been overwhelming.

Customers on Craiglist are pleading with someone to show them where to find a product they need. They either don’t have the time or inclination to find it themselves. You can come to their rescue!

You need CraigsAgent. It will take you ten seconds to send them an e-mail with your cloaked affiliate link. Imagine the recipient’s surprise when the very product they’ve been searching for is sitting right in their inbox?

I’ve read testimony after testimony with people explaining that they’ve actually gotten emails from those people “Thanking Them” for sending them the info they were looking for…..Just think, it was done automatically by CraigsAgent! You helped someone find what they were looking for….you didn’t spam anyone and you made a couple bucks for your effort and made someones life a little better.

So, you can see why CraigsAgent is the talk of the town. There really has never been anything like it and never will be after April 6th.

Take advantage of the lifetime support, free upgrades, unlocked software, quick setup guide, and built-in link cloaking technology. Oh yeah, there is a very generous money back guarantee as well.

I hate to keep reminding you of this, but there is a limited supply and all sales stop at April 6th, 2008. They WILL pull this product, Craigs Agent from the market to maintain its exclusivity. Buy yours now if you want to be one of the few people on the planet to benefit from such a fun and easy income generator.

iContentRobot Destroys the Googles Duplicate Content Penalty

iContentRobot destroys the duplicate content penalty by creating unique readable content. In fact, I challenge anyone to tell me which article is machine generated!

Free website traffic equals a critical subject online because everybody including yourself demands to compose articles in one format or another. Whether it is for your Adwords, or your own internet site, Adsense websites or just writing to advertise your internet sites. More study is necessary like keyword density, LSI (Google’s recent indexation formula), determining for grammar and still shipping it away to a proofreader. Therefore there’s not adequate time in the day to produce a few more than 3 sufficient articles.

The answer : My own iRobot, unrestrained website traffic propagation answer employing uncomparable content creation.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with website content and developing unique content in an effort to avoid the feared duplicate content penalty.

I’ve used just about every content manipulator that’s been produced and up until now I would say that good ole Articlebot by Don Harold was the best. For a quick change on a single article there’s a product called Wordflood, very inexpensive and very effective. And if you’re really into spinning articles Glenn Leader has a script called ArtiFact…it takes a while to set up but you can spit out 100’s of unique articles that are readable to a human.

But……. I think I hit the motherlode! Watch the video below, plus here’s a page full of iContentRobot Videos.


I just purchased a product called iContentRobot by a fellow named Latif and it is by far the best ever. iContentRobot consistantly spits out articles that are between 70% and 98% unique content…that means no duplicate content penalty, regardless of whether or not you think the penalty exists…..almost unheard of in the world of article marketing.

Take a product like MicroNicheFinder and iContentRobot and you have a nuclear arsenal for for developing unique content with no duplicate content, string in some of the longtailed keywords from MircoNicheFinder and you just hit paydirt.

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Software gets Social Marketing Authority Links Thru the Backdoor

If you are like most marketers, you are always on the lookout for new ways to get more traffic and better search engine results.

Well, I have something exciting to share with you today…

What if there was a quick and easy way to leverage the power of 2 TOP web 2.0 sites?

And what if you could literally get hundreds or more high Google PageRank links in a short period of time?

Do you think that might have a big impact on your success?

I can assure you that it does!

That’s why I want you to see this super cool software and test it out firsthand for yourself…

Learn more by going here right NOW:

Social Media Inspector

Plus, it gets even better…

It’s SO simple to use and you don’t have to be a computer geek or search engine genius to get amazing results!

There’s a special audio message for you on the site and also test results for a site consisting of ONLY 1 page.

The results are extremely eye-opening, to say the least!

Lastly, the price is *VERY* affordable, so don’t miss out on this KILLER way to get better rankings at lighting fast speeds.

Stay ahead of your competition NOW:

Social Media Inspector

Social Marketing and Web 2.0See you at the TOP of the search engines!

Don’t forget the Web 2.0 Bible for Social Marketing. The list of resources will keep you busy for weeks and will cause an avalanche of traffic directed right towared your website. The Web 2.0 Bible is the perfect companion for the Social Media Inspector and should be just one of the tools in your arsenal of Social Marketing Weapons. The Web 2.0 Bible gives you a great foundation for understanding the Social Marketing Phenomena…..get a copy today.

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What Happens When Craigslist and Ebay Get Together

By Automatically Harnessing the Massive Amount of Targeted Buyers on Craigslist and the Astronomic Selection of Products on eBay…

“Affiliate Marketing Just Became Automated”

Steve was manually sending email to craiglist buyers suggesting ebay products. Now….. he has automated the process and its called CraigsAgent!

Are you maximizing your affiliate marketing potential by utilizing the most popular websites on the internet? If you don’t already know about the simple method I’m about to reveal to you, you’re missing out on a lot of potential income.

Watch the Video! now receives over 25,000,000 monthly visitors, with 20% of those visitors posting want ads. That’s 5 MILLION potential clients with money in hand BEGGING YOU to help them locate the items they need!

However, only a handful of marketers know how to harness the power of this highly profitable market… The secret lies in the process of marketing the items you find to these clients and striking a decent and steady profit.

Currently, there’s a great eBook circulating around the web (that I wrote) that shows you the secrets to accomplishing this process. People are paying $27.00 for this information all day, every day. But lucky for you…

I’m going to reveal that secret strategy to you right now. In fact, fill in your name and email address and I’ll send you a link to a video that explains the entire process!

The idea is simple and the results are fantastic. You simply promote eBay products, with your custom affiliate link, to those people on Craigslist who are ready to buy the products you find for them!

This Highly Profitable Process Includes:

1. Searching the “wanted” sections of Craigslist for hours at a time.
2. Finding the requested items on eBay.
3. Manually creating an affiliate link for EACH ITEM.
4. Creating an email with a unique message containing your affiliate link.
5. Doing this hundreds of times a day…

But as you can already tell, there has always been one major problem. Promoting enough products to make a decent profit literally takes hours upon hours to accomplish, day after day. It’s slow, tedious, and quite frankly, more boring than watching paint dry.

However, there is now a Simple and Automated Solution making this process 10 times quicker and more profitable than ever…



The Breakthrough Affiliate Automation Software by Donato Spagnolo and Steve Mount

What Can CraigsAgent Do For You?

In a nutshell, it provides a custom user interface that allows you to quickly search through the wanted ads on Craigslist, find matching products on eBay, and quickly send out hundreds of custom emails containing YOUR eBay affiliate links!

BIG PROPLEM…..He’s closing the doors on April 5th! If you don’t get CraigsAgent drop me an email and I can send you a book that discusses the manual process…..but don’t do that to yourself….buy it now! You’ll be Amazed :)

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FTP Tutorial for XsitePro

Configuring the uploading section of Xsitepro is probably the most difficult section of the software to get past for anyone who is fairly new to website editors that combine ftp function. There was a fellow on a forum who asked the following question:

I can’t upload the site through xsitepro’s function, for some reason it just won’t go through.

When I export the site, everything goes fine.

Now I’ve updated the site and uploaded all the exported files (through filezilla) and it’s not 100% as it’s presented in xsitepro.

First of all the header isn’t displaying properly(it shows a previously edited header) and the left panel menu only displays the new links when you click on any link below the “home” homepage.

The new menu links don’t display on the homepage itself, but instead pop up when you click on anything below the “home” start page.

It’s SO frustrating!

I ask myself”why can’t this just work and be simple”!

Does anyone know how to come around this problem or any possible solutions?

I love xsitepro, it’s by far the best design tool, well, easiest and quickest to use, but darn, these kind of formatting issues are so annoying, especially when it looks so good in XsitePro itself.

Since I use Xsitepro quite a bit I thought I’d try to give him some advise as follows:

Xsitepro is perfect for anyone getting started with building websites. Because of it’s simplicity it’s also great for more experienced webmasters that want to crank out some quick websites.

I’ve worked with a lot of people trying to get xsitepro to work and 90% of the problems come from trying to upload webpages to your site. Bev, Kay and Darren are spot on as they say. Pay attention to their advice when setting up your ftp info.

There are many differences with different hosting providers regarding the setting up of your ftp information. The easiest thing to do is contact Xsitpro support and ask them how to set up your ftp info for your specific hosting provider. Chances are they can tell you exactly what to do and how to set up your ftp info.

If you don’t figure out how to use the ftp function of Xsitepro then you’re losing a big part of the functionality of the software. In my experience you need to be able to upload from Xsitepro in order to properly edit your websites in a sequential and progressive way. In other words, once you have a site completed and uploaded you should, at any time, be able to come back to Xsitepro and add a page or article. All the other pages will automatically be updated and you can upload and have all the pages linked properly.

Xsitepro Video TutorialsIf you’re trying to build a site with xsite and then upload with frontpage or filezilla, I’ve found out that you end up losing some of the functions and linking that xsite provides. I’ve never been able to build a website in xsite and then upload it with filezilla….then come pack and edit the site.

I would suggest that you delete anything related to the site that you uploaded that is on your server before trying to use the ftp function of Xsite. If you uploaded with filezilla or front page you probably have some extraneous files on your server that could hamper the functioning of your site.

Xsite will only overwrite files with the exact name….so if you’ve been messing around and uploading files and folders trying to make the site work, chances are you’ve got extra stuff uploaded and you need to delete it.

I’ve got some Free Xsite Tutorials at:

Tutorial number 4 is a tutorial on ftp or uploading with Xsitepro… might help you.

Good Luck,


Automated Ebay Affiliate Marketing with Craigslist

What would happen if you could combine Craigslist with Ebay?

How about automatically providing Craigslist searches with Ebay Products, giving you commmsions for ebay sales and ebay sign ups. Takes the best of 2 worlds Craigslist autoposting with ebay affiliate sales …… all white hat!

Oh ya, don’t worry about ebays new affiliate program and the ebay affiliate program changes. This software and script will still work with Ebay’s new affiliate program.

Here’s the bad news.

You won’t be able to buy CraigsAgent after April 5th 2008 …..and that’s no BS. It’s really too bad because this is one of the most effective working scripts I’ve been exposed to and it sells itself. Thus the reason it really is being taken off the market.

It works too well and the creator is afraid of too many people using it.

If you’re lucky enough to read this before April 5th, you better jump on CraigsAgent now!

Understand….affiliate marketing can be really tough and it’s difficult to become successful.

I Near threw in the towel till I stumbled upon Craigslist. There’s a entire division committed to items folks need and can’t find. Then it hit me! I could become an broker of sorts. I decided to take it upon myself to match the customer to their merchandise easily.

I began e-mailing the authors of these want ads with an eBay hyperlink to the precise product they were searching for (with my affiliate hyperlink in them naturally). I was actually shoveling in a lot of serious money, however it made up really tedious work.

That’s when I found out about a brand-new software package known as CraigsAgent. This amply automatizes the technique (since, it calls for 10 seconds to execute). This automation stands for effortless income for me and you!

The purchasers on Craigslist are virtually praying for your assistance. It will require you 10 seconds to advertise an individual high-ticket product to a focused buyer (think how many sales e-mails you might mail out in ten minutes, half-hour, 2 hours)!!

Rather than taking all day to do you might be finished in moments. Rather than being committed to your computer you will become able to savor your acquaintances and family. The money will equal the same, however the quantity of spare time you’ll have will sky rocket!

This represents a real work at home business in a box that is ideal for seasoned and brand-new marketers likewise. This is a full package, you even will receive free lifetime customer support, free upgrades, unlocked software system, a quick start up manual, and link masking script (You pay zero for these when other people ante up big $$).

Why wait for your own piece of a great automated income. Don’t wait since every minute blown is like throwing cash out the window.

Do yourself a favor and check out CraigsAgent Now!

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