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What is Bum Marketing?

What is Bum Marketing

Bum marketing — when I first came across the term, I admit I was a little taken aback by it. My investigation into the term Bum Marketing revealed that it was just a type of article marketing, really it was article marketing. Why is it called “bum marketing”? I believe the terminology is used because this kind of article marketing requires very little effort and still has the potential to earn a lot of money over a long period of time.

The way it works starts with picking a keyword that doesn’t have a lot of competition…then you create an article using this keyword…sometimes you place an affiliate link in the body or it goes in the signature file and finally submit it to the various article directories, then watch the traffic roll in.. If your article leads to sales for your affiliate link, you could get a decent commission for it. The great thing is that each time there is a sale, you would be earning something. The best part is you don’t have to be the son of Einstein to do this, anyone can and anyone can make money with this method. Even a bum can make a killing here. I am sure you now understand why the term “bum marketing” is used.

I found a tool called Micro Niche Finder perfect for digging up these keywords!

It does get a little trickier, you will need to figure out what you’re going to sell, and which keywords will bring in the traffic…so, the bum needs a little education. The subject, in this case, will have to be a keyword or keyphrase that does not enjoy too much competitiona. You can find this by running a search for a given keyword and looking at the number of results and ads that are thrown up. The fewer the results and the greater the ads, the more potential your keyword will have. You could use a program like Google Adwords to find the ideal subject for your article.

Although you could create a mediocre article, imagine what will happen if you took the time to create an article that was one of authority and really solved a problem….that means traffic, and the more traffic…the more clicks. Content is the key, that means, say something when you write the article…just don’t babble nonsense. If the reader is impressed by what you say, you will get more clicks. Offer tips, tricks, and insights to the reader. In time you are bound to find a formula that works for you and which will bring heavy traffic to your site. Remember, heavy traffic generally means a rise in sales.

Times have changed, not too long ago you had to manually submit your articles to article directories, now it can be done automatically using different scripts, software and services. is one of the most popular, however, they are king of the hill and spammers are always trying to fool them, I tell you, spammers are going to ruin the world…these guys are the real bums of the world…just looking to make a quick buck….but I digress. Do a google search for article directories and you’ll find a ton, you can even get niche specific. If you’re a little new at this, you might not know that a site called Squidoo can be of big benefit for getting your links clicked because you can post your own articles, not only that but you can create a network of blogs with a platform called

Once your article has been posted, you will have to wait for the sales to be made. It might happen that other sites syndicate your article (this will happen if your article is of very high quality), and then you will suddenly be seeing an unprecedented rise in the number of sales. Your money-earning potential will rise considerably.

If you are smart in your choice of keyword, and in your choice of words, you could end up making a lot of money. Most importantly is to give Bum Marketing a try, and more important than that….is don’t quit!.

One of the best ways to learn about internet marketing is to follow somebody who is successful at it. Dennis Becker has a Membership called 1KaDay that is probably one of the best memberships teaching other marketers how to be successful in internet marketing. First I advise you study his book on how to begin earning a consistant 5 bucks a day, Its called 5 Bucks a Day I strongly advocate both…even if you’ve been online for a while or you are just starting out. Don’t waste the most precious asset you have….your time!
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Mechanical Turk Amazon Video

Have you heard of Mechanical Turk Amazon

Chris Crompton has a presentation that is a video tutorial of Amazon Mechanical Turk.

If you’re not familiar with it, don’t feel all along. The concept is fairly new or I should say Mechanical Turk has just become understood and recongnized in the Internet Marketing Field.

Mechanical Turk briefly described is a quick, cheap and easy way to get articles written that are of very high quality. You can get an article for $2 to $5 depending on word length. This is a great resource for putting together an ebook, report, articles for pages, or articles broken down for blog posts.

Chris produces some pretty good stuff, take an hour out and look at this presentation and give Mechanical Turk a whirl….you can thank me latter :)

Although Chris’s program looks interesting and I’m sure would be helpful. You now know enough to get unique one of kind articles written in English by using Mechanical Turk Amazon!

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Wiki Manager Product Review

First I have to admit that I haven’t purchased this product…..there’s just not enough dollars in the month. However, thought you’d like to take at a unique approach with your bum marketing. I put the product up for you to look at, it got great reviews in the warrior forum so I feel safe in showing it to you. I do plan on getting it, possibly next month.

Here’s what Wiki Manager does:

A Complete Bum Marketing System for wikiHow

This package includes a brand new ebook and a killer piece of software that I had developed for my own personal use. The only reason I am selling it at any price is to recoup most of my programming expenses, which ended up being much higher than I anticipated. When that is accomplished, it goes off the market forever.

Listen, I don’t like hype. So what I am offering you here is a no baloney, no nonsense, quality product that will improve your Bum marketing business impressively. And I am not offering it for very long. This is a very small window of opportunity for a few fortunate marketers to get their hands on something that really is exclusive.

So what does it do?

It allows you to utilize as your primary free web page provider for your Bum Marketing efforts.

Why would you want to do that?

Because Google is head-over-heels in love with, especially for search phrases beginning with How to…

What this boils down to is:

* Higher search engine results for your article pages

* More traffic for your article pages

* Less work in creating wour article pages

* Get top 3 Google results for targeted search phrases with ease

* A clear advantage over everyone else attempting to use wikiHow for marketing, traffic, or SEO purposes

* More commissions

You aren’t still fighting the battle trying to get ezinearticles, Squidoo pages, pages, or Hubpages ranked for search results are you?

Why make things so hard on yourself?

Learn my wikiHow system, get your hands on this one-of-a-kind page-maintenance software, and watch your return-on-effort jump through the roof! Seriously – that’s what happened to me as soon as I started using it.

If you know anything about wikiHow you are probably already drooling at the prospect of a working, state-of-the-art, stealth, auto page-monitoring and editing software. If you don’t know anything about wikiHow, I suggest you browse the site for a bit and do some Google searches for the article titles (starting with How to…)

Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Scripts and Online Affiliate Link Cloaking

If you are an affiliate marketer and you’re not creating redirects or cloaking your affiliate links….well, you are losing money.

I’ve been collecting many methods for cloaking your affiliate links and was thinking about putting together a quick report for those that might be new to the subject of link cloaking…but I wanted share 2 quick ways for free link cloaking.

This is an online method of creating a cloaked affiliate link:

And here is a script that cloaks affiliate links and tracks…it is a free script and I found it on the warrior forum. Anyway, go to: and sign up for the free affiliate cloaking script download. He will also send you installation instructions.

Just do it!

Link Cloaking

Once you start to develop your online business….it doesn’t matter if its selling internet marketing products or trying to sell products online for dogs or cats….soon you’ll realize that you should use affiliate links in their raw form.

Let me back up. Lets say your trying to break into the dog niche. So you sign up for a product that teaches you how to train your dog. Once you sign up for the affiliate program you’ll recieve an affiliate link. Anyone who’s been online for any length of time will realize that you are selling an affilaite product by the look of the link.

The solution is to cloak your affiliate link. There are many ways to cloak or hide your raw affiliate link and still get credit for the purchase. However, I just want to show you one way to cloak your link and not divulge your affiliate link in the lower title bar of your browser and you can even create your own title in the Title Line of your browser.

Click on this link Cloak Your Affiliate Link and you’ll find a free online method of creating the code that will help you save affiliate sales commissions.

Duplicate Content and Your Articles

If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any length of time you know or have heard of the phrase “Duplicate Content”. The concept and reality of duplicate content has caused many discussions and arguments on various internet forums.

Bottom line is this….can you use private label articles or articles from article directories on your websites…the answer is yes. However any way you cut it…both will fall into the category of “duplicate content”

If you don’t believe me take one of your PLR articles and go to Article Checker and paste your article and see how many times the various phrases or keywordphrases are in google. If you have your article up on a webpage go to and check it. Chances are you’ll find multiple instances of your article.Instant Article Wizard for Unique Content

Face it…the ever evolving web isn’t doesn’t benefit from having the same article or content posted 100’s of times on 100’s of websites. Unique content brings value and that percieved value brings website visitors. You must change your plr articles and create your own unique and interesting content.

There are many content rewriters…some create garbage and some do a pretty good job. Some of these rewriters spin articles into multiple variations….problem….you really only need one article….so having 1000 unique articles is pretty worthless in my eyes. The reason is that the 1000 articles basically say the same thing, why would you post those on your website or blog unless you’re just doing some black hat stuff..For those of you that don’t know, black hatters eventually get banned. Black hat refers to underhanded, under the table, criminal, nasty, garbage sites that google seeks to eliminate.

So….what’s an internet maketer to do. You really need to rewrite the articles.

Ok…you’re lazy and think I’m just BS’ing. Do yourself a favor then and at lest change the Title of the article and add a subtitle. Add a couple of sentences…you can do that and change a few words here and there. That’s better than nothing.

I have to admit…I’m lazy and really don’t enjoy rewriting all the articles I purchase. I’ve tried just about every article rewriter around. WordFlood is the best article rewriter for unique content. It’s easy to use and if you’re brain is half asleep as mine is sometimes you can change an article by more than 50% in 5 to 10 minutes.

The other program that is amonst the best for creating unique articles is Instant Article Wizard.  Instant Article Wizard assists you in producing high-grade articles about literally any subject area in merely minutes! Instant Article Wizard genuinely takes article marketing to a completely brand-new plane. Isn’t it worthy of a pocket-sized investment and a couple of moments of your time to set up and employ to add content to your websites?

The Thesaurus and The New Visual Thesaurus

I did a google search for thesaurus because I need one to find some snyonyms for a domain name. Much to my surprise I found a really cool application called The Visual Thesaurs. The best way I can describe it is that the visual thesaurus looks similar to a mind mapping diagram. In any case, it can be used to expand your keyword research and dig into niches and find long tail keywords that will be virtally all yours.

You’ll benefit in any category of keyword research if you give visual thesaurus a try. You can try it for free and if you sign up you get a 14 day free trial….its cheap and I guarantee you’ll love it. I found 3 .com domain names that contained my main keyword using this application. I would have never dreamed on the synonyms suggested using a regular thesaurus.

Give Visual Thesaurus it a try!

Exceptional Features

With both variations of the Visual Thesaurus, you are able to:

* Discover the appropiate word and research. The Visual synonym finder has over 145,000 English words and 115,000 meanings. Hunt for the word you are searching then survey a trail of associated concepts.
* Improve your apprehension English language. The Visual Thesaurus’s intuitive user interface assists you to discover words by their semantic relationship with additional words and meanings. It has focus on relating words by their meanings leads to a more accurate understanding.
* Listen to words enunciated correctly. (Net connection essential) The Visual Thesaurus provides the alternative between a British and an American English accent.
* Understand the relationships between English language words and meanings. In addition to synonyms, the Visual synonym finder displays sixteen varieties of semantic will be able to understand that a nose is part of a face, that a horn poppy represents a type of flower, and that epinephrine represents a type of vasoconstrictor.
* Amplify your research to the World Wide Web. Using any word, you will be able to start an online search for either internet pages or images.
* Check your spelling. The Visual Thesaurus proposes options and then you are able to determine the correct word even if you are not positive of the spelling.
* Individualize your experience. The Visual Thesaurus permits you precise mastery over your settings. You manipulate font sizing, the types of relationships that are usable, content filtering, and additional controls.
* Separate out Content. Both the Desktop and the Online variation permit you to separate out content at 4 various stages.

Keyword Research with Amazon…new twist!

keyword analysis with amazon.comI just finished watching a video by Rob Taylor explaining how to mine Amazon for keywords related to your niche marketing. is a literal goldmine for keyord suggestions and keyword research….only if you know some of the secrets.

Some of the best information on the internet is free. Thanks go to Rob for this quick yet thorough video on keyword research using Amazon!

Although I’m getting better, sadly keyword research hasn’t been one of my strong points, so I’m always looking for good advice and techniques, Robs video on keyword research at Amazon reveals some concise and very valuable techniques you can use to dig into your niche. Discover how to drill down into your niche. Discover how to find keywords that you’ll never find with automated keyword finders and services.

For instance. Amazon provides something called SIP’s and CAP’s. Got any idea what they can be? They’re rich keyword loaded groupings that will provide ideas and actual keywords you can use in your projects. I guarantee….these will be phrases that are typically called “low hanging fruit”. Rob mentions about 4 or 5 different ways to find obscure yet highly relevant keywords

This is not an automated process. However, the research and actual keywords are handed to you on a silver platter. This is a great advantage to you. Most people never take action. Most internet marketings are looking forkeyword research using automated solutions. As time progresses, markets are being consumed, niches are being filled and its becoming more and more difficult to market online. It’s not as easy back in the days of the Google Cash Method.

Here’s the lesson. Since few will do the extra work to dig up these niches or to find these hidden keyords and keyword phrase……all you have to do is take a little action. Watch Rob Taylors excellent video and get to work :)

Wishing you much success