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Fix For Firefox 4 or 5 Session Restore Not Working

One of the things I loved about Firefox 3 was the session restore.

I would have 100 or more tabs open on a couple of windows, my machine would start to crawl and sooner or latter it locked up!

I guess I’m just a browser hoarder :)

Anyway the system restore built into Firefox 3 saved my butt many times. I would be doing research and BAM…. puter locks up and all my browsing lost. But, thanks to Restore Session I could easily restore every tab I lost and then save the more important material. So….I abused the session restore function and always pushed my machine to the max before it crashed.

One day I updated my version of FF3 and quickly found out that I lost my Session Restore ability. I tried to fix it but no luck so I upgraded to FireFox 4.

I found Session Restore didn’t work on Firefox 4 either. I googled looking for fixes. Nothing I found worked like the original Session Restore. I just couldn’t believe the programers would write session restore out of the new versions of Firefox.

Well after a couple of months I think I finally figured out how to make the session restore work as it did originally.

Try this out:

Go to –>Tools—>Options  and follow the below images.

Session Restore Fix for Firefox 3 and 4


In the above image make sure “Permanent Private Browsing mode” is unticked and make sure “Remember my browsing history” is ticked

Your window should look like this:

firefox session restore not working


Regarding image below:

Now tick the bottom box “Clear History when firefox starts” and the “Settings” tab should become available, so click on “Settings” and the small box below will open up.

Make sure “Browsing History” in Settings for Clearing History is ticked. Click OK and close the box. In the Main Options box I leave  “Clear History when Firefox Closes” ticked ….then click OK on the bottom.

Take your browser for a test. Load up 5 or 10 tabs and restart your computer either from Alt+Crt+Delete or Turn Off from the STart button….. when the computer is ready click on the firefox icon and it should load the last five pages or load a Session Restore Tab.

Restore firefox tabs with Session Restore for Firefox 4 and 5

I actually “untick” all the items in the small window except for “cache”

Click on “OK” and the firefox system restore should work perfectly.

Let me know how this works!

Computer Backup Discussion

Recently I had an online discussion about using backups and backing up your computer. The gist of the discussion could be summarized like this: It is of primary importance to perform regular backups of your computer and important files. Backups should be regular to ensure the freshness of your backups. However, when installing hardware or software that will affect certain existing files, you should always have a backup of those files.

For instance, Xsitepro has gone through a complete new version release this year. When installing the new version, Xsitepro Version 2, you can convert your existing websites to the version 2 Carbonite Never worry about your backup againformat. There is one thing you should consider when converting from Xsitepro Version 1 to Xsitepro Version 2. This is important… should always back up those files before conversion…..some people have converted their website files only to have the conversion crash…..and they lost all the work they did on Xsitepro Version 1……It would NOT have been a problem if they had a backup of their original xsite files.

Anyway, below is a comment I made in a forum, you can apply the principles to any program backup or installation.

Seems like I always learn things the hard way.

Just a thought….whenever you decide to do something major, like a conversion….you should backup your files to 2 or 3 locations. For instance IF you can backup to an external hard drive or another place on your C drive, you should do it along with the default backup that is part of Xsite.

Also, you can export your sites as .xse files, again, export them to another location on your computer or a hard drive. You can even export them to a dvd.

The point is have more than one backup when you are going do something with your original backup files, if the process fails or your original backup files are destroyed you’ll not have lost all of your precious work.

For those of you who have worked with building websites with programs like frontpage or dreamweaver……remember, xsitepro does not have any provision for downloading your site from your server. You can download what’s on your server, but you cannot but those files back into xsitepro. Hope that makes sense, because I once thought that I had a backup of my xsitepro files on the server….I was wrong.

Here are some resources to help with backing up.

I use Acronis True Image 11 to backup all my hard drives. You can use it to backup only folders or files or your complete computer. One of the best I have ever used. While you can use it for data only, you can also backup your programs such as Xsitepro.

Another backup to your backup :) is a Service Called Carbonite which will backup your files to an external location. A cheap proposition when you consider the hassle of losing all your data. There is even a free trial so you can check it to see if it might work for your needs. The best part of this online storage solution is that it only costs $49 for a year for an unlimited amount of backup space.

One more story, my son has been using one of my old computers for his business. Just things like Word and some older programs. I’ve been telling him for years to backup or at least make a dvd of all your important files. Kids never listen to their parents! Last night he asked me if I could check out the old computer because it wouldn’t boot…..error message was “disk error”……and yes, no backups….yikes!

So….don’t say no one ever told you about backups!

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