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Review of Chunk Copy Copywriting Course

It’s not often that I promote specific PLR products. However, I have the videos from an innovative copywriting course called “Chunk Copy” and they are excellent for helping anyone with their copy writing skills. It’s a complete package on how to write copy that includes templates for writing a sales letter website. Basically, if you have your own product and can’t afford a couple thousand dollars to write the sales copy for your sales letter then Chunk Copy is for you.

If you are trying to participate in the PLR, MRR or Resell Rights market then you probably realize that you’re literally competing with 100’s of other product owners who are reusing the provide sales letters and other promotional materials. Chunk Copy can help you rewrite the sales copy for any resell rights, master resell rights or private label rights products ……putting you in the market without the competition of the hordes of other resell owners.

Watch the videos and you’ll be able to start
writing sizzling hot copy in only 3 hours!

Discover The Deadly Effective Yet Super Simple Copy Techniques
That Will Allow You To Quickly And Easily Write High Quality
Sales Copy, Even If You Dread Writing Today…

In this video series you’ll find that John Hostler is lifting the curtain on his incredible methods for CRANKING out high converting sales copy no matter your level of experience or talent for writing.

If you like to make mone’y, you simply must read every word of the extremely important letter at Chunk Copy!

I Hate Writing…..Is this You? Learn 5 Minute Copywriting!

Writing comes really easy to some people. Some internet marketers cringe at the thought of writing a sales letter, article or blog post.

I think writing is one of those things that you really need to look forward to….next fight the fear and just do it. Think about the first time you asked someone on a date, you might have thought about it for days or weeks…some people weeks or months. Finally you awkwardly make that call or face to face stumble around for the words to ask your secret lover for a date.

For my purposes the answer doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter if the person you want to go out with says yes or no. The fact is you thought about then took action. The next time you want to ask someone out, we all know it becomes a little easier.

Writing is a little like that.

Lets talk about copywriting for salesletters.

You have your first project. You think about it, scribble some words, scribble some more until you finally give up. Well…at least you thought about it!

Next day comes along and you know you suck at writing articles, let alone copywriting. But you start the scribbling process again and finally you just decide to do it.

Write the stupid salesletter. If its your first salesletter, it will be your worse. The next salesletter you do will be your second worse. I’m sure you get the idea.

Before you get lost in my babbling. Try to understand and apply this one principle whe it comes to writing articles or becoming a copywriter for a salesletter. Think and Write…period.

Spend some time thinking about your salesletter, for me it helps to create the headline and then a series of subheadlines. Then I just fill in as I go.

I do the same thing with articles,…..only on a smaller scale. Let’s say you have a 4 paragraph article in mind. Think of a Title which covers the overall theme of the article and then decide on 4 or 5 main points which will be your 4 to 5 paragraphs.

Here’s an example. Let’s think coffee. Now I decide that the article will be How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee.

Paragraph 1……… Intro on Ingredients
Paragraph 2……… Water Quality
Paragraph 3……… Coffee Quality
Paragraph 4……… Coffee Maker Quality
Paragraph 5……… Conclusion

You can see how easy it will be to put the pieces together for this article now that I have 5 topics to write on. If you were preparing salescopy for a salesletter you would follow the same basic format…simply use the main points of your salesletter when copywriting.

I picked up a couple of products that really helped me to start writing better articles and salescopy. I’ll have to admit that writing was always pretty easy for me and I enjoyed it. But recent health events resulted in medication that has created a terrible brain fog for me….it’s been next to impossible to write.

Robert Plank came to the rescue with 2 outstanding copywriting courses. They aren’t big deep tomes filled with theory and constant detail. These are just 2 plain spoken ebooks and videos designed to help you develop a system of easy writing. Plank is a boy wonder, the guy cranks out stuff left and right…..and he keeps getting better as time goes by.

If you want to get a handle on writing and copywriting your own work or even work for others check out his 2 books:

Five Minute Copywriting
Fast Food Copywriting

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Amazon S3 and Google Friend Connect

Jim Edwards of “Turn Words into Money” fame has put up a great post on Amazon’s new S3 program and Google’s Friend Connect program. You don’t hear a lot about these in the traditional internet marketing world…..probably because not a lot of marketers know about them and/or few have figured out what angle to use on their next ebook….”How to Make a Million Dollars in 5 Minutes with Amazon S3 and Google Friend”…..

how words make money turning words into trafficYep, I’ve become cynical and calloused over the years and so sick of the hype….but Good’ole Jimmy boy always puts out good stuff and provides eye opening news on some of the latest and greatest trends, services usually related around Internet Marketing….I always respect Jim’s opinion and have learned much from him.

An excert from his post:

Amazon S3 and Google Friend Connect – 2 Online Titans Help Small Businesses Grow


Amazon S3 and Google Friend Connect – 2 Online Titans Help Small Businesses Grow

- by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved


I find it very interesting how the constant battle between “paid” and “free” plays out on the Internet. On the one hand, businesses know they must make money to stay in business, while on the other hand, consumers expect and demand more and more free “stuff” online.

Two business models practiced by two of the Web’s largest players seem to have found the right balance, either supporting themselves through direct advertising sales or through a “pay as you use” model. Amazon and Google must know what they’re doing, because they both generate billions of dollars in online sales.

So if you want to grow your own small business, why not ride on the backs of giants!

In brief Amazon’s S3 service looks really great for those of us starving for efficient, cheap and reliable hosting service..however it has a twist. Check it out I think you’ll be surprised, especially since Amazon does everything in a big way

The S3 service allows you to easily upload and store huge files right through your web browser and then access them through a variety of applications. What this means for small business is that you don’t need to operate with a dedicated web server to compete with larger companies

Google Friend Connect is explained by google in the below quote and basically allows you to add a social aspect to just about any blog or static website. Once again, Google does everything big so I would check out Google Friend and see how it might be of advantage to you.

“Websites that are not social networks may still want to be social. But the barriers to offering social applications on the site have been considerable. Google Friend Connect changes this by enabling any site to offer dozens of social gadgets created by Google and OpenSocial developers to their visitors. This means more visitors spending more time on a more engaging website — with absolutely no programming required to make it happen.”

Don’t forget… check out Jim’s book Turning Words into Traffic and learn How To Get 72,000 Qualified Visitors To Your Website… Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

Targeted website traffic

Take a look at some of the ways Amazon S3 is being used effectively.

How to Use Amazon S3 and Firefox To Serve Static Files – How to Use Amazon S3 and Firefox To Serve Static Files.

Incremental backups to Amazon S3 – Based on this great blog post by Tim McCormack, I managed to write some scripts that back up files to Amazon S3. The files are encrypted with GnuPG and rsync-ed to S3 using a Python-based tool called duplicity. …

Amazon S3 Copy API Ready for Testing – A few weeks ago we asked our developer community for feedback on a proposed Copy feature for Amazon S3. The feedback was both voluminous and helpful to us as we finalized our plans and designed our implementation. …

Using Amazon S3 with Django – To get Amazon’s S3 working for my site and Knox’d, I simply followed the directions published way back in 2006 by data wunderkind Adrian Holovaty. I’ll paraphrase for readers of this blog:. First, sign up for an Amazon S3 account. …

Amazon S3 and Google Friend Connect – 2 Online Titans Help Small … – Amazon’s S3 gives you ultimate scalability to meet demand as it comes at a rate on par with mid-level hosting companies. But instead of charging you hundreds each month (whether you use the storage and bandwidth or not), Amazon only …

AmazonS3.cfc Update – In particular, the CFC assumes that it is the only interface to the S3-stored assets that it is used to interface with. If you use any other mechanism to manipulate those assets (including multiple CF applications), you’ll run into …


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Become A Copywriter

Learn how to become a copywriter and write your own copywriting quick and easy with this simple copywriting system.

Internet marketer and computer programmer Robert Plank has just revealed to me a quick and painless formula for compelling sales letters that will have your information or software products…heck any niche, launched and your web sites up and running in less than an hour!

With the simple directions in the FAST FOOD COPYWRITING special report, you just might become a copywriter and produce award- winning sales copy but it won’t take months and months of painstaking work to write.

Alternatively, you’ll be capable of consistently writing acceptable sales letters that are converting and selling within a matter of hours… GUARANTEED!

Let’s review a few more reasons why writing your own salescopy represents the best method for you to crank up your internet profit to the “full blast” setting…

Pain #1: Copywriting Is every bit Expensive As a Broken Bone With No Medical Insurance!

How Much Cash Do You Flush Down The Toilet Every Time You Produce A Brand-New Product? Let’s create a fast sum…

* Product creation: $500 to $1500 * Sales letter graphics: $50 to $300 * Copywriting fees: $500 to $2500 * Approximated amount: $1050 to $4300 per production.

The preceding demonstrates an “median” cost of $2675 per product. Whenever you sell a little $7 special report, do you recognize how many sales you would have to create just to break even? 382 sales, that’s how many! Couldn’t you save a big bucks if you understood how to do much of that yourself?

Pain #2: You Never Get PRECISELY What You Need When You Pay Somebody Else… There’s Always A Compromise

copywriting tips how to copywriteYou need to spend the time explaining what you require of them, waiting for them to come up with your sales letter, recite to them that’s not what you need… Hold off still longer… And then REPEAT THE procedure. All the whilst trusting your copywriter does not boost their charges because of the additional time expended.

Pain #3: You Get charged up About It — You are Able to Do It Promptly

The independent copywriter is in it because of the income and he’s not going to be as well-educated or as emotional regarding the subject, and so he’s probably going to drag his feet!

Since you understand the subject so good, you understand what buttons to push.

The Precise Second Robert Recognized that he had become a copywriter he decided He Was A Fast Food Copywriter, and He Suddenly Knew He Had NO Option Only to Divulge How to Become One

* What’s a stairway conversation and how is it so important to the way your brain works?

* What small change to my business allowed me to launch 20 products in 2007? (I launched more

products that year than I had in all my previous years of internet marketing COMBINED!)

* Why you want to be the copywriting equivalent of a McDonald’s fast food worker… and NOT an

artsy-fartsy gourmet cook. (That’s DEATH!)

* How the word “wait” could have serious repercussions for your business and your lifestyle for

years to come.

Robert Plank’s Personal Formula for Copywriting: Why Fast Food Copywriting Is A Formula, Not A

Skill, And Why Anyone Can Master It

* How you can get your sales letter written in hours, not days or weeks, using the proven time-

tested 7-step formula that I have printed and tacked up to my office wall.

* What one thing can weave your points together… that your high school English teacher NEVER

told you. I laugh at so many copywriters for forgetting this entirely!

* If you are on a time crunch, the one thing you probably SHOULD outsource.

* Get others to write your sales copy for you, for free, no strings attached whatsoever!

Split Test the Crap Out of Your Letters to Get Them Evolving and Responding to What Your

Prospects Want… Not What You “Guess” They Want

* Why you need to stay far away from “the obsessive tester” and how to avoid becoming one


* One thing to watch out for with price testing… that could actually lose you money, but is an

easy stumbling block for CONVERSION RATIO JUNKIES!

* My personal, never-before-explained secret to finding the best and most powerful phrases for

your swipe file. I found 60 phrases in about 10 minutes using this technique.

How Reading Your Junk Mail Will Help You Find The Exact Trigger That Gets People Tripping Over

Themselves to Buy!

* Why you absolutely, positively must go back to a 4th grade writing level to succeed.

* The exact number of words you need in your sentences to have the optimum psychological impact.

* The maximum length of time your video should run. It’s a lot shorter than you think.

* Robert Plank’s ultimate writer’s block cure for bullet points. (This one idea kept me up all


“How Do You Write That Killer Headline?” And Why You Should Spend As Much Time on the Headline

As You Do On the Body of the Copy!

* How to end up with 5 to 10 PAGES of headlines, so you know the exact one to choose for the

perfect fit!

* The perfect blueprint to crank out sales letters on an assembly line… by having others

interview you in a very specific way!

* How “the way” you present the problem and solution in your copy could mean life or death.

* Integrate Parkinson’s Law, Natural Language Processing, and Time Travel for a copywriting

method that just can’t be beat!

Let’s Go Over What You Get In This Incredible Special Report about Becoming a Copywriter:

* Chapter 1: Explain the Problem and Provide a Solution

* Chapter 2: Follow a Formula

* Chapter 3: My Personal Formula for Copywriting

* Chapter 4: The Anatomy of Outsourcing

* Chapter 5: Split Testing

* Chapter 6: Build A Swipe File

* Chapter 7: Jumpstart Strategies

* Chapter 8: How Do You Write That Killer Headline?

* Chapter 9: Video and Other Gimmicks

* Chapter 10: Write the Damn Thing!

The contents of this special report are written just like a concise sales letter — you won’t find ONE unnecessary word in the entire manual!

Read more about it here:

Become A Copywriter

Just think….if you become a copywriter, selling online suddenly becomes one step closer to a reality or you will instantly began to increase your profits.

You might find the below resouces of help if you’re trying to become a copywriter…best part is that they are free!

  • Copywriting Tips for Beginners
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  • The Incredible Nerve Of Freebie Seekers
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  • 5 Copywriting Tips for Landing Pages
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  • SEO Copywriting Tips – Things to keep in mind while blogging
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  • Top 10 SEO Copywriting Tips
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  • 7 Copywriting Tips You Can Use Right Now!
  • – Download your free report? Subscribe to your newsletter? Tell the reader one specific action to take next. There you are…7 simple copywriting tips you can use today to improve your communication with potential customers.

  • Copywriting Tips
  • – AdBriefing – Copywriting Tips, Sales Headlines and USP’s.Hints & Tips from seasoned copywriters and marketeers to help you create effective marketing campaigns. Free monthly newsletter and free access to a wealth of articles too. …

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Headline Facts

Headline Fonts

I listened to a webinar by Eric Graham about Headlines. He he on some great points, some things I already knew and some interesting new information. Bottom line, when listening to a “good” teleseminar or webinar, you get reminded of what you need to do and apply what you already know. Eric did a great job and glad I tuned in….anyway, here’s a couple of points you might find interesting when you start working on your own headlines.

Tahoma is the font type that pulls the best. Although “Impact” can sometimes pull better, the only problem is that this headline is often best done with your graphics editor.

Do you think Red is the best font color? Everybody is using red headlines…..right? Actually it does work best in most markets, it has been over used in Internet Marketing so it’s effectiveness in Internet Marketing is often not that effective……remember….test, test, test! The top 3 colors are:

  1. Black….actually dark red #CCOOOO
  2. Dark Blue #000066 and #000099 …. don’t use underlines
  3. Dark Red #cc0000

Headline Lenth

Trends are toward shorter headlines. The best according to Eric Graham are 8 to 14 words for the main headling. Next best is 14 to 21 words.

The type of traffic will be affected by headline lenght, for instance affiliate, jv, or inhouse list allows you to use much larger headlines than PPC and Organic traffic.

Video Traffic also seems to be more tolerant of longer headlines, Eric says this is a generality so use that fact when considering this.

The key thought is to track according to traffic source!


Font size for Tahoma is 16 point and Impact 25 point.

When using short headlines use a bigger font!

Free Headline Package

I put together a free headline package, software, books etc. You can have it in exchange for your name and email address, simply click on Headline Creator!

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