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Domain Parking Income

Have you ever wondered what in the world domain parking is and how do you do it? This is simply a way of generating some extra income from a domain name that you haven’t gotten around to putting a website up on. Or you can actually use this technique to make money online, the choice is yours.

For either option, parking a domain name until you’re ready to set up your website, or making money by parking your domain as your primary business, you will approach it in the same way.

Step one is to find a good company where you can park your domain. These sites will act as the middle man and will place all the ads on your parked site. They will also take care of lining up the advertisers and issuing your check, so make sure the company you choose has a good reputation.

Next, you need to determine how much of a budget you have for your domain names. If you want to buy existing domain names that are already getting traffic and are well known, it will cost you more.

To get a new, unregistered domain name will be around $10 a year but an existing high traffic domain name could easily cost hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars (of course your chances of making a lot of money are much better with an existing domain name).

If you are looking for an existing domain name and you are planning on buying one from an auction site you would be wise to find a few highly reputable auction sites and familiarize yourself with the process.

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the auction process and later find that you’ve grossly overspent. That is not a good way to do business. Figure out what your budget will be, become familiar with the process and under no circumstances allow yourself to go over your budget.

If you are buying a domain name for your own use, but you just can’t get to it for a while and you want to make some money in the meantime, you obviously don’t have to worry so much about the auction sites. You can get a new, unregistered domain name from any online registrar, there are many from which to choose.

Either option you choose, you do have to find a good company. You want one that will pay you at least 85% of the profit from the ads placed on your site. You also want a company that will allow you to optimize your landing pages so  you can maximize your return on investment and get a higher click through rate (CTR).

If you get stuck with a company that won’t allow you to have any control, you might regret deciding to try parking your domain in the first place.

Domain parking is a very popular method for generating income online. Whether you choose to do it only to make a little extra cash with that domain name you just bought but don’t have time to get to yet, or you are doing this as a full time income, there is a lot of opportunity to make money. Just like anything, though, you have to know what you are doing.

Using Domain Name Search

Before you head out on your great domain name search, you need to give a little thought to the process. Do you want to buy an existing domain that is a little established and has a website that already gets some traffic?  Would you rather go the cheaper (usually) route of buying an unregistered domain name and build it up yourself?

That is only the first of several questions you should ask yourself.  I’ll break it down a little bit so you have a better idea of which option is the best one for you and your online business.

First things first, consider what your budget is for your domain name. A new, unregistered domain name is about $10 a year. You can save on that price if you register it for multiple years and / or you buy more than one domain name at a time. When you buy in bulk you can often get a per domain price of around $5 or $6 dollars, maybe less.

If this is the way you want to go then you need to find a list of keywords that are closely related to the topic of your business. For example, if you are starting a niche site about bird baths you need to do some keyword research so you can compile a nice long list of highly searched keywords associated with bird baths.

Once you’ve got this list you can go to a domain name registrar online and find out which sites are available There are many domain registrars available such as, or to name just a few.

Try to get a .com extension if possible but if you’ve got a really great keyword that gets a lot of searches every month, going with a .net should work out very well for you too.

Also, try to get a domain name that just has the keyword in it and if possible, no other words. Though, again, if the keyword you are targeting is very popular you shouldn’t pass it up. So if all you can get is a domain name with something like the word ‘best’ or ‘easy’ etc, before or after the keyword, you should probably go for it.  Finally, if .com or .net is not available try to get a .org extension.

If you are on the hunt for an expired domain name that already has a high page rank and a lot of search traffic every month you should go to an online domain auction site. There are a lot of them around and many of the domain registrar companies will sell off expired domains.

Make sure you know what you are getting if you go this route. Most of the time you are just getting the domain name and not the actual website. Also carefully consider the amount of traffic the site is currently getting and try to estimate what your monthly income will be for that site, so you don’t overspend.

As you can see, you have several choices when it comes to your domain name search. To a large degree the option you choose will depend on what your budget is. Taking the time to carefully investigate all your options before you make a purchase is a very wise idea.

Tips for Domain Web Hosting

If you are a little confused about some of the terminology you are hearing online such as a domain name and domain web hosting, maybe I can help clarify things a little for you.

A domain name is like an address for your website (similar to the address for a house). It tells people where to go to find your website. The web hosting is more like the land that the house sits on, it’s the ‘physical’ part, the part where the actual data that makes up your website is stored.

There are several types of web hosting plans you can get and many different companies you can buy a web hosting plan from. Most of them are very inexpensive.

For example, you can get unlimited domain name hosting for as little as $10 a month.  You may even be able to find other places that are even cheaper and you can also get discounts if you buy long term hosting.

For most people a shared hosting account will handle their needs. This is when thousands of people share one server, each person gets a little bit for their websites.

Think of it like this: there is a big storage facility where you can rent one unit to store all your stuff in. Some of the bigger facilities have hundreds of units but you are only using one small portion, your unit. It’s a similar concept with a shared hosting plan.

You can also get a dedicated hosting plan, this is a better option for bigger sites that get a lot of traffic. A dedicated host means just that, you are the only one using a server, it’s dedicated to you and your sites. This is only needed if you have a huge website that gets a lot of traffic. This option is a lot more expensive than shared hosting, usually costing hundreds of dollars a month.

A hybrid of both dedicated and shared hosting is the VPS hosting. This is a virtual dedicated server where more than one person uses the server. Confusing I know, but think of it as a more expensive (with more options) version of shared hosting and a cheaper (but still with more options than a shared plan) version of dedicated hosting.

The last form of web hosting is the reseller hosting plan. This is simply a plan where you can sign up for a reseller account and get a dedicated server but instead of using the server all by yourself you can resell space on the servers and you will be the one who gets paid.

With so many options it may get overwhelming to decide which type of domain web hosting will be the best choice for your business. For the most part, starting small with the shared hosting will handle most of the needs for the small to mid size internet business. As you grow and get more traffic (and have more money) a dedicated or VPS site may make more sense. But for now, shared is probably your best option.

Domain Name Parking

More people are turning to the internet to make money, they are also snapping up domain names like crazy. For that reason, if you have a certain niche market you’ve been thinking about, it may be a good idea to buy your domain name now, even if you can’t get to it right away, so it’s not already taken when you want it. You may actually be able to earn a little money while it just sits there if you use domain name parking.

Once you’ve bought your domain name it  can just ‘sit’ idly by and do nothing, or you can register with a domain parking site. This will allow you to place ads on your parked domain and potentially make a little revenue for you until you’re ready to build your niche website.

One thing to keep in mind though is that unless you have a very highly searched for domain name, your site isn’t going to get much traffic and it won’t generate many sales so the cost of a domain parking service may not be worth it.

In that case you may just be better off keeping your domain parked at the place where you registered it. If you do want to try to make some money from your domain and you have a great domain name that gets a lot of traffic every month, you have to be careful which domain parking service you use.

You want to make sure that you get a fair share of the revenue generated by the ads on your site. You also want to be able to generate your own  landing pages so you can optimize your click through rate and make more money.

Domain parking can provide you with a nice additional monthly income. If you are able to register your new domain name (one that is a very popular search term) or you may even be able to pick up an older domain name that someone has let expire, in either of these scenarios you might be able to make some nice money every month.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that all domain parking companies are created equal. Make sure you do your research so you can get the biggest cut of the click through rate (CTR) possible. To get the most out of your domain name keep your landing page and advertisements very targeted. If your domain name is you might not want to include ads that are not about golf balls.

Some people have actually built whole online businesses around finding great domain names and parking them. They don’t just buy a site and park it until they can get to it, they buy a domain name based on the number of monthly visitors it will receive and then they place ads on the site and do everything they can to optimize the click through rate… that is how they make money.

Whether you buy a domain name and want to earn a little money until you can get to it or you buy a domain name with the express purpose of using a domain name parking service to make money from it, there are a lot of companies around and you should choose one carefully.

Domain Name For Sale – 3 Tips And More

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Many savvy online business owners know that buying an existing domain name can give them an immediate boost in website traffic. Most of these domains have already had a website set up and are receiving traffic so if you buy it, you basically have a business in a box. The trick is knowing where to find a good domain name for sale as well as what makes a good domain name.

Despite what  some people say there are still good domain names to be had. It’s simply a matter of finding the right keyword combination. There are two schools of thought as to whether or not you have to have a .com domain name. Some people say absolutely yes while others think a .net is just as good. You have to make that determination for yourself based on your business.

When you start your search for the perfect domain name for sale there are some things you should take into consideration:

1. Make sure the domain name doesn’t have any extra words. Domain names that have words like ‘best’ or ‘easy’ etc. These are filler words and they make the domain name less valuable (though, depending on how much traffic the domain is getting and the strengths of the other keywords in the domain name, it might still be a good name to buy it really just depends on the price).

2. How much traffic does the domain get on a monthly basis? If you are searching for a certain domain name that is rich in keywords, the website associated with that domain should be one in your niche so you should be able to benefit if that domain gets a lot of searches. Getting built in traffic can be a great benefit from buying an existing domain name.

3. Sometimes it just makes sense to buy a new domain name that has no traffic or website. This option is especially a good one for anyone who has a limited budget. You can buy a brand new domain name for around ten dollars and then you can brand it yourself. It will take more time but it will be less expensive.

The most important thing to remember is that you do not want to rely  on a free blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger for your domain name. It’s imperative to the long term success of your online business that you have your own domain name for two reasons.

For one thing, with the free sites, you don’t actually own anything. Not much of a foundation for a long term business. And two, you are subject to the (ever changing) rules of the company that is hosting your website such as WordPress or Blogger.

The first step in your quest to find a domain name for sale is to figure out how much you can spend. Than find online domain auction sites and look at the offerings. Don’t overspend thinking that you can turn around and resell it. Buying a domain is a lot like buying a home, if you overpay for it in the first place, you won’t make much when you try to resell it.

Buying A Domain Name

buying a domain nameThere are several ways you can go about buying domain name for your online business or for your personal online blog. If you have a personal blog you can just use the free services at WordPress or Blogger and use your own name. If you are starting an online business, though, that is not the method you should use.

When you buy a domain name you actually own a small piece of internet ‘real estate’. As long as you don’t break any laws you can do whatever you want with that domain.

If you rely on the free sites you will be at their mercy. That may not seem like a big deal right now but if you build up a very profitable online business and Google (who owns decides that they don’t like something you are doing, they can shut your site down with no warning.

Think of what it would feel like to go to bed one night with a very successful online business only to wake up the next morning to find that your website is gone! If you think I”m just being paranoid you should ask around in the forums online and see if that has happened to anyone.

Since it only costs around $10 to buy a domain name, it’s just not worth the risk.

The next consideration for buying domain name is what should your name be? The best way to answer that is to do keyword research and compile a list of keywords associated with your niche that get high monthly searches.

With your keyword list in hand head off to some online domain name registrars like or (you can do a search and find many other domain registrars if you want to, there are a lot of them). Once there, you simply go down your keyword list until you find a domain name that is available.

So, let’s say you have a keyword that is “make money online”. You would go to a domain registrar, type in the phrase “make money online” choose your extension (I personally think it’s ok to use either a .com or a .net) and see if that domain is available. If it is you just have to check out, and it’s yours.

If you want to buy a domain name that has already been purchased by someone you can go to domain auction sites and try to buy it there. You will usually pay more since the domain name has actually been online in most cases and will already be getting traffic.

But, since it’s already getting traffic this may be a great way to jump start your business, so it’s not all bad. If you can afford it.

Buying domain name for your online business really isn’t difficult or expensive. To get the biggest bang out of your domain name just follow these simple tips. When you use an actual keyword for your domain name you will get a lot of free traffic and that is always a nice thing.

Buy Domain Names For A Profitable Online Business

Step one to setting up a profitable online business is to buy domain names unique to your business. If you’re just setting up a personal blog to share vacation pictures with family and friends then you don’t really need to have your own domain name if you don’t want to. Even if you decide you want a domain name, you can just use your own name or some variation of it and that will work out just fine.

It’s not quite that simple, though, if you’re buying a domain name for an online business ( don’t panic, it might not be as simple as just choosing your own name, but it’s not hard either).  The point is that if you’re building a business online on of the most important things you will need to do is to drive a ton of very targeted traffic to that website and what better way to do that than to have a domain name that is an actual keyword?

Let me explain. Let’s say that your website is going to be about golf, more specifically you are selling an instruction video on how to perfect your golf swing. You’ve done the keyword research and you’ve found that many people who are searching online for information on how to improve their golf swing type in the search phrase “golf swing instruction”.

If there are thousands of people every single month that are using the keyword phrase “golf swing instruction” to do their search, what do you think would happen if you used that keyword for your domain name,  Yep,  you’d get a ton of highly targeted free traffic just because you made your domain name a highly searched for keyword.

If you can get the .com version of a name do so, but if not you can use a .net or a .org and still get good  results. Once you’ve got your desired domain name picked out (you should actually start with a long list of possible names since many of them will already be taken) you can head over to websites like or and register (buy) your domain name.

It’s an easy step by step process (just make sure you pay attention because these sites like to try to get you to buy other things during the checkout procedure and if you’re not paying attention you may end up buying similar domain names or other upgrades that you really don’t need) and when it’s through you will be the proud owner of a new domain.

Domains are pretty cheap you can pick up a domain name and own it for as little as $10 a year. You can choose to register the domain for longer which will actually make your per year investment even cheaper.

The actual process of paying for the domain name is easy, the most time consuming part will be to find just the right domain name for your business, it’s not hard but it is important that you don’t get impatient and skip this step. As I explained above
you want to buy domain names that are highly searched for keyword phrases. That is the best way  for your business to get a lot of very targeted traffic and that is the best way to get a lot of money with your online business.

Looking for a Domain… Domain Name Search

Any well thought out and effective domain name search should first start out with nice thorough keyword research. With so much competition in domain names and online in general, you want to give yourself any help you can. Taking the time to find what keywords and phrases related to your site are getting a lot of monthly searches is a great place to start. To be successful online give the people what they want. Find out what they are searching for, then use that phrase for your domain name and give them what they want.

Buying a domain name can be very inexpensive. You have two basic choices, you can buy one that has never been registered before by picking it out and paying for it at places like or you can find a great domain name that someone else has bought but is now ready to sell it.

Either option will work but each has it’s own pros and cons. For example, buying a previously purchased domain name will very likely get you a website too. That website may even already have a nice stream of traffic going to it. It could also have a lot of other sites linking in and top search engine rankings. All of that will help you get more visitors right away (and hopefully a lot of sales to go along with those visitors).

Of course, if you go this route, you have to remember that you don’t get something for nothing. Any domain name with a website that is getting a lot of traffic, has a lot of inbound links and has a high ranking, will cost a lot of money. It may well be worth it but this isn’t the place to get any bargains… for the most part.

Buying a brand new, never registered domain won’t have all those benefits – it’s own website, a lot of links and traffic, but it will be a lot cheaper to buy.  You can get a domain name for only $10 a year. Yes, that’s a year. For that one year period you own that domain name and you can make money from it in many different ways, not just by placing a website on it.

If you want to save some money when you buy your domain name you can register it for a longer time frame and/or buy multiple domains and receive a quantity discount. Some of these options can lower the price of the domain to just a couple of dollars.  The extension that you get will also determine what you pay for the domain.  A .com tends to be more expensive that a .net for example.

Building a profitable online business will start with doing a domain name search
to find just the perfect domain name. Whether you choose to buy a brand new domain or if you prefer looking for an older more established name is up  to you. Just follow these simple tips to get the best bang for your online marketing buck.

Domain For Sale – Domain Name Buying Made Easy

Finding a great domain for sale is actually easier than you may have thought. You can find many great domain names for sale that have never been registered or you can go to various domain auction sites and bid on domains that have already been registered by someone else. These domains may or may not already have a website set up. If they do and the site has a high ranking in the search engines or gets a lot of traffic you will probably need to pay a premium… and it might be worth it.

Step one to getting the best domain name for your site is to pick a name that is very closely related to your niche. If you are selling golf balls than you’d want a name that has something to do with golf balls. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer and you’ll do much better with domain name buying. To really ramp up your traffic pick a domain name that is actually a very highly searched keyword for your site.

Take the golf ball example, let’s say that after doing some keyword research you found that the term ‘cheap golf balls’ got a ton of monthly searches. You should take that keyword phrase to or and try to buy it. If you could get the domain ‘’ you would get a lot of free traffic since your site would show up very high in the searches when someone searched using that phrase.

You should try to keep your domain name to no more than 4 words, though this is a loose guideline and if you find a really hot keyword that has 5 words, I don’t think I would ignore it.  You should also try to get a .com extension. If you simply can’t get that but the  domain name is a great phrase with a lot of searches, and most of your traffic will come through online sources where they won’t have to type in the domain, they will just click a link, a .net or .org will most likely work just as well. Remember, when trying to set up a business based on domain name buying always consider the person or business buying the domain name.

When it comes to actually purchasing from a domain register it will only cost you around $10 for a one year registration. That means that for that one year period you own that name, you can sell it to someone else if you want. If you want to save some money you can register multiple domains at once or you can register the domains for more than one year.

If you’re building a niche website empire I would suggest only registering your domains for one year. Why pay more for a domain when it might not turn out to be a profitable niche?  If it does turn out to be a great niche, you can always register the domain for multiple years when it comes time to renew. In this case you turned your Domain Name Buying Business into an unexpected profit center for yourself!

You can also familiarize yourself with various auction sites and get a feel for the types of domains that are being bought and sold. You will spend more to buy a domain for sale through an auction site but you might just find a real treasure and a pre-built website at the same time.

Domain Name Buying definitely worth checking out.

Expired Domains ….Quick Money for Some!

Expired Domains – Clean Up Or Lose Your Shirt Tips

When you purchase a domain name, you only purchase it for a set amount of time. Sometimes it’s a year, sometimes it’s five years but if you don’t renew it when it expires then falls into the realm of expired domains. Once that happens someone else can buy it and keep it for as long as they want to. You can really cash in and clean up by purchasing these domain names that have expired, if you know what to look for.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. First things first, figure out what type of business you want. What type of product or service will you be offering? Once you know that you can start doing some keyword searches to find great 2-4 word phrases associated with your niche. When I say ‘great’ I mean that they get a lot of searches every month. Turning those phrases into a domain name will get you a lot of free traffic right off the bat. And did I mention it’s free?

2. If you can get the .com extension that’s great, but if not you might still have a winning domain name.  It’s just as important to get a great domain name with a great keyword phrase in it as it is to get the perfect extension. Using a .net, .org or even a .biz will still work very well most of the time, especially if you’re using a highly searched keyword for your domain name.

3. Now that you’ve got a list of some great would be domain names, you can start searching to see which ones are available.  Start with online registers like if you can find one here it will most likely be less expensive.

4. If you just can’t find the perfect domain name on you may have to find one that’s expired. To do that you can go to and type in the keyword phrases you’ve identified as  being good choices for your domain name.  Use the search box for deleted domains.  You’ll find out what domains with your keywords choices have expired and are available for sale.

5. If you find a great domain name, buy it. You may also see a window that has similar results in it. You may not find the exact keyword phrase but you may find a great domain name anyway if you keep your eyes open.

Finding the right domain name is very important to your online success so don’t sell this process short. A good domain name will create a professional look, it can help drive plenty of free traffic,and it can be memorable to your visitors. The really great thing is that when it comes to buying expired domains you can expand your options even more.  You’d be surprised at what little gems you can find if you’re just willing to look. You may even find so many great domain names that you will want to turn around and sell them for a profit!