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Ebay for Public Domain Research

There are many ways to find material for public domain materials and there are many ways to use public domain materials. The subject is endless and you could spend a lifetime studying public domain material and a lifetime marketing and using public domain content to make a good living.

The basics of public domain are standard and a quick google search will bring up information that will help you determine what material is in public domain and what isn’t. Of course you could pick up the book The Public Domain Advantage for the price of 2 gallons of gasoline and have the information regarding public domain law at your fingertips.

There is one marketer that I really trust when it comes to products and services. He’s very good when it comes to ebay and public domain research. In fact he released a video, free of charge, that gives you a quick view of how to use ebay to dig up hidden niches of public domain content. Check out his video below, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this free gift. You can use the information he reveals in this video to create your own product using public domain information…..of course he offers a complete set of videos and ebooks on how to use public domain material to create products, I highly recommend it if you are either in public domain or contemplating using public domain material for creating products to sell online or offline.

public domain research using ebay

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CraigsAgent Finally Live But…… Craigs Agent Will—

CraigsAgent Finally Live But……

Not for long!

I honestly would not have spend the time to put together the previous posts about CraigsAgent if I would have known that it was going to be shut down. I put a lot of effort in writing those posts, but in the long run, Craigs-Agent will maintain it’s exclusivity for a long time!

CraigsAgent Only Available Until Sunday April 6th, 2008

Why??????? Believe me it’s not a marketing ploy.

CraigsAgent works…period!

There was a change with the Ebay Affiliate program and the owners stopped selling the application to make the necessary fixes and then they decided to open up sales for only a few more days ….then lock it up, no more sales.

I’m glad they decided to close down CraigsAgent, because it will preserve the integrity of the script and maintain it’s effectiveness. This will enable you to make money with Craigslist and make money with Ebay’s Affiliate program.

If you’re still on the fence, that’s OK. I know what it’s like to have to balance a budget with wise purchases. Better not sit too long though, remember April 6th and CraigsAgent is gone!

I’m going to be 100% honest with you. It’s time for some honesty in the Internet Marketing world. Ready?

This Product Works.

If you were expecting me to blow the lid off of it’s faults you might be surprised that that is my statement of truth. I’m proud to say that it is!

The software designers worked tirelessly to make sure this is the very best automated income generator in the world. It’s been tested and tweaked in beta mode until they were 100% sure it was ready for you.

It most definitely is, and the response was, is and has been overwhelming.

Customers on Craiglist are pleading with someone to show them where to find a product they need. They either don’t have the time or inclination to find it themselves. You can come to their rescue!

You need CraigsAgent. It will take you ten seconds to send them an e-mail with your cloaked affiliate link. Imagine the recipient’s surprise when the very product they’ve been searching for is sitting right in their inbox?

I’ve read testimony after testimony with people explaining that they’ve actually gotten emails from those people “Thanking Them” for sending them the info they were looking for…..Just think, it was done automatically by CraigsAgent! You helped someone find what they were looking for….you didn’t spam anyone and you made a couple bucks for your effort and made someones life a little better.

So, you can see why CraigsAgent is the talk of the town. There really has never been anything like it and never will be after April 6th.

Take advantage of the lifetime support, free upgrades, unlocked software, quick setup guide, and built-in link cloaking technology. Oh yeah, there is a very generous money back guarantee as well.

I hate to keep reminding you of this, but there is a limited supply and all sales stop at April 6th, 2008. They WILL pull this product, Craigs Agent from the market to maintain its exclusivity. Buy yours now if you want to be one of the few people on the planet to benefit from such a fun and easy income generator.

Ebay Sniper Software Wins Ebay Auctions

One of my son’s friends was bidding on Ebay and extremely disappointed when losing a bid. I showed my son how to use ebay sniper software so he asked me to share some ebay snipe tools with his friend. This is the email I sent.

Hi Randy,

Here’s a link to Ezsniper which is ebay sniper software….its a program that automatically bids at the last minute or seconds of an ebay bid. The only way you can get beat is if someone else is using this or a similar program…..even then you have a much better chance of winning the bid.

This is the link….just click on it EzSniper Ebay Sniper Software

You can read about how ebay sniper software works, but I’ll give you a quick idea.

ebay sniper software

Let’s say you want to bid on a chainsaw and you’re willing to spend $300 on it and no more. So, you set up ezsniper and but $300 for the maximum bid. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean you’ll always spend the $300.

If the bid is going along and the last guy bids $150, ezsniper will automatically bid $155 seconds before it closes and you’ll win the bid. Conversely, if someone bids over $300, ezsniper won’t bid on it anymore since you put a maximum bid of $300.

The cool thing about this software is that you can set the maximum bid when the item first comes up on Ebay and sit back and wait…..or if you decide you really want it and you see that the bid is over $300 you can go back into the software and increase your maximum bid…..of course you can’t do that in the last seconds.

I think this ebay sniper software will give you get 3 free snipes and then it costs 10 cents a snipe or something like that……It really works though, I’ve used it to get parts for Michael and a couple of auctions for myself.

If you need help setting it up, give me or Michael a call

Good Luck,


Almost forgot, when looking for ebay sniper software, you’ll find plenty of free ebay snipe tools but beware because they don’t work as well as Ezsniper…as often said, you get what you pay for!

Should I Invest in CraigsAgent ?

No long build up here, but just let me say that it will not cost you an arm or a leg.

For just $97.00 , you’ll receive the following in your CraigsAgent package:

* The “Easy to Install” CraigsAgent software
* The Quick Setup Guide
* Free Link Cloaker Script (included for your convenience)
* Access to our member’s only forum
* Lifetime support

This Software package could easily sell for upwards of over two hundred dollars. But going to get you real value for your money.

Steve want’s you to be 100% satisfied with CraigsAgent… because when you do, you’ll tell others about it. You win, I win.

… And Here’s the CraigsAgent Offer and Guarantee to You …

We offer a 100% Iron Clad Money back guarantee! Steve will issue you a refund if the software fails to make you any money within a 2 week period, no questions asked!

Don’t just take my word for how good this product is. Install it, use it and let CraigsAgent prove itself to you… let it prove that indeed it’s everything CraigsAgent customers are saying it is… and more.


Regretably Steve is taking CraigsAgent off the Market
on April 5th. Actually this is a good thing because it will
ensure the integrity of the product.

If you missed the date, fill in the form and you can watch a video
that expains how to perform the process manually….also I have a pdf
that explains how to do the process manually and will make it available soon!


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CraigsAgent Combines Ebay and Craigslist

CraigsAgent combines Craigslist with Ebay for Affiliate commisions and happy Craigslist cusomters.

This is the perfect way for anyone interested in making money from home or just looking to make some extra money!

The whole process, from opening the want ad to sending a unique email to your customer, can be done in LESS THAN 10 SECONDS!

Imagine how many promotions you can send out in 1 minute, 10 minutes, or even 30 minutes! With CraigsAgent doing all of the work for you, this is now one of the fastest and most profitable promotional tools on the internet today.

CraigsAgent will Work with the New Ebay Affiliate Program ==============================================

It’s true, people can’t believe it until they try the process.

Think about it.

Let’s say you send out 1,000 responses to want ads for the week. Out of those 1,000 responses, you get 50 sales (That’s only a 5% conversion! Remember these are TARGETED clients… they already want these items! You can expect way higher conversions than this.)

CraigsAgent Closes and Will Not Be Available After April 5th
Don’t miss this easy way to Make Money from Home!

If only 10 out of those 50 sales were from brand new eBay members, you would get $35.00 for each new signup PLUS 75% percent of eBay’s profit from each purchase. That’s not even including the profits from the other 40 sales!

CraigsAgent is a comprehensive system designed to increase your income and expand your affiliate sales in a quick and easy way….. the most simple at home business conceived of yet.

Check out some of the exciting features that make this possible by reading below:

Built-In Link Cloaker

With CraigsAgent at your side, you’ll no longer need to worry about installing a script onto a server to get professional looking cloaked links. CraigsAgent has a built in link cloaker that will automatically cloak those really ugly eBay affiliate links into a nice clean referral link.

Of course, we have also built in the option to allow you to use your own local link cloaker, or none at all. We’ll even give you a free script to use on your own server. It’s your choice!

Interfaces Directly with Craigslist and eBay

You can conduct the entire process within the CraigsAgent software. There�s no need to have 5 or 10 web pages opened up simultaneously. Seamlessly surf through Craigslist and eBay using nothing but our software and your mouse!

You don’t even need to type anything. The whole process can be done with one hand literally tied behind your back. What other type of software do you know of that can do that?

Stores Unlimited Email Addresses and Message Templates

CraigsAgent can store as many email addresses and message templates as you need. The software will then randomly select from your database of different templates and email addresses to use when sending responses to your customers. You can then edit, add, and delete addresses and templates as you see fit.

No matter what email address or template you use, CraigsAgent will automatically create your message, paste in your affiliate link directly to the referred products, cloak it and then queue up the message in the sender. Simply click on the “start” button and watch as the program automatically sends out hundreds of emails out to your prospects!

Hidden Referral Tracking

CraigsAgent acts as its own proxy server and as such, will hide all referrer information from website’s that you link to (eBay affiliate links). This gives you the ability to send as many affiliate links that you want without getting flagged by eBay’s affiliate program!

Only you know where the links are coming from since they are cloaked and hidden within our software before they are sent out.

Lifetime Updates and Upgrades

We know that the changes to eBay and Craigslist can make old promotional methods obsolete. This is not a problem for CraigsAgent!

We constantly update our software allowing it to work seamlessly with both websites no matter what! You’ll receive free lifetime updates and upgrades ensuring that you’ll be able to continue your campaigns without issue.

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What Happens When Craigslist and Ebay Get Together

By Automatically Harnessing the Massive Amount of Targeted Buyers on Craigslist and the Astronomic Selection of Products on eBay…

“Affiliate Marketing Just Became Automated”

Steve was manually sending email to craiglist buyers suggesting ebay products. Now….. he has automated the process and its called CraigsAgent!

Are you maximizing your affiliate marketing potential by utilizing the most popular websites on the internet? If you don’t already know about the simple method I’m about to reveal to you, you’re missing out on a lot of potential income.

Watch the Video! now receives over 25,000,000 monthly visitors, with 20% of those visitors posting want ads. That’s 5 MILLION potential clients with money in hand BEGGING YOU to help them locate the items they need!

However, only a handful of marketers know how to harness the power of this highly profitable market… The secret lies in the process of marketing the items you find to these clients and striking a decent and steady profit.

Currently, there’s a great eBook circulating around the web (that I wrote) that shows you the secrets to accomplishing this process. People are paying $27.00 for this information all day, every day. But lucky for you…

I’m going to reveal that secret strategy to you right now. In fact, fill in your name and email address and I’ll send you a link to a video that explains the entire process!

The idea is simple and the results are fantastic. You simply promote eBay products, with your custom affiliate link, to those people on Craigslist who are ready to buy the products you find for them!

This Highly Profitable Process Includes:

1. Searching the “wanted” sections of Craigslist for hours at a time.
2. Finding the requested items on eBay.
3. Manually creating an affiliate link for EACH ITEM.
4. Creating an email with a unique message containing your affiliate link.
5. Doing this hundreds of times a day…

But as you can already tell, there has always been one major problem. Promoting enough products to make a decent profit literally takes hours upon hours to accomplish, day after day. It’s slow, tedious, and quite frankly, more boring than watching paint dry.

However, there is now a Simple and Automated Solution making this process 10 times quicker and more profitable than ever…



The Breakthrough Affiliate Automation Software by Donato Spagnolo and Steve Mount

What Can CraigsAgent Do For You?

In a nutshell, it provides a custom user interface that allows you to quickly search through the wanted ads on Craigslist, find matching products on eBay, and quickly send out hundreds of custom emails containing YOUR eBay affiliate links!

BIG PROPLEM…..He’s closing the doors on April 5th! If you don’t get CraigsAgent drop me an email and I can send you a book that discusses the manual process…..but don’t do that to yourself….buy it now! You’ll be Amazed :)

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Automated Ebay Affiliate Marketing with Craigslist

What would happen if you could combine Craigslist with Ebay?

How about automatically providing Craigslist searches with Ebay Products, giving you commmsions for ebay sales and ebay sign ups. Takes the best of 2 worlds Craigslist autoposting with ebay affiliate sales …… all white hat!

Oh ya, don’t worry about ebays new affiliate program and the ebay affiliate program changes. This software and script will still work with Ebay’s new affiliate program.

Here’s the bad news.

You won’t be able to buy CraigsAgent after April 5th 2008 …..and that’s no BS. It’s really too bad because this is one of the most effective working scripts I’ve been exposed to and it sells itself. Thus the reason it really is being taken off the market.

It works too well and the creator is afraid of too many people using it.

If you’re lucky enough to read this before April 5th, you better jump on CraigsAgent now!

Understand….affiliate marketing can be really tough and it’s difficult to become successful.

I Near threw in the towel till I stumbled upon Craigslist. There’s a entire division committed to items folks need and can’t find. Then it hit me! I could become an broker of sorts. I decided to take it upon myself to match the customer to their merchandise easily.

I began e-mailing the authors of these want ads with an eBay hyperlink to the precise product they were searching for (with my affiliate hyperlink in them naturally). I was actually shoveling in a lot of serious money, however it made up really tedious work.

That’s when I found out about a brand-new software package known as CraigsAgent. This amply automatizes the technique (since, it calls for 10 seconds to execute). This automation stands for effortless income for me and you!

The purchasers on Craigslist are virtually praying for your assistance. It will require you 10 seconds to advertise an individual high-ticket product to a focused buyer (think how many sales e-mails you might mail out in ten minutes, half-hour, 2 hours)!!

Rather than taking all day to do you might be finished in moments. Rather than being committed to your computer you will become able to savor your acquaintances and family. The money will equal the same, however the quantity of spare time you’ll have will sky rocket!

This represents a real work at home business in a box that is ideal for seasoned and brand-new marketers likewise. This is a full package, you even will receive free lifetime customer support, free upgrades, unlocked software system, a quick start up manual, and link masking script (You pay zero for these when other people ante up big $$).

Why wait for your own piece of a great automated income. Don’t wait since every minute blown is like throwing cash out the window.

Do yourself a favor and check out CraigsAgent Now!

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Ebay Video Training

James J Jones is one of those internet marketers I like to keep an eye on. His advice, suggestions and products are always highly regarded. Although he is an internet marketer, he specializes in Ebay.

He has a blog….hasn’t been too active but you can sign up to his list. He doesn’t mail too often and when he does, it’s usually worth reading.

I found a link to an entire set of screen capture videos on Ebay Training. Check em out along with his blog….highly recommended.

Have a great day!

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