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Can’t See My WordPress Plugins

Fregquently I get questions about wordpress plugins. The biggest question is something like this:

Thanks for the good solid information you provide on the VDO. I encounter one problem. After I upload the suggested plugins, WordPress can not see them. So, I can not activate and make use of them. I tried to find the answer on Google but can not still. Do you have any suggestion?

I highly recommend a WordPress Blogging course called Blog With Success

The first question I would ask is….did the plug in really get uploaded, or perhaps the wp-content folder or plugin folder did not get installed…in the first case there was a corrupted upload if you can’t see the plug in on the server side….if one of the last 2 situations occured then the initial wordpress installation was probably corrupt

I’m assuming you used an ftp program like “filezilla” to upload your plugins?

If you look on the server site or Remote Site try looking into the folder your blog is in, then click on wp-content and then you’ll see a folder named plugins, look in this folder for your plugins, each plugin should be in its own folder.

root folder ——-> blog folder —-> wp-content folder —-> plugins folder —-> folders with plugins

Then make sure you follow the instructions for each plug in and make sure the permissions (chmod) for each folder or file are correctly set.

Put first check to and make sure you can see the plug in on the server for your website.

Don’t forget…..I found an excellent course, actually it’s almost like a membership called Blog With Success that is loaded with videos, ebooks and other resources that will help you get started and excell with your WordPress Blogs.

Hope that helps


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