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Review of Google+ For Business

Images of Google+ For Business

Google+ For Business knocks it out of the park! I did a comprehensive Google Plus for Business Review, if you want to be part of Google’s answer to Facebook check out Google+ For Business Review.

The information is this package is great for personal consumption and will set you up as an authority for Google+ For Business and the dispersal of this information to others who need it….. of course you can monetize this in a multitude of ways. Before I say anything else, I gotta tell ya, the PowerPoint is awesome, very professional, easily divided and very useful for the guy looking to figure out how to implement Google+ in their business.

How do you portray a product or service as being awesome without sounding like you’re a ringer for the creator? It’s easy to take on the lemming mindset without real info of a product or service and I don’t want to be accused of that. I got a copy of Google+ For Business and the OTO’s and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by the materials in Google+ for Business.

Image of Google+ For Business ebookIn fact, after I started reading some of the ebooks, I stopped and printed out all the pdfs and docs that were available and put them in a binder. I find it easier to study the printed material…. must show my age :)

I wanted to do a thorough review for other warriors but my concern is that people think that these reviews are provided just by “yes” men. You know what I mean, the sometimes the same people leave a review or testimony telling us how great a product or service is when in reality they haven’t even looked at it yet.

Well, I read through almost everything because I’m extremely interested in Google+ and I’m here to tell you that Bertus did an awesome job. The products are awesome and the sales funnel is even “awesomer” ….if there is such a word.

It’s not often a PLR product is done with such thoroughness and for the price you can now become an authority on Google+ and pass that information down to your list or start your own Google+ membership. In doing the Google+ for Business Review I was surprised at how well organized the entire package is, that includes the being able to find materials for personal use and how well the material was packaged for the sales funnel.

Although Bertus’ PLR packages always seem to be outstanding this one really kills it.

I did a complete review where I mention details of the product along with the OTO’s at, not being a fan of OTS’s at least Bertus makes mention of them in the original post. Furthermore, I would suggest you pick up these 2 OTO’s because they come with PLR and resell rights so you can include them in one huge package. The OTO’s aren’t necessary for the original package but they make a very nice addition and the price is right.

I’d post the review here but I got carried away and it’s a little long….. lots of detail!

I also did a YouTube video with screenshots of the package and OTO’s at:


To Bertus….Great job my friend, much success with your wso!

Scott Parat

How to Insert Google Plus 1

How to Insert Google Plus 1

Image of How to Install the Google Plus One ButtonAs of June, Google plus 1 has supplied a choice of adding a plus 1 to each and every web site! By using Google plus 1 in your page, it allows other users to indicate their appreciation of one’s web site or website by plus 1-ing it. You may be considering adding the plus 1 button, and curious about how to add it precisely. Fortunately, including the plus 1 button is a pretty hassle-free course of action.

The Best Way To Add In
Google Plus 1 Button To Website

It’s not hard, really. Just click this <a href=” 1/button/index.html”> link. </a> It can make available to you codes that you should add onto your web content, furthermore, it gets the option of transforming the dimensions of the buttons to match your tastes.

This is the code which is used for your header: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

This code helps to make the plus 1 button to materialize on your website: <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

Precisely What Do I Do Now To
Get Google Plus One On My Website

And that’s basically all there is with it. You can now view the Google’s plus 1 button in your web page or website! With the addition of this to your web page or website you are allowing other users to plus 1 it (comparable to exactly what a Tweet or a Facebook like). This directly influences your rank on Google’s directory. Nonetheless please do not forget that you are to remain signed into your Google account to use Google plus 1. Should you still can’t view the Google plus 1 icon, go and view the experimental search on Google’s page to power up the plus 1. Then you will be able to notice on your listings.

Anything I would know?

A drawback from the Google plus 1 technique is that you need to be logged inside your Google account, otherwise Google plus 1 will not work. If you’re not logged in your Google account, then whatever you plus 1’d are not shown to your Google contacts and friends.

Will the Google Plus One Button help me when it comes to listings and rankings?

Definitely! When your Google plus 1 button is integrated, it helps other users to plus 1 your internet-site or web page. It doesn’t, on the other hand, ensure that users will plus 1 it. Just how much it’ll affect your website’s protocol once it’s been plus 1’d once or many times, I am unable to be entirely sure. But I really do know for certain that it’ll help.

Even so, whilst this will aid, do understand that everything uses a groundwork. Make sure that your particular website is both content efficient and visually appealing. Google is continually thinking of new approaches to enhance its interface; the thing that is definitely unpredictable about this new system is that blogs, websites, and web pages will constantly rise and fall as a result of the Google plus 1 system.

Google Plus 1 versus Facebook

Google Plus 1 vs Facebook

google plus 1 for business versus facebookThe king of the hill is always the target….doesn’t matter what field. Facebook has overrun everyone, Facebook makes money, Facebook makes money for its users … its no doubt that Google, Microsoft amongst others are taking aim at this profitable situation. It just might be that Google Plus 1 has the onions to make give Facebook a run for their money. Google Plus 1 for Business is open for business and its going to get interesting.

Google Plus One Released

Social communicating is huge and Google has been relentlessly attempting to take on Facebook. The releasing of Google plus one allows users the choice of sharing content at a click of a button. This new device is called Google plus 1. Google has worked on this particular task for quite some while now, and having this influential new button you’ll find the ability to have an effect on a web link will slip or increase.

With Facebook being so dominant because of its integrated system of social networks, it’s obvious why Google followed suit in the search for making up ground to its fellow adversary. The like button that Facebook implemented was genius. Millions of likes have since followed suit, in addition to the incorporation of that particular button to countless websites and web pages. In today’s web society, it’s most unlikely that a site you’re observing will not have that excellent blue button.

Google Plus 1 Sign of Approval

So as to not get behind Facebook, Google plus 1 was designed. Users will now be able to plus 1 a web page or website and will also instantly be shown for that users contacts, friends, and family. By pressing the plus 1 button, you’re giving your individual symbol of approval, almost like exactly what a Facebook like.

Nonetheless in spite of the resemblances, Google plus 1 and Facebook liking remain quite various when it comes to how much time a produced buzz will last- that’s maybe the most significant different. Although Facebook liking, that page of webpage that you’ve liked will be noticeable to all your contacts via your wall or their news feed. For this reason, that particular post will been witnessed by a lots of people in a short time. The chances of that specific post going viral is quite significant. Nevertheless, this is not lasting and isn’t great for the future since it has an equally high chance of being neglected while it gets smothered under some other posts. Quickly enough the results from the like become non-existent.

Google Plus 1 And Facebook Diffrences

Google plus 1, however, operates in another way. Web pages which might be plus 1’d appear not merely on an individual’s Google profile page, they can also be seen if a contact or friend is looking for a related subject during Google. After you have plus 1’d a online page or website, and your contacts accidentally encounter that page in Google’s google listing, it will be immediately evident you have liked that web page and due to that she / he carries a higher potential for simply clicking that specific entry. What’s beautiful about Google plus 1 is that the results of plus 1-ing a specific thing will last more than that of a Facebook like. This valuable difference is fundamental, and it’s far more beneficial to affiliate marketers and promoters in the long term.

So involving Google plus 1 and Facebook, it’s quite clear who the victorious one is.