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How To Improve Your Adsense Conversion Rates To Raise Profit

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Much has been written about Google Adsense and the importance of Adsense conversion rates because the more you understand these concepts the more money you will make.

Why do some web site owners find that they only get a 1 percent Adsense conversion rate while others report a 20 percent or better average? Adsense conversion depends on a number of factors and there are many things you can do on your web site to increase the number of click through’s.

What is Adsense

First of all, what is Adsense?

When people buy ads on Google, they have the option of also placing the ads on the content network. Actually, they default to placing the ads on the content network and have to remove that option if they want to only place the ads on Google’s search pages. These ads on Google are called Adwords.

Adsense, on the other hand is Google’s word for you, the website owner, who places their ads on your pages. You get a percentage of the amount of money that Google gets for each ad.

Of course, people have to actually click on the ad in order for you to get paid. So, your job as an Adsense merchant is to do two things. First, you have to get people to come to your site and then you have to get them to click on the ads on your page.

Get Visitors to Click Adsense Ads

Getting people to your site is beyond the scope of this article, but I am going to show you how to get people to click on your ads.

First of all, you want to have laser-focused content. A blog about your life where you talk about breaking up with your girlfriend one day and about memories about fishing with your grandpa the next is not going to make much money. If you want to slap Adsense on a blog to make a few pennies, that’s okay. But as a business model, it stinks.

Instead, create a website or blog around one highly focused, high earning concept. For instance, a site about car insurance or personal injury law is going to make more money than a site about hummingbird feeders. It’s a matter of supply and demand.

How Many Pages For Adsense Sites?

Next, you want to have a lot of pages of content. Articles over 500 words just perform better. People feel like they’ve gotten some “meat” from your site and don’t hit the back button as quickly. You should have at least 20 pages of content on each Adsense site and many have hundreds of pages. Not only does that give a visitor multiple places to enter, they can also navigate within your site to have a good experience. Then, when they click away, it will likely be through one of your Adsense links rather than through a back button.

Best Type and Style of Adsense Ad

The look of your site also matters. You don’t want the ads to just “blend in.” Make the links stand out so people will know to click them. Many studies have shown that the 250×250 leaderbox put flush left under the headline with the article wrapped around converts the best.

Of course, you should do your own testing on all of these features. Adsense is a moving target. The only way to stay on top of Adsense Conversion is to continually monitor your performance.

3 Ways You Can Generate Cash Using Google Adsense

make money with google adsneseIn many webmaster forums, you are likely to come across this question: “How can I make money with Google Adsense?” Google Adsense is arguably the most popular pay-per-click advertising program today. Many webmasters are earning considerable money by displaying Google Adsense on their sites.

Yes, it is very possible to make money with Google Adsense. There are several effective and proven ways you can do this. The best part is that they are not complicated ways; they are in fact very simple and easy to implement. Of course, exactly how much you make from Google Adsense largely depends on how much effort you put into your sites. Don’t fall into believing that you can make money from Google Adsense overnight. Like other types of work, you need to spend time as well as have the commitment and perseverance.

With all that said, you will learn three effective ways you can generate cash with Google Adsense — through niche sites, forums and blogs.

Niche Sites: Targeted Market Equals Targeted and Higher Adsense Clicks

The word “niche” is today’s buzz word. A niche is a specific market you want to focus on. If you are in the antique business, exactly what kind of antique do you deal with? Are you in the antique furniture business? antique dolls? antique cars? That’s your niche.

Niche websites are sites that are focused on very specific markets or audience. Instead of a broad category, you narrow down into a target market or audience. For instance, a guitar website can be further made specific and focus on Fender Stratocaster guitars. People who are into Fender Stratocaster guitars are your target audience. Google Adsense ads that appear on this particular niche website appeal to your target audience and visitors. By being specific, you can generate higher clicks to your Google Adsense, which translate to higher Google Adsense earnings.

If you want to maximize your Google Adsense earnings, put up several niche websites instead of one website devoted to a broad category or topic. Instead of putting up a website about cars, put up several small websites focused on car repairs, care restoration, antique cars and such. By narrowing down your website’s focus, you can attract targeted visitors who are likely to click on your Google Adsense ads.

Forums: Placing Google Adsense Ads that Stand Out

Do you run a highly active forum or online discussion board? If your forum receives a lot of traffic and has many members who regularly participate in online discussions, you can monetize your forum pages by inserting Google Adsense in them. While forum users are known to be “ad blind”, you can insert Google Adsense codes smartly.

For instance, you can make your Google Adsense ads stand out by using very bright colors. On niche sites, it is recommended that your Google Adsense ads blend in with the site. In online forums, however, you can make money with Google Adsense by making the ads stand out. You can also make Google Adsense appear after a certain number of posts. Many forum owners have discovered that Google Adsense ads placed at the bottom of the last post on every page generates a lot of clicks.

Blogs: Easy to Monetize with Google Adsense

Today, many are able to establish an online presence and have their voices heard. They do this by creating and maintaining their own blogs. In the last two years alone, literally hundreds of thousands of blogs have cropped up. Blog software like WordPress and blog networks like Blogger make it easy for anyone, even the least techie, to set up his or her own blog and make money from it. There are bloggers who are reportedly making four-, five- and six-figure yearly income just by placing Google Adsense on their blogs.

Since Blogger is owned by Google, people with blogs on Blogger can easily integrate Google Adsense into their account. Even if you don’t have an account with Blogger, you can still make money displaying Google Adsense ads on WordPress-powered blogs hosted on your server or third-party host. Blog software like WordPress have Google Adsense plugins. This means you can easily insert Google Adsense ad codes in your blog posts with just a click of a button.

To make the most out of your Google Adsense ads, it is recommended that you place a Google Adsense unit after each of your blog posts. If you are posting a long article, consider placing a Google Adsense unite in the middle of the article. And if you technically inclined (or you aren’t afraid of a challenge), you can insert Google Adsense codes into your blog template. Do it this way and your Google Adsense ads will display on all your blog pages.

There you have it — three ways you can generate cash from Google Adsense. Niche sites, forums and blogs are only three of the many ways you can make money from Google Adsense. If you are new online, start with a blog. Create an account on and test out the waters. As you become comfortable and acquire more technical skills, you can advance to creating niche sites and starting your own online forums and monetizing with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Blogging Tips

blogging with studiopress for adsense incomeIt doesn’t matter what type of blog you have, or want to have, you can blog about virtually anything under the Sun and still have the potential to make money. How? Easy, just start adsense blogging.  Don’t let the term scare you off, it’s really quite easy.  All you have to do is sign up for Google’s Adsense program, for free, and they will place adds directly on your site for products and services related to your site.  When someone clicks on one of the ads on your site you will get paid.

Now I want to make sure that you have realistic expectations.  The amount of money you can earn will vary dramatically based on the topic of your blog.  If your blog is about something that is hugely popular and there are a lot of people who are going to pay money to buy ads for that topic, you’ll make more with every click.  On the other hand, if your blog is about something a little more obscure each click will earn you considerably less.

No matter how popular the topic of your site is or how much Google will pay you for each click, you will need a lot of traffic if you want to make a lot of money.  Please don’t expect to put some ads on your blog and retire from your full time job. In most cases that simply won’t happen.  What can, and often does, happen is that you’ll make some extra money every single month just by doing what you’re already doing… blogging.

If you want to increase your earning potential there are a few things you can do to optimize your Adsense revenue:

1. Get more traffic.  There are a lot of ways you can do that and the processes can be as simple and free or as advanced and technical as you like, it really depends on whether you are online to make a living or just online to have some fun and making some extra cash is just a bonus.  For the most part, more traffic to your site equals more money from Adsense.

2. Leverage your money making potential by setting up many blogs.  If you have 10 blogs and each of them is making just $10 a month that comes out to $100 a month.  That’s $90 more a month that you would have made with just one blog. True, you won’t get rich on it but again, it’s more money in your pocket for doing what you are already doing… not bad.   Now, don’t let the idea of having multiple blogs scare you off, there are easy ways you can automate the system to make it very easy to build your own ‘blog empire’.  If you want to make a full time income online, that’s one of the best ways to go.

Adsense blogging is a simple and easy way for anyone to make a little extra cash online.  Just by going to Google and signing up for adsesne you can make money on your blog.  And for those of you that want to make a full time living online, there are many ways you can leverage the power of your ads to really ramp up your earning potential.  The bottom line is that it’s really all up to you and what you want to accomplish with your blog.

Basic Google Adsense Information


Are you looking for Adsense information? Google Adsense is an extremely popular program but it can also be confusing when you first start out. This article hopes to clear up some of the confusion.

What is Google Adsense?

It works like this. An advertiser can place an ad on your website or blog (with your consent) through Google. Then, when someone clicks on any of the ads that you are displaying, you get paid a portion of the revenue. Google ads come in various shapes and sizes. They can be in simple text, flashing, animated or picture adverts.

Signing up:

Sigming up for Google Adsense is relatively easy. But a very common mistake that new AdSense users tend to make is that they do not confirm their accounts. If you want to get paid, you need to do this.

Once your website has been accepted by Google Adsense (the application process can take a couple of days to complete), you can create some ads for your site. The easiest way to do this is to walk step by step through the Adsense information contained on the “AdSense Setup” tab. You have several options to choose from and each are explained thoroughly. You can edit every component of the ads including, colors, layouts and even the types of ads you want to display.

Placing your ads on your site is a little more complicated but it only takes one time to really understand what you need to do. Also, certain platforms, like Blogger, Squidoo, HubPages and other web content sites, do this automatically for you based on the keywords that are targeted in your website. Remember to grant third party sites the right to host adverts for you. If you’re placing your ads on your sites manually, you just need to copy and HTML code that Google provides you with and paste it into your website where you want.

How much money you make with Google Adsense depends on many factors. The advertisers have made a bid for each time someone clicks on their ad. If you are featuring a high-bid ad, you will make more money when someone clicks on it. But if you aren’t getting any traffic to your site, you won’t get any clicks. So, keywords are also very important. Make sure that your site is targeting the right keywords and the ads that go along with these keywords. Then, when you do get traffic to your site, those visiting will find relevant content in the ads that are displayed and they will be more likely to click on them.

Google pays you either by check or by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) into your bank account. You are paid the month following the month that you made earnings.

Hopefully this basic Google Adsense information will get you started on the right foot.

Interview with Michael Cheney from

I’ve been writing some articles about Google Adsense, basic material for anyone interested in finding out what Google Adsense is all about and how they might get started. Soon I’ll have a free Adsense package with ebooks and reports that will help anyone get adsense on their site. Below is an interview with Michael Cheney….he produced a very informative set of screen capture videos that covers everything you wanted to know about Google Adsense….read the interview and take a look at his course…..some say it’s the best course on adsense in a long time!

with Michael Cheney from

Q. So what made
you get started with AdSense?

A. I
was looking for a way to monetize some of my websites. AdSense
is such an easy thing to get started with the eye for it would
be a great way to start earning more money without actually putting
into much more effort. I think as soon as you see the first earnings
coming into your account you get addicted to AdSense. I know is
what happened to me and since then I’ve just spent time working
out how to earn more and more each day.

Q. How much do
you make with AdSense

A. Some days I can earn
close to $1000 and others it’s less than that. But it all comes
down to how much time and effort you devote to creating a quality
site that people like visiting. AdSense is not what my business
is based on by any means – but it is a great way to earn revenue
almost on autopilot.

Q. What is the
biggest mistake people making with AdSense?

A. Probably
the biggest mistake people make is thinking the AdSense earnings
are easy to achieve. It is very easy to get started but as I learned
it takes a lot of effort to increase your earnings. I got really
downhearted whenever I would log in to my account to see that
I had only made a few dollars. And that’s when I decided to spend
months and months of my time learning everything I could about

I basically buried myself
away and devoured every single piece of AdSense information I
could find. I ran thousands of AdSense tests and started to see
a dramatic effect on my click through ratio and therefore on my

This is why I’d decided
to record the videos – because I knew that it would help people
who were in my position to also increase their earnings. I’ve
read an absolute ton of AdSense e-book’s but they take so long
to go through and always seem to keep information back.

With AdSense Videos I
knew that I had to tell the story exactly as it is and actually
show people and lead them by the hand through the exact techniques
that I use to generate large earnings from AdSense.

Q. In your videos
you show people how to increase their AdSense earnings – can you
give us a taster of this advice?

A. I
don’t want to give away my biggest secrets as you can understand!
But some of the more basic things that you can do to increase
your revenues include using ads that blend in rather than stand
out from your content. Flat out the worst thing you can do with
an AdSense ad is make it look like the standard Google ad. What
you need to realise is that you will get more clicks if your ad
actually appears part of your site rather than something that’s
just been dropped into the page.

Q. What would
you recommend that someone do right now to increase their AdSense

A. I’ve
created a totally free AdSense minicourse that people can go through
to learn some of my techniques. It takes you through the four
cornerstone principles that I’ve used to build up my AdSense empire.
You can check it out, as well as all the AdSense Videos

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Adsense Information Uncovers Your Very Own Cash Machine

Consider this fact. Adsense information has been a main contributor to the Internet marketing buzz on forums, discussions and newsletters for months now.

Because of this, Google Adsense has grabbed almost every online entrepreneurs attention and the center of their online financial model.

It’s literally taken for granted. When you put Adsense information to good use, it just might be the first way you start making money with internet marketing.

Now listen to this very carefully. I know you want to start making money quick, this is one of the most important rules: Place the ads on the pages of your website that are receiving high traffic for high demand keywords.

I hope you’ve been able to follow me so far! Basically, the internet has taken the world by storm…people jump on line for so many different reasons, some to research, some to find friends, some to talk to friends…you know what I mean, and as a consequence there are so many webpages being built…..most with adsense!!

All these people online and all these webpages mean many, many adsense ads. But I know you might not believe it can really make you money.

But honestly, there is only one requirement for you to begin making money with Google Adsense. You need your own adsense account….to get one, you need your own website or blog. Once you site has been approved, you will be given a code to paste onto you site.

Newbie’s marvel at how easy this can be.

No doubt about it, targeting high traffic pages on your website will surely make you a ton of money. High traffic isn’t always an option and, by inserting the adsense code on webpages that have trickling amounts of traffic, you’ll have a good probability of converting your low traffic with proper efforts on your part. Maybe you won’t get rich overnight with low traffic sites, but therer are things you can do to increase the traffic and your income.

Do you have a resource page on your website…it’s a great page for your adsense ads. In truth, this will reduce the amount of potential customers being lost to other sites. Follow ideas like this and a little work on your part means extra income.

Using ideas like this for seed though, you can create many situations suited for adsense. You must be wondering what do you need on your site for a better responding google adsense site.
· Unique Content
· Niche Oriented Keywords
· New Traffic
· The Design Layout of the Ads

If you get a handle on some of the design and strategy efforts you can begin to develop a nice income with Google Adsense. Take the time to master all four, and you’ll quickly rise to the top of the ranks. Bottom line is, using Google Adsense information properly will generate a fairly decent income for you in a relatively short amount of time. You don’t have to listen to me. Try it out and see what happens.

Grab this free ebook for more tips on how to start using adsense when starting an online magazine How to Make 5 Figures a Month with Adsense Start your own online Dog Magazine with Xsitepro and this Online Dog Magazine Template….can be used with Standard HTML sites!

Unfolding Google Adsense Online Magazine Publisher

Did you ever want to be a magazine publisher?  Welcome to Adsense!  One way to look at the google adsense program is that Google manages the articles on your online magazine…..I know, you’re saying you don’t have an online magazine….simply symantics. Do you have a website?

The way Adsense works is very simple to comprehend. All you need to do is find Googles Adsense page and sign up for a publishers account.   Next watch your inbox from Google for an email, you’ll be accepted and the email will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started displaying Google Adsense.  Next you are instructed to log in to your own area and get a special piece of html code that you put on your site.

You’re now ready, you go and build your online magazine.  Fill it with the content that interests you – health concerns, pets, raising kids, jobs, etc.  Companies want to sell to passionate buyers….and people are passionate about many subjects, find one and start writing about it.  It doesn’t get much better than this….. building an online magazine around a subject you love can make a lot of money.

<—-Click On Book Image for FREE Book!

Figure out where you want to place your ads. You’ll find a variety of ad sizes you can work with.  Adsense has been around for a while and much testing has been done, size is important and these experts have found that the large rectangle below the headline but above the story converts best.   You always need to test these things yourself.  Put different size ads in different places and see what makes you the most money.

The goal is to become successful with your Adsense ads, meaning a lot of clicks on your ads. This means you need to focus on those pasionate people we talked about….keep them interested in your content.  That makes the ads seem more like an endorsed part of your site and not just advertisements cluttering up the page.


Online Magazine Publisher & Adsense Videos


The goal is to become successful with your Adsense ads, meaning a lot of clicks on your ads. This means you need to focus on those pasionate people we talked about….keep them interested in your content.   Just as the size of the circulation in the offline magazine publishing business determines the cost of the ads, in the online magazine world, the number of visitors to your site will determine how much money you can potentially make.

Once you have published articles, don’t take them down.  Instead, continually increase the number of pages in your magazine.  To state the obvious,  the more pages with google adsense displayed, your chances of getting ads clicked on will be much greater.

Your welcome to Adsense email will direct you to the rules and regulations of the program.  You’d be wise to study these rules and understand them.  Many adsense marketers have lost their adsense account, any money in the account along with the pagerank of your website if you think you can game the system and cheat on the rules.  Did you know that one of Google Adsense ruls is that you must have a privacy policy page on your site….failure to do so will jeopardize your site, so make sure all your sites have a page that describes what you do with the information you collect.

The internet has allowed people to start dream businesses from home.  Youtube entered the scene and now it allows anyone to produce a short movie and place it in a medium that can be viewed by millions….you are now a Producer.  Adsense opens many possibilites to create a good alternative income to anyone willing to learn and put in the effort. Why not start your own online magazine publishing business today!. All from the confines of your own home, all you need is your computer, interenet connection and a screen……you’re ready!

Keep this in mind….or maybe I should call it a tip for success……when you get your “Welcome to Adsense Email” ….read it thouroughly so you have a real understanding of Program Policies.

One sure way to learn about google adsense is to watch someone that is already an online magazine publisher and makes a lot of money with google adsense!

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Adwords Make Money and 4 Steps To Campaign Success

Here’s what I mean. Adwords make money for website owners hand over fist. And just think, you can get in on this craze and say goodbye to cash flow problems.

Time and time again, the Internet has provided full time incomes for themselves, and luckily for you, adwords make money for anyone who puts forth the effort.
With that being said, let’s get started…

Listen up. There are 4 key components required in order for you to start an adwords campaign. Here they are: locate a product to sell; complete keyword research; write your ad copy; lastly, outline your bidding strategy

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to make each of these work.

Keep reading…

Adwords Make Money 4 Steps To Campaign Success

Locating A Hot Selling Product:

First of all, if you have not created you own product, you can promote someone else product or service and receive a commission. Truthfully, there are several affiliate networks that you can join with thousands of great products you can sell.

You may not know this but these networks are free to join.  And get this.  You don’t need a website to get started. Once you find a lucrative market, all you have to do is crank out visitors to these websites though adwords and collect a check.

Here’s something else. All in all, many companies run in-house affiliate programs that offer digital programs and physical products. Remember this: You don’t have to stock or ship products. It’s all done for you.

Keyword Research – Give The People What They Want:

Let me ask you this. Now that you have found a product you want to promote and let adwords make money for you, do you know what type of words or phrases people would use to find your market?

In a nutshell, you will want to be as specific as possible.  Take a look at your competitors to see what they are doing.  What keywords did you use to find their site?  Needless to say, there are several free tools you can use to find keywords.

Google and Yahoo both have free tools that are designed to help your income go through the roof.

Take advantage of them.

They are crucial to helping you uncover hundreds, and sometimes thousands of keyword phrases and combinations.

Sales Copy:

Here’s the kicker. Providing compelling ad copy is essential to getting visitors to your adwords campaign. Seriously, put some thought into this. Place all of your attention on the benefits of what you are selling. And that’s not all. Use your keyword in the title of your ad.

How To Bid On Keywords:

In essence, bid on as many keywords as you can. Bear in mind that you should start out small and bid between 10 and 25 cents per click. Trouble is, you are charged for every click on your ad, regardless of whether or not you make a sale.

So there you have it. Adwords make money for you no doubt about it. Focus on the 4 key components and you’ll soon find yourself laughing all the way to the bank.

7 Easy Methods To Increase Google Adsense Money

Here’s seven tips to increase your Google Adsense money.

1. Limit your Adsense blocks to one per page. While you might think that multiple ads mean multiple ways to increase your Google Adsense money, what really happens is that lower value ads are placed on your site. If the visitor is going to click, you want him to click on a high value ad.

2. Use multiple formats. The main Ads by Google block is great, but it is only one of three formats. The other two are the text link ad (which you can make look like your navigation bar) and the Google search tool. Using one of each of these formats does not violate rule #1.

3. Place a large rectangle above the fold. The best way to format a page is to have your headline followed by a large Adsense block. Start the keyword-rich article down below.

4. Have content rich sites. You should try to have at least three phrases on each page that Google can “grab ahold of” to make ad placements. One of the quickest ways to lose your shirt is for Google to not be able to place any ads and display public service ads instead.

5. If you want to make Google Adsense money, you have got to chase higher paying keywords. As you build websites, you will find that some Adsense clicks are only worth a penny or two while others bring in a couple of dollars. Highly competitive high dollar industries like insurance and personal injury law tend to be best. When in doubt, use the Google Adwords tool to determine whether advertisers in the industry are spending a large amount per click.

7 Ways To Increase Google Adsense Money

6. Generate more traffic to your site. If you have a click through rate of 10 percent, you know that 10 percent of all new visitors who come to your site will make you money. So, go out and entice more people to your site. It will make you more Google Adsense money.

7. Test, test test. All of the above are suggestions based on “best practices” that other people have observed. But to make real Google Adsense money, you’ve got to test things out yourself. Change the colors on the ads and see whether that affects your click through rate. Move the ads around on the page. Try different size ads. Then, when you find a format that works, stick with it.

Google Adsense can be a profitable way to build websites for cash. But, you have to treat it as a business. In most cases, blogging about your life won’t bring you much in the way of Adsense income. While even earning a few dollars for keeping an online diary appeals to some, if you want to make a business out of being a Google Adsense publisher, you have to take it seriously.

That means chasing the high value keywords, developing Adsense friendly websites, and driving traffic to it. You have to test to make sure everything is producing as well as it can.

And, that’s how you make real Google Adsense money.

Discover The Magic Formula To Create “Auto-Pilot” Niche Websites Using WordPress & Make Your First Adsense Dollar in The Next 7 Days – Guaranteed!  Check out Blogging for Profits.