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Trendfetch and Marketing with Google Trends

google trends with trendfetchCheck out this quick video about marketing with Google Trends. The author is using a service called to find current trends in Google Trends and then develops one page sites on blogger or any type of site you want. The idea is to grab something that is current and creating a rush of activity online, create a quick site, use your keywords, post an article and submit the article to some of the social bookmarking and web 2.0 sites such as Digg. Do enough and a you’ll sooner or latter hit on a winner.

Monetize the blog or site with Adsense, banners, cpa or anything you think is related.

You can try TrendFetch for free while its in beta!

Sooner or latter somone is going to twitter your story and it just might be what you need for the story to go viral. Get enough eyes on your page and you’ll make some quick bucks using google trends!

Here’s a quick look at how you might accomplish this

Google Trends Marketing

If you’re a reader of my blog then you are in for a special treat.

I belong to a membership where a friend created a site dealing with Google Trends, taking the information from Google Trends and putting it in an easily digestable format. Not only that, but the information can be used to capitalize by the popular current trends. Google Trends is one of those google tools that has been laying low as far as internet marketers are concerned but now you can access this information in a very usable form.

The site is now in beta and you can join… optin necessary, and check out the information to see if it’s useful to you. So go to and signup for access. I don’t know how long he’ll leave the beta open so don’t waste any time…..this isn’t some stupid IM technique, he just wants some feedback.

By the way, he has a free pdf outlining how to use and he says a couple of strategies that you can use to start making a few bucks from the information you get from google trends. I grabbed a keyword phrase and through up a blog in less than five minutes….guess its the number of blogs and type of content you use, but I thought it would be interesting to see what type of traffic I can get. Yes, he covers some simple strategies for driving traffic to you new sites also.

He was also asking for some thoughts on how to monetize the site and I posted the below information. Might give you a few ideas if you have a project in the works :)


Signed up a short while ago and took a quick look! Read the pdf and was of good value.

Awesome idea, still digesting and thinking of how I could monetize the info you provide. The ideas presented in the pdf are a good start.

One comment on the pdf, you mentioned using and monetizing with adsense. I’m almost positive that does not allow adsense. However, would be a good alternative.

Anyway, I did take action and set up a blogger blog. I was so exciting to see the keyword available for the domain I grabbed some public domain content and made my firsts post. Big dummy me……. there’s no adsense for the topic

If I were rolling in dough I wouldn’t mind paying a couple of bucks, however, I think your drop off is going to be high. Just being honest here, I really like what you’ve done and you obviously poured a ton of time into it. And…..I don’t have a lot of dough

Here’s what I would use for a marketing plan.

#1 Work on the pdf and develop it into an intense guide covering muptiple ways to use Google Trends for developing an online income. In other words, give the ebook some meat. I would then give the ebook away….inside the ebook you’d obviously be promoting …..there are so many crap ebooks out there that a good one will get many signups and go viral. Also, google trends hasn’t received that much promotion….a good authority book or site would do well.

#2 Use your site to build a huge IM mailing list. If they unsubscribe they lose access to the site. In other words, turn it into a free membership site. You’d be giving real value. Make it clear upon signing up that they are agree to recieve mulitple email offers from you…..and do it!

I’ve signed up for plenty of free crap and get blasted with mail….I hate it. I bought cheap products and get blasted with offers…..I hate it, and I’m sure everyone else does. Big difference on your part though:

1. you are telling them they are going to get blasted

2. you are offering a service/site of great value

I for one wouldn’t care how many times you emailed me as long as I still could access the site… fact, I might even buy something In all seriousness, you’ll be in an excellent position to be an authority figure….newbies will hang on your word….I will to!

I’m just thinking out loud now.

I would consider setting up a forum where you encourage members to share stragegies, successes, BH uses and all that.

Once the forum is up and running you might want to set up a private section….maybe invitation only where members could share the really good stuff without fear of the entire internet finding out. Make them sign a disclaimer, if info is leaked they lose their testicles or related parts

Of course this private forum would be paid, 10. 20 bucks a month….

Sorry…babbling too much, but….

I’m just saying